Our new look (and a new button!)

Ladies, what do you think of our new-look-in-progress?  We’re super curious so please do let us know in the comments…and to celebrate we have a new button to share with you!

Isn’t it bright and fun?!

Jaime & Jacinda




Love the look and the site. Copied the button html to my blog, it seems to be pointing to the old button though, I've fixed mine to look like the new 🙂

Crystal Pence

Oh, I like it, I do! But… you know what would look REALLY cool? If you made your title out of felt and actually stitched the border (similar to what I assume you are trying to simulate with the dots around the name/logo), or just make the stitching around the name more "stitch-like" so it matches with the theme of the very real-to-life sequins and ribbons at the bottom Keep up the good work!


Crystal-You are a mind reader! We already have our felt scanned. Stay tuned for more hand-made touches added to the site. it IS embroidery month after all…

And thanks to everyone for your kind words. It warms our little bloggie hearts.


Love it! The headers make it much easier to find projects that I've filed in my brain as "want to come back to and do one of these days…"

Desiree Fawn

Just added it to my blog — but just a little heads up, the code has "..com" with two periods. I just took one out, but I thought I'd mention it 😀


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