Pretty Prudent Wishlist: For the Little Reader

In the past we’ve shared with you our Best Books for One Year Olds, Best Books for Under Two, Best Books for Four Year Olds, Kids’ Book Gift Guide 2012, and more. All of those recommendations still ring true today, but there are some recent books we’ve had the pleasure of reading that I think are just so awesome I had to share them with you. So please allow me to update y’all with some of the latest and greatest in children’s reading material, as approved by Scarlet, Clare, Quinn, and/or Gordon.

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This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen, the follow up to my favoritest kids’ book ever, I Want My Hat Back. Not every story needs to have a perfect moral. You will laugh out loud.

Octopus Alone, the second book from Divya Srinivasan, author of the adorable Little Owl’s Night. In this story Octopus wants to be alone, so he heads out to the deep blue sea, but along the way he realizes he is not that shy after all.

Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey: Through rhyme and stunning illustrations, author and artist, Emily Winfield, brings to life the magic of the dream world that begins as soon as you close your eyes and fall fast asleep.

My Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Daughter: The follow-up to my first book, Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman), this is a guided journal in which mothers can fill in their own prudent advice for their daughters. I’ve also added a few new pieces of advice, along with prompts to get you started – My hope is that when you think of home as an adult you feel…

Rosie Revere, Engineer: Rosie Revere is an inventor on her way to one day being an engineer. When her Aunt (Rosie the Riveter) comes to visit, Rosie Revere attempts to make her the most magnificent flying contraption. However, things do not exactly go as plans and Rosie learns that even though something didn’t turn out quite as she expected, it can still be a success.

Dragons Love Tacos: Did you know that dragons love tacos? They sure do, but there is nothing they dislike most than spicy salsa. See what fiery commotions ensues when jalapeños sneak their way into the dragon taco party.

Maude and Claude Go Abroad: This vintage classic is one of Jacinda’s top picks and is great for new readers. While Maude and Claude are on their way France they end up going overboard only to find themselves saving a whale from harpooners. Let the adventure begin!

No Fits, Nilson!: It’s all fun and games for Nilson and Amelia, that is, until the smallest thing happens and Nilson’s gorilla-sized temper through the roof. Sound familiar? This playful story has become a bedtime favorite.

Ten Little Rabbits: Another one of Boneau favorites is this beautiful book that explores Navajo traditions through counting from one to ten.

Too Many Tamales: All is well until Maria loses her mother’s ring inside one of the many Christmas Eve tamales. Read along as you follow her on the hunt for a diamond in the masa.

Flight 1-2-3: Through numbers and pictures this new book is perfect for prepping your little traveler for his/her first flight. We love that it uses images of common airport signs and airport security to prepare children for what to expect.

‘Twas the Mouse Who Saved Christmas: Our kids are all big fans of the newest personalized Christmas book from MarbleSpark. This new spin on the classic Christmas story puts your child front and center. Pipp the mouse goofs up and accidentally tears off a child’s name from Santa’s list. Follow Pipp as he scurries to put your child’s name back on before Christmas.

The Day the Crayons Quit: It’s a catastrophe! It’s a calamity! It’s one hilarious book that brings crayons to life as they attempt to settle their inner turmoils. Which color really is the true hue of the sun – yellow or orange?

A Wish for Wings That Work: An Opus Christmas Story: We’ve been reading this holiday book a whole bunch lately. All Opus the penguin wants for Christmas is to fly. On Christmas Eve he comes to Santa’s rescue and learns that even without the ability to fly he can still soar. Find out what surprise Santa brings him on Christmas morning.

Make Magic! Do Good!: Dallas Clayton’s new book of poems is funny, whimsical, and a family favorite for sure. We first fell in love with An Awesome Book! and An Awesome Book of Thanks! This new book is nothing short of, well, awesome!



Nicole H.

I loved Rose Revere, Engineer. It’s just wonderful. Sadly, my daughter didn’t care for Dragon Loves Tacos or any of the Klassen books. I check out books from the library prior to buying them to prevent the dreaded “I don’t want you to read that one!”


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