Paint Watercolor Lemons & Bees Video Tutorial

Here is my How to Paint Watercolor Lemons & Bees Video Tutorial!

Watercolor Paint Lemons and Bees

I’ve been missing my in-person workshop students so much but I am excited to share a new video series of watercolor painting lessons that I am doing here on Pretty Prudent. This is the first one!

This painting of lemons and bees was one of my most popular workshops last spring and now you can follow along from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a list of supplies but really you can do this project with any paper and brushes that you have at home.


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If you have any questions, definitely let me know! I love to help my students and your input will surely help me when I make my next painting video. If you paint Lemons & Bees, please share your work. You can email me, tag me on instagram @JacindaStudio or send me a message on facebook. It makes me so happy to see the cool stuff that you create from any of my projects!

Lemons and Bees Watercolor Paint

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How to paint watercolor tropical flower Video Tutorial



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