Reversible Napkin Rings

I adore my Bias Tape Table Runner so much that I decided to whip up some matching napkin rings today. Ok, fine, I only made one but I plan to make more because I kinda love them. 
Their buttoned up style also allows for a quick “place card” solution.

You still have time to whip these up before Thanksgiving!
Click Read More for the simple Reversible Napkin Ring Tutorial.

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Reversible Napkin Ring Tutorial

1. Cut a 10″x3.5″ strip of fabric for your front and back. Also cut a piece of felt as I did here, or a thin piece of batting, 9.5″x3″.

2. Place the two strips of fabric right-side-facing and then center the felt on top. Sew around the outside of the felt leaving 1/4″ seam. Leave a 3″ opening along the bottom edge for turning.

3. Snip all 4 corners at an angle to reduce bulk.

4. Turn the pice right-side-out, poke the corners sharp using a crochet hook, and stitch around the entire edge close to the seam. This would be a cool time to use a decorative stitch or thread.

5. Check to see how much you want your napkin ring to overlap. Mine looked good with 1″ overlap.

6. Now you will make a button hole at each end. Have you done a button hole yet? Super easy, especially on a new machine. My sewing machine pretty much does it by itself. Just take a deep break and crack open that manual.

7. Measure in 1/2″ from the side.

8. Lay your button in the space at the right (if your buttonhole foot works like mine) and use the space between the two little notches at the top to measure the length of the buttonhole. the buttonhole will actually be approximately 1/8″ less than the space.

9. Draw a line in disappearing ink, centered top-to-bottom, the length of your buttonhole, 1/2″ from the edge.

10. Do the same on the other end.

11. Place your button foot on your machine and position fabric under foot so the end of your line aligns with the three small lines a the opening of the foot.

12. Let her rip. Repeat on other end.

14. Place a pin across the top of your buttonhole and use your seam ripper to cut open the buttonholes.

15. I used a fabric covered button (because I’m obsessed with them) but you can use any button. Attach two buttons back to back. Only one will show but you can always use the other side as well.

16. Put the back button through both buttonholes and you have a finished napkin ring! Only 3?… 7?… 11? more to go? Buckle-down assembly-line style and these will be done in no time.

17. For a little personalization, I cut out festive Turkeys and Snowmen on my Silhouette, snipped a small slit and added the shapes as a hand-written nametag but if you are feeling really ambitious, it would be amazing to cut shapes out of felt and embroider the names.




Great idea! I love your can-do attitude. I was scared of button holes before I tried them. They really are easy! I was only scared, because people had told me how hard they were! Turns out I had nothing to fear! Love, love, love your attitude and encouragement to others!


I love simple but cute things. If I wasn't leaving town tomorrow I might whip these up. I will have to file away for Christmas. Thanks!


This is very cute and clever! It makes good use of small pieces of fabric and pulls everything together. Great idea! Thanks.

Leslie S. in MN
esclante at comcast dot net


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