Quilt Market: Fabric Preview Eye Candy (Part 1)!

What’s the new-news in the world of fabric? We went to the industry’s top trade show, Quilt Market, and scoped it out. Let us share the beauty with you! Prepare to drool!

Let’s get to drooling and linking (and laughing at goofy pictures of Jacinda and I drooling) after the jump…

Amy Butler is soon launching Soul Blossom in voile, corduroy, and most excitingly, rayon! Can’t wait to make some of her lovely clothing patterns in this soft silky fabric, just wait until you feel it.

Kokka Japan. Lusty.

Heather Ross for Kokka, always a winner.
Birch Fabrics Organics, designed and created by our very own Cynthia, proprietress of Fabricworm. All the fabrics work together! You can even mix and match across collections!

Look, there she is, in a Birch Fabrics dress! We had so much fun at the bar after the show. That’s all I have to say about that.

Sandi Henderson’s amazing new Secret Garden

Paula Prass was a delight to chat with, and when we demanded her collection come in home decor weight, she agreed. Go Paula, make it happen! We want it!

Alyssa Thomas of Penguin & Fish has always had lovely embroidery patterns…

but she is launching her first fabric line too!

aren’t these two lovers adorbs?

Anna Maria Horner’s new collection Loulouthi blew our minds.

Beautiful fabric with embroidery patterns on it!

And pre-made bias tape and quilt binding in her signature style and singular fabrics! What? Yes!

Cloud 9 has some new organic fabrics about to hit that are ridic cute! Love these monsters…

But a favorite of their new offerings is Julia Rothman‘s Miscellany line! We have Julia Rothman wallpaper in Scarlet’s room, so of course I was thrilled to see she has a fabric collection about to hit.

Valori Wells has always been one of our faves, so we were delighted to see her adorable booth, and…

Jacinda got maybe a little too comfortable?

We love that Valori’s habit/hobby is to draw on rocks. I mean, how amazing is this?

and Valori and I goof off. yes, i wore a hat inside. don’t judge me.
Joel Dewberry is an amazing fabric designer as we all know, but we discovered that he is also a lovely man who crafts!

And his wife designs and sews many of their creations, like this adorbs bird

and these amazing patterns

Batiks – we stumbled upon a lovely batik booth, the manufacturer escapes me, can someone fill me in?

I desired to make this batik purse my own…

Aneela Hoey‘s new collection struck us as so fresh and modern, yet sweet

Paris Apartment by Bari J was just lovely…

Robert Kaufman Kona Designer Solids made us drool rainbows

Then a sudden downpour hit (for the only 15 minutes we spent outside all day) so Jacinda scored a pink umbrella (hello, gift for child + useful item) and we hoofed it over to Bruges Waffles & Frites.

Could we talk about Bruges Waffles & Frites more on Prudent Baby? A picture is worth a thousand words.

Machine Gun Sandwich. Yes, there are french fries IN my sandwich. What of it?

Then we waited for you all to show. It was an amazing party. We told ourselves it was the rain.  It was the rain, right?




Kimberly F

Anything in here for future Fabric Fridays? I love the third Kokka Japan pic. (And the picture of Jacinda looking like she might want to make out with the Valori Wells fabric.)

Little Missy

Oh, man! Opportunity missed! I live in Salt Lake, born and raised, and had no idea there was a fabric show of this magnitude right here. And I see Bruges waffles every single Saturday while at the farmers market (at the sketchy park across the street… they clean it up for the Farmer's Market, I swear!) and I've never been! Their hours are weird and the place is seriously tiny, but I don't think that's a good enough excuse any more! Glad you guys got to visit SLC! Hope we made a good impression on you!

Moncada Family

I need to stop looking at PRUDENT BABY! I seem to want…no, I seem to COVET everything that is on here!!! Its just not healthy, OR is it?!?!?!


you guys are so entertaining & funny. thanks for the post about quilt market; it's great to put faces to the great names of fabric!


You know Cynthia is an amazing woman just by looking at her hubby's matching tie. He's WEARING it! That would never happen around here 🙂


If only I had like, $1,000 to spend on fabric. I could be so happy. Do they give micro-loans for fabric shopping? I can dream, right?


Now you will have to come help me clean up all this drool puddle all over my computer desk. Those fabrics are just too beautiful for words!


Oh what fun! I think I would CRY if I ever made it to Quilt Market. Like really, really cry with so much fabric, and beauty. I really need the Birch Storyboek fabric in the worst way. Not to mention LouLOUThi. July can't come soon enough! 🙂

Elena Goebertus

Is there any way to purchase the Designer Solids Quilt ??? The one with the blue and green rectangles…I want to buy that!!!


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