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So I can see from the comments on our Sew & Stow Giveaway that organization is  a bit of a challenge for all of us (i can also see that our readers are hilarious).  If you haven’t created one of Jacinda’s Recipe Binders yet, take my word for it, and the word of amazing cooking site The Kitchn, that it’s a great system.  I like it so much, I made one for myself, and one as a gift for a friend.  

For the gift, I downloaded Jacinda’s free Recipe Binder Cover and Spine (now available in a million different colors), and solved the tabs-sticking-out-too-far problem by purchasing dividers with the tabs on the top.  I bought the binder at Staples, loaded it with sheet protectors, added a cute binder clip to mark the page of the current recipe, and inserted a few of my favorites, including family hand-me-downs, holiday favorites, and our clean print-outs from Prudent Baby recipes.

In my own recipe binder I have side-tabs so I placed them in sheet protectors and added Jacinda’s binder templates in different colors to spice it up, and added a “limbo” folder for the recipes I haven’t tried yet.  They have to prove themselves before earning a page in the binder.

This is an easy (and pretty) way to feel more organized.

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This is a great post! I have been trying to feel inspired about organizing all the loose papers floating around in my kitchen cupboard!


These are great family gifts as well.. my mother made one for me the year that I moved out with all my favorite home cookin' recipes. I still have it! It's covered in sauces and sugar, but works great! It's an awesome gift, truly.

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I started a recipe binder like this just after I got married (15 yrs ago). It is plain jane 🙁 I would love to spruce it up with your templates but cannot print them. Is there anyway besides scribd? TIA


wendy, thanks for the reminder. moving them over to google docs now. we didnt realize scribd would try to charge you! i'll move them then post in a few. XO


Hi! I love my recipe binder cover that I was able to print out in yellow. However, I did not see any way to print out the spine part, and the only color available was yellow. Is there something else that I need to do to view and print the other colors and the spine piece? Thanks so much!


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