Saturday Link Love

Super cute coastal-inspired birthday party, complete with cute crabs, at Party Perfect.
Travel Distraction I-Spy game homemade at Happy Baby Designs, this is such a fabulous and unique idea, you have to check it out.
Felt Band Aids at Pink and Green Mama!  My daughter is obsessed with band-aids, this is genius.
Cute idea for a more personalized portrait of your child at Simple Pleasures.

And more…
DIY Glass Bubble Chandelier at Small Notebook
Inspirational Hand Painted Hallways at AT: Chicago
Megadoily, I love and want to make! at Ladies and Gentlemen Studio
And because it never gets old, Regretsy




I'm so glad you love regretsy too. I was afraid it was looked upon with strict disdain in the crafty-world. But it really is comic creativity at it's best.


Hi, thank you so much for featuring my photo project- it is so neat to see it on here- I love your website! from Megan


I LOVE the portrait idea. I just spent the last twenty minutes lost at Regretsy and I'm holding you personally responsible. Thanks for the links!


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