Prudent Mama’s Easter Basket – 10 Favorite things!

How nice would it be to wake up to a basket of Prudent Mama-style goodies on Sunday morning? Are you listening Bunny?  Here’s what I hope you have waiting for you, from my own personal stash of favorite things. What would you add to your “favorite things” Easter Basket? Maybe the new-ish Vampire Weekend CD and a spa gift-card? Oh but wait, we were talking about what YOU would add…

1. Martha Stewart LIVING What’s better then getting a new magazine in the mail? Nothing, that’s what.
2. SUNSET Magazine
3. A Good Book (now in paperback FYI!)
4. An amazing pair of fabric scissors (labeled “FABRIC ONLY!” just like mom)
5. Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender (or Geranium) dish soap. It makes washing dishes almost pleasant. Available at most Whole Foods type stores.
6. Fancy French Soap Eggs. Mine were from Brown & Hopkins Country Store which doesn’t sell them online, but if you’re ever in Chepachet, RI, you should stop in. It’s owned by my Aunt and and it’s very CUTE!
7. Washi Tape – I finally caved and got on this bandwagon. I was surprised at the diminutive rolls but it goes a long way!
8. A few vintage hankies – Ebay, estate sales or Grannie’s basement.
9. Fabric! (both by Anna Maria Horner, surprise!) here and here
10. And something sweet of course!




And let's not forget to mention which small independent retailer delivered those pretty egg soaps to you……… Remember to support The 3/50 Project……And wash your hands! Amazon schamazon… ; ) Love your style of writing!


Hi my sweet Aunt Liz, just seeing if you're paying attention. : ) Revised to include my favorite Country Store in all the land. Yes, remember to support small businesses!


bubble bath? a coupon for a back massage (aaaah), fabric flower clip, jewelry? cute basket. I hope it's a giveaway, even though u give away enuff in helpfulness on ur blog.


I love everything on your list! I bought myself a new pretty watering can, garden gloves, and plant snipper-thingies (I'm not that experienced of a gardener but I am trying) as my "Easter basket." Grown-ups deserve a little spring surprise too!


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