Pretty Prudent Steals and Deals for Father’s Day

It’s that time of year when we let the men folk know just how much we appreciate them and so Jaime and I have rounded up a few of our favorite gift ideas for dad-types this year. Of course there are a few bargains in the mix, plus options at Under , Under & Under , and a few of our favorite splurges.

Under : Let’s jump in with The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes: Because Your Dad Thinks He’s Hilarious You will need to buy this one used to get your hands on a copy.

Under $10: SomeEcards rarely disappoints, especially in the slightly inappropriate boozy pint glass category. Try to guess which one I REALLY wanted to show.

Under $20: The jury is still out on whether a YETI cooler is worth the splurge, but I can personally speak for the YETI Rambler Mug. It keeps not only a first icy drink cold, but subsequent refills.

Under $20: Chocolate donut pool toy: Doh! The dad who needs a well-deserves a break will love a day of pool relaxation in a donut-shaped floatie. No sprinkles in the pool! ha.

Under $20: When Jaime and I were discussing what would make a great Dad gift, we learned that BOTH of our husbands received these Bear Paw Meat Handlers last Christmas. While they seem like just another gadget, they make tasks like shredding carnitas easy and crazy fun. 2 Prudent dads approve!

Under $30: Paper Log Maker – Turn scrap paper into kindling in this Paper Log Maker. Why recycle when you can toast marshmallows instead!

Under $30: Horse Head Mask – No more needs to be said. Every dad needs a horse head mask.

HEAD Graphene Radical MP Tennis Racquet – I would love to lure my husband onto the tennis court this year. This sport could only be more fun if he was willing to play with me! If your man (or dad!) is a tennis fan, this racquet, loved my many great players for it’s balance of power and accuracy, would be a great gift for Dad Day. My own tennis pro says it’s his racquet of choice!

Sock of the month club – Jaime’s father-in-law has recently requested a second year sock subscription to Sock Fancy. As a bonus to keeping her favorite FIL’s tootsies toasty, she is treated to a cute pic of his new socks every month.

Pendleton Blanket – A classic Pendleton blanket on sale, lays the groundwork for an epic Father’s Day picnic, and will be treasures for years to come.

Glerup slippers – And lastly a little lux splurge. We are all obsessed with Glerup slippers. Their thick wool keeps tootsies warm but not hot. They are the ultimate in cozy Sunday footwear and come with either a leather or rubber sole for all of dad’s newspaper reading, and/or post-surfing brunch needs.



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