Quinn’s Farm-tastic First Birthday: The multi-use DIY hair clip!

I had every intention of making some of THESE hair clips for Quinn’s Birthday party a few weeks ago but just ran out of time. When I mentioned this to my mom, she had a great idea for an easier version that used less fabric. SO clever, those moms!

Get the DIY after the jump and start clipping you DIY Hair Clips everywhere… to plants and cakes and even to hair! (But not at the same time, that would be disgusting.)

What you need:

• pinking sheers

• ruler

• 1″x12″ fabric strip

• Approx 3″ of felt

• needle and thread

• button

• alligator hair clip

• 5/8″ ribbon

• hot glue gun

• fabric marker

• optional: Print out of “thank you” template and lollipop sticks for plant/cake picks.

What to do:

1. Cut a 1″x12″ strip of fabric with pinking sheers.

Tip: My mom folded the fabric in half and then in half again and cut her strips with one clip of the sheers.

Note: some of the clips we did were 1.5″x12″. They were a little too big (unless you live in Texas)

2. On one side of your length beging gathering your fabric on a needle and thread every 1/4″, about 1/8″ in from the side.

3. Pull snug and tie thread but do not cut.

4. If the end of your circle do not line up perfectly, now is the time to trim.

5. Using the same needle and thread stitch up the seam of your flower and then back down to the center. I would sew in and out rather than sewing as show below. This was faster but left ripples.

6. Use your spool of thread to trace 2 perfect circles on wool felt.

7. Cut out your two felt circles with your pinking sheers.

8. Use your spool to find the center of your felt circles and make a small dot.

9. Place one felt circle on the top of your flower and the other on the bottom.

10. Sew button securely into place through all layers.



11. Use hot glue gun to attach 5/8″ ribbon to alligator clip as described in detail here:

12: Apply hot glue to top of clip and immediately attach flower.

13. Trim loose threads. And you are done, unless you want to add the little “Thank You” ribbons.

14. Use this template or design your own “Thank You” strips and cut.

15. Fold in a “V” and snip the ends like ribbons.

16. Clip both together on the end of a paper lollipop stick.




I LOVE the (unless you live in Texas) remark. That's hilarious…and totally what I was thinking. Never too big for the red curlz I have to put them in. Thanks for the tip!!!!


too cute!! i am going to make a bunch for s with all my fabric scraps! but you know how i detest hand sewing so i will try it with the machine, unless you tell me i shouldn't


This is adorable! I've done the same thing using a wide ribbon and running a stitch down the length to make a flower. I never thought to use my pinking sheers on my fabric ones though!

Amy M

I have what might be a ridiculous question, but I am going to ask it anyway! In looking at these "flowers", they are finished on both sides, did you double the fabric strip? Thanks for the info! I LOVE these and the farm party- in fact, I love it so much that I am lifting many of your ideas for my daughters first birthday in July. Thanks so much!


Hi Novemberma! It's actually a Voile fabric from Anna Maria Horner, available from fabricworm.com. The print shows through on this fabric. It's just one layer.


Hi all! I just noticed a TYPO and don't want anyone to buy the wrong materials… In step 11, I think you want to use 3/8" ribbon.


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