Renegade Craft Fair Austin Recap

We are back from our whirlwind visit to Austin for Renegade Craft Fair. It was such a gorgeous day for a road trip! But really, I can’t believe that we spent 7 hours in the car to go to a craft fair. I am officially off of my rocker. So, here are a few pix and a few links to some of my new loot. Check it out! And feel free to tell me that I’m not crazy for going and that you would totally do the same, especially if someone else was driving! right?!?

Elsie from Red Velvet Art and James from Bleubird Vintage were there looking as adorable as you may have expected and showcasing an array of cuteness. I bought a few “Howdy Y’All” t-shirts for the girls. I’m still such a Texas tourist, I swear.

While visiting Jaime in December, I fell in love with the produce calendars from Krank Press. So much so that I bought the Southern California version even though I don’t live there anymore (moment of silence.) But NOW they have a Texas version, WITH OKRA, so I bought that one too!

Our friend Christine from Little Bean was there showcasing her collection. I loved these yo-yo, bow and ruffle t’s!

Cut Out and Collect was there with a gorgeous assortment of handmade bags featuring many of the Japanese Import Fabrics that we have been eying at But they really won me over when they gave cranky Clare an adorable fawn-covered bean bag. She loves it! Thank you! It was about this point that we lost Rick and Clare to the fountain outside.

I did a quick drive-by at Stitch Lab’s workshop. The next time I’m in town, I’d love to take a class with them. Perhaps they would teach me how to make one of these amazing tea-cup pin-cushions!

And I snagged a rainbow of wool felt! But in the process almost got a beat-down for picking up a pile that a lovely woman had spent an hour finely curating. She was really quite nice about it.

And on my way out the door, I said a nerdy star-struck “hi” to Jenny Hart and pick up one of her delightful embroidery patterns. She had postcards for her Solo Show, Study Hall Drawings at DOMY Books and I had been told that DOMY was a must-see book store. So as a reward for actually meeting my family on time after the craft fair, the huz agreed to stop in, and then Clare ran about touching and we left. But the show was pretty great. Congrats to my new BFF Jenny Hart.

And I must add that I picked up a perfect Tad Carpenter poster for Quinn’s bedroom. Back in the day when Jaime and I were perky young executives, we would discuss things like “what would be appropriate (and non-sucky) artwork for a baby’s bedroom.” And we agreed that well-designed music posters would make an excellent choice. So I’m finally making the hopes and dreams of 25 year old Jaime and Jacinda a reality. But just the poster dream for right now, not the dream of creating a cable network for old people named Geezer-net, not YET anyway. But really, these posters are pretty great. Check them out.




GAH! and EEK! jealousy! and can we have a moment of silence in appreciation of rick's attendance. i had no idea. carleton curtis would never. NEVER.


GREAT finds! And I would totally go if someone else were driving:) I heart those Study Hall drawings from Jenny Hart.


Beth H

Great post – I enjoyed reading this & seeing the fair from a visitor's perspective. and thanks for including a pic of our girl, Stella (the Airstream trailer)!
~Beth H from The WonderCraft


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