Prudent Project Round-Up

Look what I found in the Prudent Baby Project Pool on Flickr!

Top: Path Less Traveled Market made a Snappy Toddler Top | Zaaberry made our Beginner’s Baby Blanket #3 | Absolutely dying over this adorable Capelet sewn by Suzettra

Middle: Pink Yogurt made some Recipe Binders with our Free TemplatesStofjes en lapjes whipped up the to-die-for One Shoulder Dressy Dress | Jo Stockton made her first attempt at zippers with the Quick & Pretty Makeup Bag – and it looks awesome!

Bottom: Green Jelly Bean made a DIY Nursing Cover | Melissa made a DIY Strap Cover | and Ooty made a bunch of Reversible Sun Caps

Go ahead and join us on Flickr to share and see a ton more reader projects. You can also hang with the Prudent Mamas and upload your pics to our clique of cool girls on the Prudent Baby Facebook Page. And of course you can keep sending them to us through our Prudent Baby Contact Form. Your “As Seen On Prudent Baby” Button is down there on the left. Now go party!



Julie Weaver

This morning I decided to make the apple fritters from your post a few weeks ago. I doubled the recipe knowing that my kids would LOVE them. My 3 year old took one bite and said, "Mommy, I tried it and I don't like it." What?!?!?!


Thank you so much for featuring my cape! I can confirm that it is much loved by my niece who runs around the house wearing it and yelling (at the top of her lungs) "Magic and Peas, I turn you into a frog."


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