Prudent Baby DIYS: Hot Mess Mommy Round Up and Tips

Jacinda and I both work/craft/mom from home and we know the challenge of trying to look decent or even, say, taking a shower.  We’ve tried to create some simple DIYs to make you look/feel a little better. So here’s a list of our “Hot Mess Mommy” DIYs for your crafty pleasure.  And in the spirit of that I’ve also added my top five Hot Mess Mommy tricks for quick ways to feel more put together, and I sincerely hope you will let us in on your secrets in the comments!

DIY Flannel Scarf Mommy
Crochet Neck Cuff / Scarflette
Crochet Ruffle Scarf
DIY Feather Hair Clip
Crochet Headband
Braided Fabric Headband
Freestyle Tunic Dress
DIY Checkbook Cover and More Versions
DIY Eye Mask
Closet Organization
DIY Nursing Cover

Jaime’s Top Five Hot Mess Mommy Tricks
Caveat:  I am not actually that “hot” and more of a “mess” but these are my go-to tips for trying to appear human most days.

1.  Baby Powder

It works.  When you don’t have time to wash your hair… it’s like day three and you’re looking a little greasy… a sprinkle of baby powdereats up the oil and your hair looks decent again.  Try it, you’ll be glad you did.

2.  Big earrings.

Listen, I know big earrings aren’t for everyone.  I never used to wear any at all. But I’ve found that if i throw on a pair, even if my hair is a mess and my shirt is stained, I look 50% more “dressed” and my husband might say i look cute.  I think because it makes it seem like you’re at least trying, even though it really only takes five seconds.  Also, you can get all sorts of cute earrings for cheap if you dare to venture into Forever 21.  These earrings were $3 and i get compliments every single time I wear them.

3.  One great pair of flat boots.

I have a whole closet full of gorgeous heels I never get the chance to wear, there’s no point in pretending they will ever be a staple of my wardrobe again.  I’ve realized that a cute pair of boots makes you look “done” even thought they’re flat.  Throw some dr. scholls or whatever inserts in there so they are extra comfy and banish the slippers and flip flops, even around the house.  These boots were $29, again from Forever 21.  This length isn’t the most flattering though.  My husband gave methese knee high bootsfor christmas and they would look good on pretty much anyone, for $70.

4.  Scarves.

Scarves keep you warm, you feel cozy, and they allow you take your jeans/tee shirt look to the next level.  They can also hide any stains acquired throughout the day, wipe baby noses, and cover little breastfeeding mouths.  In the summer, replace with a cute necklace:

5. Beauty Tubes
I’ve said it before on Prudent Advice, I’ll say it again now.  Mascara is the ONE cosmetic that really makes you look the most prettiest.  If you can get into the habit of putting it on every morning, your eyes look brighter, you feel cuter and the hubby will notice.  I am a HUGE FAN of L’Oreal Beauty Tubes because it doesn’t smudge and it comes off with only water. Don’t listen to Jacinda diss it she’s crazy.

Ok, that’s what I’ve got.  What are your tips? I want to see some serious commenting on this post ladies because I NEED these tips. Are there any Hot Mess Mommy DIYs you’d like to see?  We’ll try to create them for you…




I echo the dry shampoo thing…I use one called Rub out. Its from a brand called Ojon and its about 25 bucks but lasts about a year! I swear by it for two day hair!


This post is great! This is why I started in the blogging world! Going to Forever 21 this weekend now! My husband might actually thank you for sending me there, and not sarcastically either. 😉 Sorry I have nothing to share, I am still trying to get the hang of this crafting mommy stuff. =) I second the mascara things though. I learned this almost immediately. I'll have to try the beauty tube, my mascara smears too much.


My must have if I'm leaving the house but don't feel so "hot mama" is my sunglasses. They do a great job of hiding those makeup-less eyes and they make me feel like a movie star! They also do a nice job of acting as a headband if I have to run into the grocery store, which does a good job of hiding my not-so-styled hair!


