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One of my creative goals for this year is to massively improve my photog skills. I have a beautiful new camera and not much of an idea how to use it beyond auto. Lovely photographer Kristen Critz was kind enough to come by and give me a refresher course but I still have so many questions. And the mistakes, so many mistakes. So imagine my delight when Clickin Moms, an online community and wealth of information for anyone interested in photography from professionals to point-n-shooters, asked us to write a few posts about our photography.

I’ve been lurking around their forums and tutorials and blog, soaking in as much knowledge as I can and being inspired to set some specific photography goals for myself. One of my goals is to “get the shot” when it really matters. Since starting to shoot manually, I have been successful when I can take my time, check shots and experiment with a few different exposures. However, when it really matters, when I only have one chance to get the shot, I’m still falling short. A little blurry, a little dark, just not perfect and leaving me wishing I had left it on Auto.

So this weekend, inspired by a fantastic article, Ten Tips for Getting Portraits of your own Kids by Kristin Ingalls on Clickin Moms, I set out to get some practice in. One of Kristin’s tips for photographing your own kids is to use a special prop. Clare loves to look at my fabric stash so she was thrilled to be able to take some new threads outside and have some fun.

Read on for more tips and a free trial membership to Clickin Moms.

Another great tip of Kristin’s was to sometimes just take one kid and make it a special outing. I could really see that Clare was enjoying her special attention from mom.

And the best tip of all? Know when to call it quits. You don’t want your favorite subjects to turn against you.

While there is a wealth of information for experienced photographers on Clickin Moms, there are just as many great articles like this one that anyone with a camera (even just on their phone) will enjoy. Sign up for a free trial to read the rest of Kristen’s tips and to learn pretty much anything you need to know about photography.

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And I bet you are wondering about all of the delicious fabric. Here’s the skinny…

Photo 1: Amy Butler, Lark, Nanna Chic Cloud, Amy Butler, Lark, SATEEN, River Shine Cinder, Anna Maria Horner Lou Lou Thi FLANNEL, Triflora Bubblegum

Photo 3: Anna Maria Horner Lou Lou Thi Needlework, Crossing Paths Tumeric (24.5″ Panel)

Photo 4: Rashida Coleman-Hale, Washi, Triangulo Beige, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Washi, Washi Tape Beige

Photo 5: Monaluna Circa 52, Organic Cotton, Woodland Party & various Organic Birch Fabrics

Photo 7: Dear Stella, Palladium, Ikat Yellow shown in gray

This post and Jacinda’s rad new photog skills brought to you by Clickin Moms.




Spill the beans! What do you shoot with? I’m always curious what brand, model and lens people use! Great article btw! I’m checking out the free trial now!


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