Prudent Project Round-Up

Top: Bird and Bicycle made a custom version of our Most Flattering Shirt Dress… How cute is she?? | Stacy at She’s Kinda Crafty made that sweet Mod Podge Step Stool | Jessica made the cozy Simple Snuggly Baby Blanket.

Middle: Amy at Blue Brook Boutique made that bright and beautiful Duvet Cover | Cheryl made a Lazy Days Skirt (“and a baby tutu, 2 toddler duvet covers, and 2 Lazy Day skirts. God help me.” HA) | Claire at The Adventures of A Lactating Girl made the so-cute-i-could-cry DIY Silhouette Garlands in the shape of elephants.

Bottom: Jen made a Snappy Toddler Dress and the cute baby wearing it | The Umbaugh’s Life made a Tutu from our Tutu-torial | and Christina made a DIY Nursing Cover for her sister, aww.

Sorry I flaked on last week’s round up. What can I say. Just in case it happens again, know that you can share your pics and see tons of other folk’s projects in the Prudent Baby Project Pool on Flickr. You can also chat with other awesome Prudent Mamas and upload your pics to our super fun Prudent Baby Facebook Page. And of course you can keep sending them to us through our Prudent Baby Contact Form. Your “As Seen On Prudent Baby” Button is down there on the left. Now go party!




The Duvet cover is a fantastic idea… i have so many unused ones since we follow all the safe sleep guidelines… now when my daughter has been in her toddler bed for a while i will be able to make her wonderfull matching bedding to match her big girl room… how about a tutorial for sleep suits?? similar to the grobags?? Thanks you biggest Aussie fan xoxox Katy


Thanks for featuring my cutie! And what you can't see is that I used your diaper cover tute to make matching bloomers. đŸ™‚


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