One-Night Getaway: Ojai, California

Word on the street is that Ojai is the new Palm Springs, and after this trip I’m pretty sold. I tend to have a bit of a travel bug and one-night getaways are a favorite of mine for the fact that you feel like you are so much farther away from home than you really are. Ojai, California is your perfect mix of historical small town meets hip art community, with an overwhelming sense of rest and relaxation. It was a breath of fresh air after escaping the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

If you are thinking of planning a little escape for two or bringing the kids, Ojai is a destination you might just want to consider. Here is the scoop on where to eat, sleep, what to do, and more…

Where to Sleep: Stay a night in the beautiful Ojai Rancho Inn. Enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool during the day and heat up in the in-room jacuzzi at night. Don’t forget to catch a band playing on the stage in the back. Sit on a hay bale at a barn table with the other guests while sipping on a refreshing Irish Mule (Get the Irish Mule recipe here).

What to Do:  Start by taking a walk through downtown Ojai. Learn all about this historical town at the Ojai Valley Museum. Check out the art and eclectic array of stores down Ojai Avenue. At sunset take a bike ride down the Ojai Valley Trail which runs parallel to the main road – Ojai Avenue. Cut across to Ojai Avenue to enjoy a bite to eat for dinner.

Stop to smell the flowers…

Where to Eat: We started our trip with a Mexican lunch at Agave Marias.  After the bike ride we headed over for dinner at Feast Bistro. Keep your eye out for a celebrity or two, we sat right next to him here. The next day enjoy a POM-Mimosa and Fresh Made Quiche for breakfast at the Ojai Cafe Emporium.

Where to Drink: Indulge in some very tasty beverages at The Village Jester. Watch a local jazz band play while you munch on freshly popped, buttered popcorn from the movie theater next door.

Where to Play: Ojai is great for the kids too! Walk through downtown and take a stroll through Cluff Park. We saw a family cooling off in the public pool there (it took everything inside of me not to jump in). Head on over to Libbey Park to see their giant playground set. When we were there we got to check out a Yoga festival happening there too. The yarn bomb tree in the center of the park won me over pretty quickly.

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