Planting the Garden

Gordon made his first trip to the Dallas Farmer’s Market this weekend when we set out to buy the plants for our garden. We would have like to do some seeds, since that’s when you can actually feel prudent for putting a garden, alas it’s too late for seeds here in Texas what with 100°+ days are right around the corner. We might still try some just to experiment.

As always, the girls had a blast at the market, sampling the vendor’s wares and helping to pick out the plants.

We let pregnant Brookes do all of the heavy lifting.

Find out what we got and see it all planted…

But first pause to admire my friend Brookes’ adorable baby bump.

We started with a list of what we wanted to plant, taking into account; what we like to eat (tomatoes & herbs!), what can grow easily on our climate (okra & zucchini!), and what would be fun for the kids (flowers & carrots!) and a bunch of other goodies like cukes, snap peas, pumpkins, corn, and peppers!

I had picked up a copy of Square Foot Gardening, which we followed loosely to judge how much we could fit and how we would lay out the garden.

Once we got it all home to our raised beds with irrigation in place, we got to work laying out a plan. Brookes is a much more experienced gardener than I so she let me know what worked together (cucumbers and nasturtiums) and what doesn’t get along (tomatoes and beans.)

Notice that I am using washable markers and have an elastic on both my finger and my wrist. Nice.

Quinn is ready to help Brookes plant.

First they plotted everything out according to our plan.

Then they pulled everything out of the pot to prepare for planting.

And then they dug in!

Hey Brookes, ya got a smudge there, let me get that with my filthy gardening glove.

Action shots!

All finished!

Thanks Ladies! It looks great!



The Queen

I'm so jealous! It's 40 degrees here (east coast) and we are waiting not so patiently to plant our garden. We have a bunch of seeds growing inside here, but I am ready to put them outdoors and let them harden off. I love all those pics of the greenery and the bright sun. Thank you. If I close my eyes I can pretend to be there.


I am jealous of your gorgeous plants. We are still several weeks away from planting most things. I've got my lettuce and other early things in, but I want a fresh tomato like no one's business!


I've so got the itch to get some planting done! The weather as turned nice and I love the smell of fresh plants all around the house. I'm also hoping for a raised bed garden this year. We'll see if my husband has time to help me 🙂


Exciting! I can't wait to get our plants in the ground. We started some seeds (probably too early) when we had cabin fever. Beans & tomatoes & sunflowers and one experimental squash seed leftover from an acorn squash that got stuffed with rice. With snow in the forecast for tonight (Massachusetts!) the last frost seems farther and farther away…


Our plants are mostly in too! Though we are constantly needing to fend of the fire ants….risking life and limb and swelling up like ripe fruit in the process!


100*? Sheesh, we had one unseasonably high 60* day this month. Our soil is still about 45*F. The horror. We got ansty and planted peas and bush beans already. They like the cold, really!


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