Prudent Wishlist: For Dudes! 2019

1. “This color-coded chart traces the trajectories of every orbiter, lander, rover, flyby, and impactor to ever slip the surly bonds of Earth’s orbit and successfully complete its mission.” Umm, that’s amazing. Get The Chart of Cosmic Exploration and many other fabulous dude-gifts at
2. Sneakers meet duck boots. Perfect for dudes in colder climates, from Vans.
3. This little gadget makes cold brew coffee. It doesn’t seem that exciting, but I gave one to Carleton last father’s day on my friend Wendy’s advice, and it is his most-used gift I ever gave him. He makes us a new batch every Sunday, and it’s amazing because it is so concentrated, but without the bitterness. If your dude is into coffee, get him the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker.
4. If your dude likes to dress it up a bit, but is also generally down-to-earth, then we see a tweed sport coat from Orvis in his future.
5. So I got Carleton a Stanley Flask many moons ago. He liked that. Then I got him the Stanley thermos. He also liked that. Then Stanley came out with their new travel mugs, so I got him one of those. He promptly threw away every other travel mug we owned and replaced them all with these. They. Are. Good.: Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug. For extra coolness, always choose the Hammertone Green color.
6. So I got one of these and spit into it (so much, like so much spit) and sent it off. I will share my results when I get them in six to eight weeks. It will be especially interesting due to my recently-discovered adopted status, but I think any dude would be fascinated to see their DNA sequenced? Geno 2.0 Next Generation from Helix and National Geographic will be a cool gift that you’ll all be talking about way into summer.
7. You guys know that I get something ridiculous for Carleton every year, right? It’s become a family tradition, we all wait to see what it is and how hard he will laugh. This year, it’s this. Make sure you also grab some helium from Michael’s if you want to see it in action on Christmas day.
8. If your dude likes beer, then he will like this: BottleKeeper.
9. And my final recommendation is a fun stocking stuffer. Like even if you don’t camp, your dude will feel like a prepared man if he has one of these in his glove compartment. It allows you to drink out of any nasty puddle you come across, all filtered and clean: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

So, what are y’all getting for the dudes on your list this year?


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