This is GREAT Jaime! I have found that 1/2 baby powder, 1/2 baking soda works even better. I read it in an article written by a hairdresser after using just baby powder for years, and adding the baking powder really does make your hair feel even better. xoxo


PONYTAILS CAN LOOK CUTE! Headbands, fun hair ties, bows, ribbons. I am about to write up a post about how to make a ponytail cute because I am seriously the ponytail queen.

Now I feel like I HAVE to get my ears pierced. I have been thinking about it for months.
Also, I really love that knit scarf.


LOVE this post! If I had to add anything to your great suggestions it would be a great hat – like the "Grace" newsboy hats they're selling at Anthropologie right now. I also love a coat of fun polish on my nails – it makes me feel put together when the rest of me isn't!

I would love to see tutorials for an apron style top and lounge pants!


My quick fix for got up late, kids can't find their shoes, the car is frosted, I have to get out of here days is a dress over a pair of jeans. It is so much cuter than a tee shirt and no more work. Layer with a cardigan and scarf and you have a bona fide outfit!


these are my favorite kinds of posts! like pages in a magazine. agree w/you on the earrings & mascara-except i'd add the shu uemera eyelash curler as a pre-step.
i just posted about the scarf & bib (or big) necklace being a gift from God for those of us that love to wear the basic tees.


Great minds think together!! My go to 'secret' is a good Maxi dress. One step dressing: simple =elegant; other school-moms always think I spend alot of time and effort but give me a pretty lipstick/gloss & a dress and I feel put together~ on a cooler day add that chic little cardigan and go!!!
Thanks for sharing all the goodies!! Being a mom IS so HOT!!!

Emily East

I would have to add the slouchy beanie. It is my life saver. throw a couple curls along the bottom of 2…sometimes 3-days-ago washed hair and plop in on your head. It adds a sass to your step and I can give a huge amen to F21…because my favorite crochet beanie is from there and cost only a prudent 5 bucks.

Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE

aw i typed out a big comment and accidently clicked away before it went through. grr. I was saying I bought two pairs of flat boots at Sirens for $75 on saturday because they're buy one get one 50% off right now. I didn't even know they sold footwear b/c i haven't shopped there in ages but I happened to glance in and saw a whole wall of the most delicious footwear and a big red 50% off so I had to investigate.
Another tip is wash and moisturize your face every night! We all know this one but we all excuse ourselves for being tired. If we don't wash off that mascara we can wind up with shorter lashes that fall out faster. A Norwex bodycloth will take off makeup, wash, and exfoliate with just warm water – very prudent since you don't need any products! – and follow up with a good thick night moisturizer, then you don't need anything but a splash of cold water the next morning. Unless you live in a deep freeze like me, then you'll still need some moisturizer the next day too. lol.
In summer my fav tip is tinted moisturizer with spf! 3 steps in one. you can't go wrong. lol.

marlo nol

emily already said it, but i second dry shampoo! i would have to wash my hair every single day otherwise. oscar blandi smells like lemonaid, and fekkai is all-natural and maybe even a little more absorbent. this stuff seriously is the greatest invention since the kitchen aid stand mixer.


I love to add a huge statement necklace and one minute worth of makeup: under-eye concealer, blush on cheeks and eyelids, and finished with a swipe of sheer berry lipgloss. If I have another 30 seconds, I add eyeliner and smudge with my finger!


Wow…this is wonderful. It is important to feel good even around the house! Love the mascara and big earings!

Bam Bam Creative

hello from New Zealand!

My little lady is 4 nearly 5 now so it's been a while since the baby stage, but being a single mum that works from home and runs a craft business, time is still just as scarce! haha

My top Mummy tips:
* a lip and cheek stain is amazing for when you're tired to add colour of course with mascara. 10 seconds and you're done
* paint your toe-nails, takes a minute and looks good with jandals (or flip flops) and makes you look 'done'
* I LOVE dry shampoo in a can, I use Batiste, smalls like coconut!
* perfume makes you feel amazing and covers all kinds of nasties
* hairbands and lots of 'em. Just sweep your hair out of your face and it at least looks like you're trying

Love the blog! Such a fantastic job with all manner of goodies xx


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