Prudent Project Round Up

Top: Sewing Novice made a Crayon Roll (her very first sewing project ever, totes impressed) | Pandiola Lane made our Pretty Party Dress | She’s Kinda Crafty made Reusable Snack Bags and super sized some into wet bags too.

Middle: @stitchtacsew used our How to Sew Piping Tutorial to make piping for her pillows | Sparklinbecks repurposed an old outfit in to a Snappy Toddler Top |  | Sara and Spice read our tute then made some butter.

Bottom: Jessi made a Top Knot Baby Hat and some Pants  | Keight made a Changing Pad Cover

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thanks for the shout out! i was so thrilled to be scrolling through my feed and see my pictures ;~) can't wait to try more stuff!


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