Prudent Baby "Use Your Words" Contest

The Contest: You + Words + Needle + Thread = Embroidery Joy. 
Use embroidered text or font anyway you see fit to adorn a fabric item in a creative way. Use letters to create something as short as a monogram or as long as a novel. Embroider by machine or by hand on any item you want, from samplers to bags to sheets to clothes to whatever your crafty mind can dream up. Check out some of our embroidery tutorials for inspiration: Mason Jar Pincushion, Cozy Embroidered Clock, Makeup Washcloths, Monogrammed Hair Clips One (hand) and Two (machine), Boo Doorbell Cover, Start Stitching Beginner’s Hand Embroidery Tutorial, Personalized Nursery Art and more that we will be posting over the next few weeks. Just make sure you “use your words” somewhere on your project. We will collect all of your droolicious entries and our panel of judges will select a winner!

The Prize: The winner takes home the amazing Brother Project Runway Limited Edition LB-6800PRW Sewing and Embroidery Machine. This fab combination sewing and embroidery machine is fashioned with 67 built-in sewing stitches and 98 stitch functions, in addition to 70 built-in embroidery designs, 120 frame pattern combinations and 5 embroidery lettering fonts. Features like the built-in push-button thread cutter, advanced needle threading system and easy-to-view back-lit LCD touch screen provide a heightened level of convenience to your sewing and embroidery, while the included Project Runway custom fashion rolling bag makes taking the machine to classes and workshops as easy as can be! And the LB-6800PRW now offers computer connectivity, allowing you to import embroidery designs directly from your computer. For more details on this luscious sewing & embroidery machine and its wide range of crafty capabilities, visit Brother USA.

How to Enter: Simply embroider words, text, or font on a fabric item. The fabric item need not be handmade, but the embroidery must be executed by you. The project has to be a new project created specifically for the contest. You may embroider by hand or by machine. Take pictures of your entry. Email the pictures (at least 500 pixels wide and under 1mg) to Include a two-sentence description of your project mentioning things like: what your creation is, what inspired you, why you used the words you used, and what tools and supplies you used, made, or purchased. You have until Sunday, June 5th at 11:59 p.m. PST to send us your entry. The prize can only be shipped to an address within the continental US. We will select one winner to take home the Brother Project Runway Limited Edition LB-6800PRW Sewing and Embroidery Machine based on the judges’ love for their creation. Our scoring system will give 25% weight to each of the following: Originality, Style, Worksmanship, and Presentation. The winner will be revealed on Prudent Baby the week of June 6th. Click here for complete contest terms & conditions.




Sure wish I had an embroidery machine to enter this contest to win an embroidery machine. πŸ™‚


holy crap! I want it so bad! I have never embroidered before, though, I'm afraid my creation might look like c-r-a-p LOL! I'm going to give it a shot anyway! πŸ™‚ what an awesome contest πŸ™‚


I have to agree with Carla. I am disappionted with the requirements to embroider something to win an embroidering machine. I would absolutely drool over this and and use it in a billion ways for my home, four children, and gifts for family and friends. But I am terrible at hand embroidering, hence needing the machine. What chance would I have in the contest. Someone's brilliant piece of art will be rewarded with a machine they already used. Not very prudent of you.

Tracy Chaplin is Gretel Girl

very cool comp & I have the perfect idea for it already!!!… oh how I would love that lovely embroidery machine…. but sadly, I am in Australia & prize does not reach this far.(Grrrrr!) Good luck other crafty people! I l cant wait to seeing the entries!!!!


We have already received many simple hand-embroidered entries that are in the front running! In fact almost all of the entries are hand-embroidered!


UMMMM, Okay not to sound like a jerk but stop whining already! These guys are cool enough to make up a contest- and give tutorials for hand embroidery- and give you enough time to practice and make something that looks good- I learned to embroider when I was little and it looked terrible until I practiced-and I am probably terrible now since I have not done it in like 20 years– but I WANT TO WIN so I am going to practice and think of a great idea and use great materials and take a great picture and if you want to win bad enough you will practice, be creative and original, have style, take an awesome picture- really workmanship is only a small part of the contest. So stop crying on your embroidery hoop and start practicing!
I will jump off my soap box and say THANKS J and J for the awesome contest and be ready to have your socks knocked off with my great entry…:)

Crunchy Con Mommy

I'm so excited! I don't have a working sewing machine of any kind, so I've been hand-sewing like crazy to come up with a worthy entry…a few mess-ups so far, but making good progress & can tell my sewing is improving just from trying! Thanks for hosting this fun contest ladies!!


Whoops! Don't know what happened, I meant to say I just sent my entry and can't wait to see all the others!


I have two items that I would like to enter in the contest but I'm not clear on the rules. I made them recently but not specifically for the purpose of this contest. Can I enter them? Thanks


i agree with the others – if i could make something look good by hand i wouldn't need a machine – but i would love to win it and be able to create these beautiful designs!!!!

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