Rose Bowl Flea Market Inspiration

Back in high school I ran laps around the Rose Bowl every morning for track practice, so heading there for the flea market is a trip down nostalgia lane in more ways then one. The second Sunday of every month the best vendors take over the fields to haggle and deal over priceless heirlooms and worthless crap.  My visit last weekend reminded me why it deserves its reputation as one of the world’s best flea markets.  A sampling after the jump…

You have to arrive at the flea market with a strategy.  I stay out of the area with all the “new stuff” (i.e. as-seen-on-tv mops, magic powders that take toxins out of your feet, and snuggies…so many snuggies) and veer left into the vintage area.  Once there, I skip the clothing section (though it is filled with amazing finds) and stick to furniture and textiles.  I also go with a pre-set spending limit so I’m not tempted to buy, well, many of the things you see here that are amazing but I DO NOT NEED.  You can always get a bsuiness card and call the proprietor later.  And finally, you have to know what you want.  In this case, I wanted doilies (for a project to be shared soon) and that’s what I got.
Within 5 minutes of arriving I hit the doily jackpot:
Wouldn’t you love to have one of these in a giant playroom:
And a few of these on the patio:
Inspiration for homemade TV tables:
I think I could make these with paper..
Now I want to carry a pocketwatch. Maybe in a crocheted cozy made by Jacinda.
There were about 50 of these vintage glasses that you can find copies of at Anthropologie.  If you had the space to store them it would be fabulous to whip them out for a Christmas party:
This seller had all sorts of amazing bookplates that would make thoughtful gifts framed:
Don’t know why but I did have to resist the urge to buy one of the squirrels to put it on my mantle:
With some upholstery that actually matches their style these chairs would be amazing:
Scarlet, I’m calling this vintage french styled dealer as soon as you crawl out of your crib!  Imagine this powder coated in yellow?
Or maybe this daybed!  I LOVE:
And if they had a purpose and I knew S wouldn’t smash them, I’d love a pretty bottle collection like this:
I’m still upset I didn’t buy this for the covered patio.  It was $200 which seemed insane, but maybe it’s not?
I was going to buy this, repaint the legs and re-upholster with higher foam and some oilcloth, to use in the bathroom while Scarlet takes a bath, but the seller wouldn’t negotiate from $45 which seemed a little nuts with the terrible shape it was in.  Was it a mistake to leave it?
I spent so much time debating between this set for the dining room…
…or this set for entertaining on the patio, that i didn’t get either!
Love the idea of these with glass tops as end tables in the living room.  Maybe in a bright red next to our turquoise couch?  But they are too pokey for an 18  month old toddler:
I thought this would be a great take on the school-map-as-nursery-decor but in person it was a little too creepy.  Maybe as a Halloween decoration?
Do not want:
Examining our purchases:
Goodbye Rose Bowl, see you next month:




Is it Tuesday or Sunday? I went to their website and it says 2nd Sunday of each month. I can't wait to go in Nov.


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