Quilt Market 2010 – Houston!

I am back from Houston with lots of eye candy from the show. So fun! I’ll spread it out a little throughout the week. First up… the adorable Alexander Henry booth all done up in their upcoming line called Larkspur, and vintage toys. Don’t you want it all? The toys… and the fabrics?

It appears that birds and owls (which are birds, I know) are going strong in fabric trends for this year. New themes? Lots of architecture, trees and camping! Really cute stuff for boys. SO stay tuned all week for more pics from the show!
And remember that any comment you leave this week could win you Jaime’s lil Mod Podge kit which is perfect for a project she has lined up for y’all. So talk to us!




Ahhhhhh – that play sewing machine is amazing. i wish i could find one like that – good for playing with by young hands. do they even make them anymore?


WHERE, oh where can I get my hands on a Fisher Price sewing machine?!?! I'm dying. The awesome floral in pic #3 isn't helping.


Awwwwwwww! This is so cute! Wish I know where to find fabrics like this in our place. Just read your blogs a few nights ago. Borrowed my neighbors sewing machine and now my eight month old baby is wearing his denim booties! Will definitely make more baby things from your tutorials! πŸ˜€


These pictures are literally making my heart ache with the cuteness. That is the best kind of heart ache! So many ideas…


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful new fabric line! I think if I ever have a firl, I might need to turn to Alexander Henry's Larkspur! The colors and patterns are bold and inspiring!


I am loving prints with birds/owls. I am not sure how my loved ones/friends feel — but they keep getting gifts from me made with birds/owls….if they don't already – they'll have to learn to LOVE it like I do 'cause I am not going to stop…Love it! jpdavis07@gmail.com

Renee Weber

I NEED that primary-color vintage playskool sewing machine for my son! I just googled "play sewing machine" and the only things that came up were all pink and girlie. I hate the fact that modern toy manufacturers automatically equate sewing with girls. What century is this again?

Bonnie Michelle

Whoa, I need to find that toy sewing machine for my daughter for Christmas. How cute! We're moving and I'm going to have a sewing room, how cute would that little sewing machine look set up next to mine?! She'd love it!


Ok, drooling on my keyboard over here. I'm starting a 'big girl' room for my 20 month old and she NEEDS, yes NEEDS that bird fabric! And she might need that toy sewing machine for Christmas. She's pretty needy.


Pretty sure I'd like to move into that Alexander Henry booth and take up permanent residence. Yes, I think I will. πŸ™‚


There's some pretty cute fabric hanging around there that is just calling my name… 'Take me home with you, buy me and make me into something cute for little D… We need you!' Can't you just hear it?


these are the kinds of fabrics that get me jazzed about sewing! love this post! so vibrant and fresh! thanks for the giveaway!


oh that bird fabric in the first picture is absolutely gorgeous! and the toy sewing machine!!!! melt my heart why dont ya


oh my gosh. i love these pics. i especially love the playskool sewing machine. i have been looking for a toy sewing machine for my toddler. she always wants to "help" me sew and i think she would love it if she has a sewing machine like mommy. anybody know where i can get one?


Man I keep getting on here to find something specific but then I forget what I was trying to find because I get stuck on all the yummy pictures like the ones in this post!!! Goodness I feel like I could pass on the sweet stuff this baby is making me crave because you guys keep giving me so much eye candy…ok maybe not quite but almost! πŸ˜‰


Oooo, I want, I want, I want! I think I'll be spending my ENTIRE fabric allowance on Alexander Henry fabric. The fabric in the third picture would/will make a beautiful dress for my daughter and maybe a matching skirt for me. When does it come out?


Squeeeee! I must own the lil sewing machine…..oh, I mean my daughter must have it. I love the styized bird and owl (yep, owls are birds too) themes, real birds – not so much!

One day I am going to crash the Quilt Market and hobnob with y'all fancy crafty blog types!


I'm not sure when it comes out. I didn't ask while I was there and can't find any info online. When I do, I'll let you know for sure!


Oh how pretty! I'm all about birds (and owls specifically), so this thrills my little heart. Love love LOVE the birds in the first photo.


I love the rocking horse picture! My daughter was just gifted a used one and it needs some love. Did you happen to get a look at the mane? What was it made out of?


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