My skills at things like cake decorating, paper crafts, applying glitter, baking, etc. are maybe at a second grade level (evidence). I envy Jacinda her precision and attention to detail in these matters. But the salt dough ornaments looked so easy and fun to do with the kiddo that Scarlet and I gave it a whirl.

While they in no way reach Jacinda’s level of beauty or detail, we really had a great time making and decorating them! After making a bunch with spray paint, markers, even crayons, we settled on simple dots of glitter glue right on the plain dough to create this garland of tiny butterflies.

I think it has a cute homemade touch (maybe?)…

We might hang it in her room after the holiday. After all, she loves to tell me: “Momma, I don’t yike snakes: I only yike butterflies.” Who can argue with that?

Too bad I can’t enter to win a $50 Gift Card to Bake it Pretty – the land of magical baking and packaging and party supplies of joy.  BUT YOU CAN!  Get the full Salt Dough Ornament tute and details on our ORNAMENT THROW DOWN contest here!  You’ve got until January 3rd to finish up your ornaments and enter, so make some with the family this week!  We’ve seen entries using stamps, cookie cutters, handprints, the works – they are ADORABLE.  Can’t wait to see yours!

Remember to leave your usual awesome comments for your chance to win those purty snowflakes!




Personally, I think the butterfly garland rocks. I'm planning to try my hand at salt dough tomorrow with my kids – never quite sure how those types of things will go. Fun, messy, but not usually quite as beautiful as I have dreamed ;o)


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