Prudent Project Round-Up

Top: Tara made Double Welt Cord and used it to upholster this chair! | Melissa from Honeyscrap made some adorable baby shoes using our DIY Baby Shoes Tutorial | The Stepford Wife made a DIY Nursing Cover

Middle: Brenda made a Pillowcase Dress | Sara at The Card Crate made a Snappy Toddler Dress | Audrey made a Pretty Pleated Purse

Bottom: Karen made a Quick & Pretty Makeup Bag and lined it in oilcloth | Homestead Mel made a 10 Minute Onesie Dress | and Bethany for Lil Bit & Nan made a Bow Tie

Let these ladies know what you think of their projects in the comments and give them a facebook “like.” Join us on Flickr, hang with us on the Prudent Baby Facebook Page, or send them to us via the Prudent Baby Contact Form. Your “As Seen On Prudent Baby” Button is down there on the left. XO



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