Simple Homemade Body Scrub

In the spirit of Doing More With Less here’s another easy project with awesome results. Rather then spending on a luxurious body scrub for my flaky winter skin, I whipped one up with some ingredients from my kitchen.

So what if I can’t spell? My skin is smooth as a baby’s booty. I’ll tell you how to make Simple Homemade Body Scrub with a few ingredients from around your kitchen after the jump…

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Simple Homemade Body Scrub

1. Gather your supplies. You’ll need a little jar. Maybe one from an expensive jar of nuts you ate at midnight in a hotel room. You’ll also need some sugar. White sugar works fine. Also the “raw sugar” that is brown works really well for extra scrubbing power (but not actual brown sugar – don’t use that, it has molasses and will get gross). Then you’ll need an oil. Don’t use canola or vegetable oil, eew gross, can you imagine that all viscosity-extreme all over you? Olive oil would work though, or peanut oil. I used coconut oil that I bought in Thailand, but it’s actaully fresh squeezed from a coconut, so it doesn’t smell like processed coconut oil (which would be yum on it’s own), it smells more musty, like coconut water that’s been sitting out for a month. So I also used some lavender essential oil that I picked up at Whole Foods. A little bit goes a long way, so you can use the same bottle for like ten years to make sachets and soap and candles and what not. Lavender and coconut seemed like a weird combo, but it works. You can use any combo you want, or you can eliminate the essential oil all together (if you want to smell like olive oil or whatever oil you use).

2. Pour sugar into the jar, filling it:

3. Pour oil on top of the sugar to cover.

Stir it around to coat all the sugar:

You may need to add more oil. So do that until all the sugar is coated.

4. Now add a few drops of your essential oil and stir. Add more until you like the smell. You don’t need too much.

Doesn’t that look yummy?

Close the lid.

Dress up your jar with a label, or mod podge some fabric, tie a raffia bow, tie a little wooden scoop on, whatever. Gift to everyone you know!

Or just scrub your own body down. Just don’t touch your camera while you’re doing it, duh.

A pretty sweet little treat for you or a friend with just these few things from your kitchen. Prudent, no?




My mom has been buying me the sugar scrub from Bath and Body Works for a few years now (supposed to be less drying than salt – or so I've heard) but this would be an awesome replacement. And like, $24 cheaper, too. 🙂


Thanks! I'm definitely going to try this for my sisters – heading to Whole Foods this week 🙂


my friend bought something like this at a farmer's market in calistoga, and i was thinking i could make something like that and save $11. Now i really can.


Thank you! Violet just got over her first illness- pink eye {yuck,} so my hands have been washed to death and are soooo dry. Making this tonight with leftover essentials oils used for my baby shower bath salt favors.



Thanks for the great idea! Now I know what to make for my mom and sisters to go with the eye masks I was already planning on making them for Christmas:)

Sharon (mama to Adam)

I just know my girlfriends who have helped me so much with my first year being a mommy will just love this as a thank you gift. Thank you so much for a QUICK and cheap and easy gift idea. It is more appreciated than I can express here.


Delicious! But… I have to rain on your parade a little, I'm sorry. As is, your scrub will need to be used within a week (maybe two if it is refrigerated) or all that sugar plus oil plus fingers dipping into it will grow nasties. You really need a preservative in it if you're going to give it as a gift (and preferably a plastic tub since people will be using it in the shower – safety!). Optiphen is a wonderful paraben-free preservative with no scent to it, you can get it here. Here is an option for plastic tubs as well, if you don't want to use something like Gladware. (I don't work for them or anything, I just ADORE their products.)

Otherwise, just one more fabulous idea from two fabulous ladies!

Made For F and E

eirrann – do you know if salt body scrubs need to be preserved as well? I am making these for friends/family and using sea salt/olive oil and cornmeal. I've never preserved in the past, but now am wondering….

