Quick Tip: Mini Pool!

We had this tub we picked up for Scarlet’s Indian Elephant 2nd Birthday Party that we were using for Toy Storage, but it was hot last weekend so I had an idea.  It worked out really well!
With lots of supervision a faux pool can be really fun, she didn’t want to get out! Do you feel sorry for my daughter because her sandbox and swimming pool are actually just tupperware?  I’d be ecstatic if I could find a vintage claw foot bathtub (ooo, that would have a drain!) or a big copper washbasin, how cute would that be?  Have you ever made anything into a pool?




growing up my grandparents lived on a farm so there were ample galvanized water troughs around (today you'll see these used for raised gardens). it was big enough for a 2 and 3 year old to have fun all summer … although i do remember being dunked in it a time or two after having to much fun making 'mud pies'!

Sally P

I seriously considered putting water in our sandbox before it was filled with sand. It would have been just a splash pool basically. He likes runny thru a sprinkler also.


I just came across your site today and it is absolutely brilliant.

We used an old plastic fish tank when my son was littler, not any room to do anything but once he got in there he wouldnt get out! It was not our intentions for him to use it that way but he had a blast and thats all that mattered!


We too have used a horse trough as a kiddie pool and it is one of the main attractions at my husband's family farm. It's a perfect size for the 2-5 year old set and I was seriously tempted to bring it back to our house in Chicago after we left the farm last summer–it's probably a good thing that it wouldn't fit in our car, anyway!


What a great idea! We have the same bucket. We will definitely be dumping the toys out when the temp hits 100!


Fleet-farm or tractor supply have the metal farm water tanks in all sizes,they also rent trucks to get stuff home.My sister has big one like 4ft deep for her kids,added inside ladder and deck around.Just remember to place up on wood pieces so will not sink into dirt in yard or place gravel under.
Also make sure you buy one with drain or add hose hook up drain so water lands far from tank so no mud tracked in.And you need to drain and scrub out once in awhile or add pool chemicals.

On bad note fence it from kids add ladder and a board floating in pool so animals and bees can not drown.

It is great fun and stays good temp from large pool of water.Fire
dept even uses it if needs to load
tanker-truck for brushfire


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