Shrimp on a Stick: A Simple, Kid-Friendly Summer Recipe (+ A Giveaway!)

Shrimp on a stick recipe

My daughter’s favorite food in the universe is a processed mess she calls “shrimp corn dogs.” I’m not gonna lie, those things are delicious. I wondered if I could make something similar with a little more health factor – baked instead of fried, fortified with more nutrition than a traditional flour batter. I experimented with a variety of different healthy cereals to create my breading and with baking vs. frying to create the ideal Shrimp on A Stick recipe. In the end, I am happy to report I was successful! I’m so excited about this recipe, I hope you try it and your kids enjoy it as much as Scarlet does.

shrimp on a stick recipe 1

These shrimp on a stick are crazy easy to make, almost mess free despite requiring breading (thank you, Ms. Stick), cook up in under 10 minutes, and don’t require any silverware to eat! The perfect summer kid food.

shrimp on a stick yum

Tell me you don’t want to try that? Get our simple, kid-friendly summer recipe for Shrimp on A Stick and details of our super fun giveaway after the jump…

Start by soaking your skewers (this just makes sure they don’t burn in the oven):
soak your skewers

Assemble your ingredients. You will need a plate of flour and some eggs:
eggs and flour

For our recipe, we experimented with four different cereals to see which makes the most delicious breading for baked shrimp:
which cereal makes the best breading?

Put a cup of each cereal in a sealable bag:
cereal to crush

Then you want to pound it into a powdery/grainy consistency and place on a plate. Which will taste best? Will it be Kellogg’s Corn Flakes?
corn flakes

Or Special K?
special k breading

Or All-Bran?
all bran breading

Or Rice Krispies?
rice krispies

The contenders are lined up for the competition:
which cereal is best to bread with?

For flavor, let’s add some parmesan cheese (about 1/2 a cup), salt (about a teaspoon), pepper (about 1/2 a teaspoon), and dried parsley (about a tablespoon) to each:
adding parmesan to breading

Now it’s time to spear our shrimp.
shrimp stick 1

Starting at the tail end, insert your skewer through the shrimp, straightening the shrimp as much as you can:
raw shrimp on a stick

Until all your shrimp are sticked:
put shrimp on sticks

Dip your shrimp in the flour:
flour for breading

And turn to coat. This will help your cereal breading stick to the shrimp while baking:
dip in flour

Next, dip your flour-coated shrimp into your whisked eggs:
dip in egg

Coat the shrimp in egg:
dip in egg 1

Finally, dip your flour and egg coated shrimp stick into your pulverized cereal. We started with Corn Flakes:
dip in cereal

Make sure to fully coat your shrimp on a stick so it is fully breaded:
dipped and breaded shrimp sticks

Repeat with all of your shrimp, and in our case, in a variety of different cereals:
shrimp sticks ready to bake

Now they are ready to bake! Throw them in a pre-heated 400 degree oven for about 8 minutes. Let them cool for a couple minutes but eat them warm! Serve them standing up in a bucket of sand…
Shrimp on a stick recipe

Or on a platter of yumminess…
shrimp on a stick recipe 1

Now eat! We tasted all four: Corn Flakes, Special K, All-Bran, and Rice Krispies.
shrimp on a stick taste

They were all delicious…
shrimp on a stick yum

But the clear winner was Special K. So good! Corn Flakes were also delicious, lending a yummy corn flavor to the shrimp. All-Bran was also a delicious flavor, but extra crunch – good if you like crunch. Rice Krispies were our least favorite for not retaining crunch factor and being a bit bland (Ric Krispies and parmesan is a weird combo). Special K struck just the right balance between crunch and flavorfull. We highly recommend breading your shrimp with Special K!

Serve with fresh parsley and lemon wedges. Deelish.
shrimp on a stick recipe 1

This recipe was inspired by our sponsor Kellogg’s and their delicious cereals.

Kellogg’s challenges you to create your own cereal-inspired recipe ideas. Share them on twitter with #cerealchef and share them in our comments section below. What unusual recipe would you make with cereal? Tell us in the comments and be entered to win a Kellogg’s gift set, including:
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Happy cooking!




I never thought of using different kinds of cereal. All I have used is All-bran. I would do this with chicken for home-made nuggets and use Corn flakes or Special K. Also want to try Corn flake breading on home-made baked onion rings. It might give it a different taste.


I love this idea. My daughter will eat anything on a stick and crunch factor is key. Also, getting a little bran in her diet never hurts. Thank you for the suggestion.


I’ve seen the heavily breaded deep fried shrimp and listened to my kids beg for them. I’ve never given in. I showed my kids your recipe and they started jumping up and down…at breakfast! We are off to store now to get our supplies of shrimp and cereal to make our lunch. Thank You for this awesome and healthy alternative, from me and my kids!


That looks absolutely delicious… and beautiful to boot. Who would’ve thought breakfast cereal could looks so good.


Yum! I think there needs to be more meat on sticks, so I fully support this. What a great low mess idea that kids will love!


I’ve used crush corn flakes mix on chicken like my own shake n bake.
I also LOVE frosted corn flakes crushed on top of ice cream with spray whip topping & drizzle carmel and chocolate over the top. (fried Ice cream)

Marcy Massura

This is so cool. I love the savory / sweet thing. And I love that I HAVE MOST OF THE INGREDIENTS at home already. I just realized nearly all my cereals in my pantry are Kelloggs!!!


VERY interesting. Now if only my children would eat shrimp! Looks yummie!!! Great idea.


i guess i would try cereal in my homemade granola – would it stand up to the oven do you think? or just add in in for extra crunch after baking? hmmm, it would be fun to try!

Jamie Knupp

Ooo Chicken Parmesan with cornflake, parmesan cheese and italian seasonings… I bet it would taste amazing! (love the foods on a stick, my toddler would love this shrimp recipe!)


Love this idea. We like to use smashed up cornflakes as a topping on mac and cheese or to bread chicken. I hadn’t really thought about the other cereals though. I am definitely going to have to try using the All Bran or Special K!


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