Our Favorite Business Cards from Alt Summit SLC

alt summit slc roundtable
Jacinda and I just got back from ALT Summit in Salt Lake City, where we had a blast hanging together and catching up with our blogger friends. I also had the pleasure of hosting two roundtables sharing everything I know about getting book deals (that’s me pictured above, mid-animated-speech). ALT Summit is the meca of clever & creative business cards; every year they grow more elaborate and more beautiful. After the conference when I had some time to kill on Saturday morning after Jacinda left, but before my flight, I went through my pile to follow up with some of the amazing bloggers I met. The cards were so fun and imaginative that I decided to snap a few pictures with my phone and do a little post for ya, thinking maybe you would find them inspiring. So may I present our favorite business cards from ALT Summit 2014

This card from Chelsey at The Paper Mama made my day with it’s wood burnished gemstone pin. She had lots of fun shapes to choose from, and I snagged the last gem, score!

This adorable card from Jensie Jean at Take Two They’re Small gets the point across in the most delicious way.

I had such a wonderful time meeting Gina from Willowday at the roundtable I hosted on Friday morning (she flew in to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City all the way from Sweden!), then when I got back to my hotel room I had even more fun seeing that her business card was also a tutorial! So clever, and who doesn’t love a balloon?

Natalie from Creme de la Craft made these elaborate and adorable notebooks out of recycled cereal boxes. I especially love that this is one of the most popular tutorials on her site, so she went ahead and made a million of them as cards. Extra points awarded because my daughter is writing one of her signature “fikshun” books in it as I work.

Click through to check out more of our favorite business cards from ALT Summit SLC, and get inspired…

This collection of cuteness from Oh, Hello Friend includes a burnished wooden gift tag, two temporary tattoos, and a lovely business card inside an adorably decorated little envelope; but my favorite touch is the gold-toned, diamond-shaped paperclip.

We have adored Gingiber designs for years, and thought that giving out a gorgeous note card we could use and send was a great idea. And you know I love me some chickens!

Meg Conley at Meg in Progress brought these super-inspirational cards, each having a different awesome line on the back. This one was my favorite. And no, I am not biased just because she said she read my book Prudent Advice in the bathtub while pregnant with her second girl.

Melissa Bahen from Lulu the Baker gave a most useful and beautiful business card, a little shaker of sea salt with all of her info. Now I will think of her while I cook, perfection.

These cards with a stick of gum from the ladies of Small for Big were just straight up useful. I had some serious cottonmouth going on after my 90-minute speak-a-thon sessions.

Alexis Murphy from Jacolyn Murphy went to my awesome (all girls) high school! And also she had a business card that popped, with an adorable charm. So many cards had cute charms that I need to make an Alt Summit charm bracelet.
IMG_3237 Melissa Esplin at I Still Love Calligraphy made these beautiful cards and packaged them in a velum envelope with a little display stand, so I can sit at my desk and feel wonderful and delicious while fantasizing about the ingredients that would make up my very own personal awesomesauce (ranch seasoning and low-fat greek yogurt?). I adore this and all of her work. She even offers online calligraphy classes on her website!

And in this case, one PR company made the list for me because I just thought this was so clever. Nicole from Daley PR handed out this postcard with a sticker “paper doll” and accessories, and all of the stickers are the actual products they represent. My daughter snagged this and immediately assembled herself a stylish sticker mama. I appreciate a good business card from a PR firm among bloggers.

Also, we were kinda into our clipboards we made for my How to Sell Your Book rountable…
Alt Summit 2014 how to write a book proposal

Do you have a business card? If so, tweet us a picture and leave us a comment letting us know, we’d love to see!




Jamie your roundtable was awesome! Such a pleasure to meet you and thanks for including me in your card round up. Hope it was delicious after you snapped a pic 🙂


I’m so honored to be included in this lovely mix of cards! Your roundtable really was amazing. Thank you for all of the wonderful advice and inspiration! xoxo


It was so much fun meeting you Jaime! Your roundtable was amazing and one of the highlights of Alt.

I am thrilled you liked my cards. Can’t wait to see you at the next school reunion (although different years!)


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