Party Craft Stations Four Ways. Ole!

For our FIESTA we went all-out with four different craft stations. We picked up about 12-16 items for each station and let kids pick and choose which they wanted to do. We had about 60 kids so everybody got to take home something.

I whipped up little signs with the fancy printer we are giving away, then glued them to cardstock and made easel backings to stand them at each craft station.

The four craft stations included painting maracas, decorating sombreros, planting succulents, and decorating tamborines. All huge hits, though I think the tamborines went first.

Learn how to create Party Craft Stations Four Ways and get our sources for the least expensive stuff after the jump…

Party Craft Stations Four Ways

The key to a great party craft station is kid-height tables. We rented two tables and 20 chairs from local party rental shop PartyPronto, and it was totally worth the $50. Another option is to set it up your craft station on the floor, using a bench or something as a table and having the kids sit on the ground.

Stock up on the least messy craft items you can find, try to use items that don’t require drying time (i.e. skip the paint) or that you buy an instrument for each child (i.e. a paint brush). If you do use paint, check out the painting craft station I did last year for inspiration. Load everything into baskets and dollar-store plastic containers and distribute them on the tables. Foam stickers and markers are ideal, though we did include some glitter glue sticks and it wasn’t too out-of-control. The jewel stickers were the biggest hit.

They were stuck on pretty much everything in the yard by the time the party ended.

I found the tiny wooden maracas ($9.99 for 24)…

…and kid-size sombreros ($24.95 for 12) at Oriental Trading…

…and the tamborines at Amols (.85 cents each – i ordered the cheaper neon ones but they sent white. whatevs).

The succulents I picked up at a local nursery, along with a bag of soil, which we placed in a tin on the floor under the craft station with a toy shovel.

The pots for the succulents were actually little chalkboard pots leftovers from my wedding (FIVE YEARS AGO) so I decided I could probably bear to part with them, since I hadn’t used them by now. But mason jars are always great for planting stations, inexpensive in bulk and adorable.

Crafting in action…

And the after shot…

I’ll never throw a kid party without a craft station. It’s inexpensive, fun, and it keeps those kids busy so y’all can throw down a margarita in peace. Or lemonade, whatever your pleasure.




Can I just say that you throw the best parties? I threw my husband a suprise white trash birthday party based on your idea! Mud flap girl shower curtain(we decked out the guest bathroom), monster truck cake, and framed "family" photos from scattered throughout our house–the look on his face was priceless! Best party theme ever!


Where did you get the girls dresses? They are too cute! My husband is Mexican and my daughter and 3 nieces would LOVE a new dress to play in!


Don't tell Clare and Quinn that they were invited to such an amazing party! They will be so annoyed that we didn't jet out there. So fun!


Holy moly, you made a classy Dora party for 60 kids?! You've inspired me to throw my daughter an upscale Cookie Monster 2nd birthday (I'm getting a headstart- her birthday is about 7 months away)!


These are such cute ideas! I could never think of these kind of things on my own, but now I can seem crafty and fun at my parties too :0) Thanks for sharing your awesomeness!


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