Prudent Project Round Up

Top: Liberated Mind made a Top Knot Baby Hat | Ashley made a Shirred Summer Dress/Top | A Bit of Sunshine made Kevin’s Famous Scones

Middle: Dohdums made a Most Flattering Shirt Dress | Out of Alabaster made a Snappy Toddler Dress | Roubidou made a Bow Tie

Bottom: A Nest in the Making made a Beginner’s Bias Tape Bag | Covet Collective made Drawstring Backpacks | Be A Good Mom made Beautiful Dress Up Wings

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All those projects are great, but I especially love the shirred summer dress. Might have to make one like that for my daughter.


I wish I had those wings when I was little! Would they look really strange on a 24 year old? Haha, I guess I will have to settle on making them for all the little girls in my life!


Sooo….I as Stumblin' today and your post on the nap mat tutorial popped up. I thought it was cute, but not something that I needed, so I hit your "Home" button to see what else was new. I scrolled down and thought "hey! that's my Giggles!" What a nice surprise. She does still love her Bird Wings, although they have been misplaced for a week or so and we need to find them! She does miss them!


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