Quick tip: Crawling dress fix

My older daughter had a closet full of unworn dresses through her crawling stage. I hated to see her get all tangled up in the length. But this time, I was determined to find a solution. Get the quick fix after the jump.
Polly Flinders was on to something with their ever-so-short toddler dresses of years gone by. These days it’s hard to find a pretty baby dress that hits above the knee. Here is my short-term solution for making baby’s dress crawl-friendly. This would also work great for tunics with leggings but I just couldn’t resist showing off those chubby baby knees!

1. Select 2 spots on the front and 2 spots on the back of the dress. Each approximately 1/3  across the front or back.

2. At these spots, gather the length of the dress up in an accordion fold, I did 4 folds with the bottom edge facing out (because this particular dress had a pretty trim at the bottom.) I folded until I reached the bottom of the chest area. This dress had a thin cotton lining which I simply folded with the dress fabric.

3. With the folds pinched closed, I ran a needle and thread up through the layers and then back down through the layers and tied underneath. Repeat in all four locations.

4 When your baby starts walking, you can simply snip the threads and go right back to the original length!

But before you go, here are a few more pictures of little Quinn.

Ok, I’m done. The dress was originally from Target (a few yrs ago) and the dolly is from PBK.
And if you need that monogrammed hair clip, here is the DIY.




This is a great idea! We just wore shorter dresses during this stage. Leggings help with all the wear and tear on the knees. My little one finally decided to walk when her knees got scuffed up at 15 months! Good luck!


How cute! I TOTALLY could have used this when my youngest was crawling…since she refused to walk until she was 18 months old.


sorry i was so excited about seeing little quinn tomorrow and her pics that i forgot to actually read the diy. i think this is genius for crawlers but also for the like 10,000 sale dresses in sizes 4 and 5T i've bought for my walker that are all ten times too long still.


What a great idea! I was having the same problem with my daughter, but she just started walking…problem solved!


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