Prudent Baby 2012 Gift Guide: Kids’ Books

We kicked off our Prudent Baby 2012 Gift Guide with the annual Crafter’s Wishlist. Next up is the one gift that always wins with parents and kids, a lovely new book. Here is a selection of Scarlet, Clare, Quinn, and Gordon’s most favorite books, that we are sure your kid will love too. Starting from the top…

#1: Around the World with Mouk – Take a trip around our magical planet, and bring your stickers with you.

#2: Peek-A Who?: Yes, we’ve been suggesting it for three years, but Scarlet was reading it then and still reads it now!

#3: Rosie Flo’s Sticky Coloring Book – The classic coloring book now has the added fun of sticky stickers to stick about.

#4: Kokeshi Kimono Book and the entire Kokeshi series. – These books are so adorable, they feature tons of ingenious games, from lift-the-flap pages to matching the patterns on the kimonos. They truly surprised me with the ingenious ways they get the kids to interact with the book.

#5: I Had a Favorite Dress – This book is wonderful for the crafty girl in your life. The main character has a favorite dress which she outgrows, so she and her mother work together to sew it into a tee, socks, a hairclip, etc until there’s nothing left.

#6: I Want My Hat Back – I won’t spoil the surprise. This book is hilarious.

#7: Everything Goes: On Land – If you have a kid that likes cars, trucks, or anything that moves, that kid will love this book.

#8: Press Here – Who would have thought some simple polka dots could be so much fun?

#9: Extra Yarn – You can change the world with the smallest thing.

#10 An Awesome Book of Thanks! – Still our favorite way to end the day.

And one just for you mamas and papas…
Unicorns Are Jerks: a Coloring Book Exposing the Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth.




Yes yes yes! I love I Want My Hat Back! I’m getting the sequel by him for my son for Christmas


Great list! All of the books look very engaging. It would help to know if there is a certain age group that each would suit best. I have a 2.5 year old. His grandparents just sent him some great books, but they are really for older kids so he’s not really interested in them yet.

Also, the image at the top isn’t coming up.


We love Peek a Who at our house! So much that the cover has completely fallen off because we read it so much. Great list and thanks for sharing!


i love “press here” and have already given it for a few occasions this year. amazing how even the simplest premise can be fun when the listener and the reader are both really INVOLVED in the book.


Its gone through two kids now as a fave. My daughter doesn’t have many words at 20 months but one of them is CHOO CHOO!
great list


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