Prudent Project Round-Up

Eva at Handmade Beginnings made these shoes for her toddler using an old pair of jeans and our DIY Recycled Denim Baby Shoes Tutorial. See how she sized up the pattern and added trim?  Love!

Rebecca at Happy Baby Designs made these using our DIY Doll Diapers tutorial.  Little girls and boys love these toys!

Melissa over at Naptime Crafts sewed this adorable bib using our DIY Pocket Bib tutorial as well as a burp cloth using our DIY Burp Cloth tutorial.  One of her first sewing projects and it turned out great!
Happy Crafting!  And remember to send us a picture!




Just reading your blog like every other day, and all the sudden, I am famous! Thanks guys! I looove your stuff and can't wait to more soon!


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