One Night in Napa

napa trip
Scarlet and I spent our entire last-summer-before-kindergarten on the road. It was AMAZING! Carleton was able to join us on a road trip up to Napa, where we met up with Meemah and Papa, who then absconded with Scarlet for some quality grandparent time, while Carleton and I enjoyed a romantic weekend in wine country.

First we did some mani-pedis to be kind to people who had to see our feet while we wore flip flops in the 112 degree heat.

Then we hopped in the car

and Scarlet promptly fell asleep. This kid knows how to make travel easy on a parent.

After a seven hour drive we arrived in Napa. Gorgeous! The birthplace of my favorite wines!
napa valley

We stayed at the lovely River Terrace Inn, with this stunning view of the river right from our balcony, and little benches set up all alongside where we relaxed in the shade with our wine.
napa river

We met up with Meemah and Papa (Carleton’s parents, who drove out from their home closer to our state capital) and headed to Oxbow market, which features the best of local foods and shops. This sign speaks truth, amirite?

Then Scarlet headed off to her grandparent’s house for a weekend of fun, while Carleton and I enjoyed each other’s company…

…and some CA sparkling wine. This is my “oh yes, I totally can smell the blackened raspberries” face.

Then we went to the movies!! When do parents ever get to go to the movies?? We saw World War Z, and it was awesome. We love any movie in which the world ends or almost ends or threatens to end or is saved from ending. All of them. There is no bad movie about the end of the world, don’t even try to tell me otherwise.

For breakfast we decided to take it easy and dine at the hotel’s restaurant, Cuvee. It was ridiculously amazing! Who says gluten free can’t be delicious? Look at those pancakes!

And this might be the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten.

We set out to tour some wineries but made a quick stop at Dean and Deluca first.
dean and deluca fruit

Smoked meats! Our favorite!

I should have bought this for Jacinda. I mean, just for the packaging alone. But also for the octopus.
octopus in oil

Because it was insanely hot (113 degrees! totally out of character for Napa!) we decided to eschew an outdoor winery tour and managed to snag a last-minute cancellation at Schramsberg Vineyards where they make SPARKLING WINE and store it IN CAVES.
champagne caves napa

The tour told us about the history of the vineyard and also how champagne/sparkling wine/cava/prosecco is made. It was so fascinating that I really wanted to tell you how it is done in usual Pretty Prudent step-by-step fashion, but then they gave us lots of champagne to taste and I can’t remember anything. Sorry.

Then we wandered the refreshingly cold caves lined with row upon row of aging sparkling wine.

Sparkling wine for miles.

Then we sobered up, and headed out for some QT with my in-laws, refreshed and happy.

And that, my friends, is how you spend one night in Napa with someone you love.


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