Simple Sandwich Cookies

My husband is a chocolate freak.  He eats it everyday.  He also has not an ounce of fat on him AND low cholesterol.  Not fair.  Anyhoo, here’s an easy way to take an ordinary cookie and make it more chocolatey by turning it into a sandwich.  These are peanut butter cookies but any cookie can be enhanced by a layer of chocolate, no?  Get the recipe after the jump…

get your cookies ready:

melt a bag of chocolate chips in the microwave then add 6 tablespoons of cream:

mix it up.  at first it will look clumpy like this:

then it will get smooth:

let it sit for about a half hour to thicken up.  then grab a cookie and pour a dollop on there:
and sandwich another cookie on top to smoosh it out:
let it sit for a few minutes to set.  EAT!


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