Procrastinester’s Wishlist

While the rest of you are kicking my big pregnant butt in the nesting department, all I want to do is shop for supplies for the nesting… I might be doing… in the near future. Here are a few items that have caught my eye this weekend.

Our lovely sponsor fabricworm has started carrying knits and minky. Cuddly softness! And check out these beautiful peacock cupcake liners from Bake it Pretty.
If I could put down Stieg Larsson long enough to do anything else, I think a refresher in proper embroidery could lead to some quality Crafting in Bed. This looks good, as does this. Oh but wait, this one combines Steig, Crafting and Bed! Perfect!
And lastly, I’ve had Sergers on the brain again. I really want one, especially with those gorgeous knits calling my name.

How about you? Anything else I should be coveting?



Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE

I've started nesting. It's kind of scary though. In my mind nesting is always just creating a perfectly clean home all sparkly and nest-y. In reality its me gone batshit crazy pulling boxes out of the back corner of the storage area and threatening to leave my husband if he doesn't get rid of his VHS collection NOW because it is taking up THREE SQUARE FEET AT LEAST.
On the bright side my house is actually pretty clean and nesty in the areas that aren't In Construction right now. I just wish the CrazyHormonalPregnantLady wouldn't come out every two weeks to reorganize a closet/cupboard/kitchen/strange and unnecessary thing.


We stock all of Patty Young's knits – they are just delicious. Plus, the Scandinavian Needlecraft book is so inspiring. Makes us all want to simplify 🙂

Regarding sergers, I'm just now teaching myself how to use one. I picked up a Babylock at market and I have a feeling there are some hot dates with my serger manual in the near future! I'll let you know how it goes.


Stephanie Granite

So this comment is WAY after the post date but I have to say that I love both the Embroidery Companion and Scandanavian Needlecraft books, I have both on my bookshelf and they serve as major inspiration for me. I also have just finally purchased a serger for myself (I bought the Pfaff hobbylock 3.0) and have been loving it as an addition to my normal sewing machine-only sewing.


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