As always, such awesome ideas and beautiful things from Prudent Baby, thanks ladies!!


eireann – thanks for the tip! i've had mine for about a month now (in the tub) and it seems ok. but if you're gifting to someone who might not use it all right away its great to know there is a preservative you can use!


My mom gave me a sugar scrub a few years back and I loved it! (Just don't get it in your hair) Since we decided to do a handmade Christmas this year, maybe I will gift her this sugar scrub. I need to find out her fav scent. (Whoever knows their Momma well enough to not have to ask, gimme a whoop, whoop!)


Jacinda this is awesome! I'll definitely try it and let you know how my skin feels. Better yet I'll take a picture of it on my face 🙂
Ladies don't forget to tell your men that its important for them to exfoliate their skin also. Exfoliating is not just for woman! I'm a 38 year old man and always get compliments on how soft my skin is. My secret I tell them is exfoliating twice a week and always moisturize after you shower. Jergens Ultra Healing Body Lotion in 26.5 oz at Walmart for $5.00 is the best for me.


Sugar in strong concentration is also a preservative – think preserved fruit, jams, etc.
This is such a great idea – I'm going to make one for my sis for chrissy… maybe one for me too 🙂

Heather Walls

eireann is correct, a preservative with a sugar scrub is a good idea because most people use it in the shower where moisture will be introduced. The big difference between a scrub and preserves, you aren't sticking your fingers in preserves and then running it over your body. If you don't want to use a preservative, provide a scoop to keep fingers out of it.

You can use brown sugar, molasses is actually really good for your skin. Although, black strap molasses is best, but it is still good. Sugar in the raw is probably too harsh for most parts of your body, but would be good for feet and elbows. Also, to make a really light and less oily scrub, look for grapeseed or sunflower oils. Both are available at most organic type stores.

Thanks for another great gift idea!


Sweet! I was just looking for a body scrub recipe, too! One I came across called for sweet almond oil (for those of us who may have forgotton to pick up coconut oil in Thailand).


I would fix her a simple asian infused grilled chicken with some delicious sides and for dessert a chocolate, chocolate cake!


Thanks so much! This will be perfect for my daughters' teachers for the holidays! I have most of the supplies on hand, just need to find some cute little conainers. 🙂


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I never would have thought to make this if it weren't for your post! Made up 9 of these this weekend. Honey Almond, my little one (21 months old) smelled it and said Mmmmmm and smacked her lips. lol.


Beautiful! Thanks for the tut, the lavender and coconut sounds heavenly. And this is the first time I've heard to use raw brown sugar. Thanks for that tip!

T Byrd

ch sugar posts similar tutes and they dont use preservatives. that is good enough to me… it isnt like this is replacing soap 🙂


That really would be a great gift idea for Christmas or birthdays! I wish that I was creative enough to come up with my own sugar body scrub. Does anyone have suggestions on the best scents to use for it?

Mason Jars

Peppermint would be great for Christmas gifts! I just bought small little Ball canning jars to put the scrub in. I thought they would make great gifts to teachers from the kids. Is there a way to color the scrub naturally that wouldn’t leave ones skin colored as well?

lucille apacionado

just now i made it and i used the jasmin oil it really so nice the smell….i thinking its great idea to make a gift for my all friends and im sure we will love it….thanks

Emily Furst

Absolutely loved this recipe! I made some for the my best friend as part of a wedding gift. I used organic coconut oil, which did not have any smell to it and feels great. (I tried it before I gave it to her) Making some for my mother and sisters. Great great great ideas.


I just tried this with coconut oil (from Trader Joes)and white sugar. It’s great! The oil does have a strong coconut smell, which I love but others may not. I agree with the suggestion to cut it, if desired, with grapeseed or sunflower oil. No need for essential oil, but I thought maybe lime or other citrus oil could work well. Also, since I just made it for me, I only made up one shower’s worth — no worries about preservatives etc. It took about 5 seconds! Thanks!

Sarah M

made this awhile back….LOVED IT! And now I”m making it for all my good friends for Christmas!!


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