Reap What You Sow, Then Paint It: Harvest Painting

Now that summer’s coming to an end it’s hard to find ways to use all those fruits and veggies up before they rot – so paint with them! At least that’s what Jaime and I (J & J’s lovely assistant, Colleen) did for DailyCandy Kids. Word on the street is that celery can make some stunning roses and okra makes the cutest flowers. Of course we had to see for ourselves, but little did we know that right above our heads lay an entire wasps nest inside one of Jaime’s paper poufs. Yikes! With bright lights flashing on them and a smörgåsbord of delectable fruits below, this DailyCandy Kids film shoot was done in record time and I’d have to say it’s some of my best painting yet…

Notice how quickly my hand is moving to avoid getting attacked by wasps?



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