Retro Rollerskating Party

My brother Wyatt is famous for his love of costumes so it came as no surprise that his 30th birthday party involved a theme which enabled him to wear a fanny pack, knee-high sweat socks and short-shorts. It’s not 100% clear how he ended up in this outfit at his surprise party. Maybe he just happened to be wearing it that day?

His totally creative girlfriend added adorable details such as an INSANE portrait cake, but the location did so much of the work just by being a relic of a uber-fad gone by. Like Jaime’s White Trash BBQ, this party just seems to take on a life of it’s own when it comes to inspiring guests to… eh-hem, let the good times roll.

Yes, her t-shirt is a portrait of the guest of honor. She, ya know, just free-handed it with a fabric pen. Talent! And then she just grabbed some zip-lock bags full of icing and made this cake. Scary! Awesome!

You know you want to see more…

Just go ahead and click.You won’t be disappointed, as long as you love mustaches and short-shorts. And who doesn’t?


I don’t even know what to say about this…

Some guest even made tie-dyed tees featuring the guest of honor.

The queen of crafty+comedy+foxiness

Stop. NO. But faux ‘staches and sweatbands DO make excellent party favors.

The perfect decor was already on site… and I don’t mean the hunky skaters.

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Is it me or does he bear a striking resemblance to a well known actor? Look at photo #6 could be Matthew Mcconaughey's double!

Looks like it was a great party, so much fun.

Sharon (mama to Adam)

My work does a stachtober event every October with a big blow out party at the end of the month. They have the before pictures on a poster board then the after on another board and we vote. They get silly prizes like Yanni cd's, mustache books and aftershave. It is a good time!! Bring on the Stache's!


I'm loving the gym teacher lean the guys are doing in the last picture. My gym teacher in middle school, Mr. Anderson, loved that particular pose. I'm always inspired by the theme parties you share on your blog!


my husbands 30th is coming up… if i did this to him, he might kill me. but at least i'd look awesome with knee highs and sweat bands

Me? A Mom?

Love it. I am always impressed with people who have the time to pull a great party like this off and FRIENDS who are happy to participate full throttle!


As soon as I can pull myself back together after reading/seeing this, I have got to forward it to some friends. I've already passed my 30th, but just HAVE to go a retro skate party now.
Someone please have one…


Now that's a party! Reminds me that this is the stuff life is made of…..and having fun with friends & celebrating life—can't get much better than that! Thank you for sharing the great pictures!


love it! i had a 70s roller skate party 5 yrs ago and it was tons of fun! something about guys and girls in shorts shorts and sweat bands… these photos are great and she is super talented!

Jahje Bath Ives

Hilarious pics and it brings me back to my friends 30th Bday where we tore it up at a local skating rink in the backwoods of NY. It was a bunch of kids under 12 and a bunch of old ladies over 30 skating round the rink. The best memory of the night was the little boys who were amused/horrified by us all falling all over the ring. I mean it had been 20+ years since most of us had skated. Glad to see your brother had better moves.


is there anything sexier than a man in short shorts, really? well, of course, a man with a mustache in short shorts, obvs.


My brother just turned 31 and he never misses an opportunity to throw on a costume. He's also a big fan of the faux-tache and short-short. Nicely done.


Jacinda, are you sure we are not related? In my family we have a famous chicken suit that everyone has wornand usually not to costume parties! I'm even making a mini one for my DD to wear with her uncle on his birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ If anything, at least we'll pass down our fabulous fun side!


Picture 6 had the creepy Matthew McConaughey line from Dazed and Confused going through my head when I saw it. "That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

Definitely looked like a fun party though.


That is fantastic. Add another party to my to-do list.
We are so excited to be throwing a White Trash party in 2 weeks for my husband's birthday. I picked up some tiger-stripe leggings at Target today for $10 to complete my WT ensemble. Killer.
And there just might be an old toilet in my yard that day too. Should I turn it into a planter or a birthday-boy throne?


Live from the set of "To Catch a Predator!" Roller Skate Edition. Warning to all prudent mamas: Don't Leave Your Babies Alone! This man is on the prowl! RAWR!


Right now I wish I were invited. So jealous. That was the most awesome thing!!! Happy Birthday to your bro. WOW!!!!!!!


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