Sashimi Into Swimsuit Season with Sushmoothie!

Sushmoothie on Pretty Prudent
Oh boy, do we have a tasty treat whipped up for you today. If you are a lover of smoothies and a lover of sushi, we’ve got the perfect recipe – The Sushmoothie. Honestly, we just can’t get enough of this refreshing beverage that combines the full-bodied flavors of the sea, with the simplicity of a smoothie, to create a mouth-watering combination you’ll gulp right down. I personally like to plop my tuna right in and swirl it around, while sprinkling in a pinch of crisp seaweed. With three kids, mornings are extra crazy for Jacinda, so she gets her daily dose of Omega 3s by blending it up and pouring it into a thermos for a sushmoothie on-the-go. Colleen is more of a sit back and relax kind of sushmoothie drinker and has been known to put in splash of sake for an extra kick.

Now, don’t feel obligated to go with our tuna surprise only, if yellowtail, octopus, eel, or shrimp is what really gets your gills going, you can use this basic recipe for them all!  There’s no limits when it comes to a sushmoothie.

Enough with the chatter, let’s dive right in…

sushmoothie Close up


Now that you are all full of chilly sushmoothie, perhaps you are cold and need to learn How to Knit a Merkin?

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You just made one of my favorite foods look absolutely vomit-inducing! Well done.

Kate K McG

I knew that this was an April Fool’s Day gag … and at 8 months pregnant, gag I did! Like the name for it “Sushmoothie”!


You totally got me! I was reading thinking… okay, this is different, but I’ll try to keep an open mind…
SO happy it was a joke! Some things just aren’t meant to be together!

Kindra S.

I agree. With being pregnant, this totally made me gag. I knew it was a joke but still.


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