Prudent Wishlist: For Kids!

Scarlet’s wishlist for this year includes and iPhone and a hoverboard. Sorry, Scarlet. But here are some other fun things she has suggested that might just show up under the tree.

Playing Mexican Train Dominoes has become a holiday tradition for Jacinda, especially now that her youngest has discovered it. I think Scarlet will love it.

Every girl should have a subscription to Kazoo Magazine.

Have you played with one of these yet? It’s SO SATISFYING to push the sequins up and down. Scarlet has been begging for one: Reversible Sequin Pillow Cases.

These are the best pencils for any kid (or adult) who loves to color: Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils.

This DIY kit is fun to make and seriously so cute: Seedling Design Your Own Enchanted Flower Rose Crown.

All of the Handmade Charlotte Creativity Kits for Kids at Michael’s are awesome. We like this “adopt a cactus” one especially.

Kids can make ice cream in this! And you can eat it: Chef’n Sweet Spot Instant Ice Cream Maker!

Scarlet asked for this, and once I saw it I had to get it for every kid on my list. You tear out the pages and do what they say “float this page” etc.:Wreck This Journal.

These training chopsticks are a great stocking stuffer. Scarlet picked them out for her cousins. Chimpsticks Hinged Chopsticks

I cannot wait to see my little nephew snuggled up in this: Blankie Tails Shark Blanket, Gray and Deep Blue. There’s a mermaid tail version which may have also made it’s way under the tree.

So, what are you getting the littles on your list this year?



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