Simple Serger Napkins with Bonus Video Fun!

I hope you all have sergers on your wishlist this holiday season – they bring joy into my heart. Homemade napkins are one of the easiest projects you can do with your new toy.   I just upgraded to the new Brother Project Runway serger, so to test out my rolled-hem skills I made a set of dinner napkins.

A simple rolled hem gives a crisp finish to the fabric edge, making them easy-breezy. And it’s fun to have cute fabric napkins for a jillionth the price of store bought.

I almost feel like the machine just did it for me and it doesn’t even count as actual sewing.  Why, let me show you in this dorky video…

Get the full Simple Serger Napkin DIY after the jump…

And remember that any comment you leave on my mad video skillz could win you a pretty key fob set!

Simple Serger Napkins

I used Alexander Good Earth Poppies from Fabricworm and black thread in my serger.  Dinner napkins are traditionally 18″ square.  You can cut your fabric to about 1/4 wider on all sides. I didn’t have enough fabric to make them that big, so I made mine 15″.  They’re a little small.  At least 16″ would have been better.  But anyway, they’re fine. So cut your fabric squares and thread your serger with matching thread.

Now set your serger to rolled hem and place one edge under the presser foot.

Serge the rolled hem along the first side:

When you get to the end, extend the chain of stitches for a bit.

Now repeat on all four sides.

You will have a chain of stitches hanging off each corner like this:

Cut it off and dab a dot of anti-fraying fabric glue.  I like Aleene’s Stop Fraying.

You’re done.  Hi, that was ridic easy.

I even made a mini set for my niece out of the fabric scraps.  Fun to have matching napkins in tea-party size, right?




wow. i got sucked into that video just like my kids get sucked into yo gabba gabba.
i. want. to. serge. (haha is that a word?)


To the greater being at Brother, Prudent Baby, or even if you are Jaime's Mom… I can happily provide you with my mailing address if you, the Serger Fairy, want to bring me one for Chanukkah. I mean the first night is tonight! Love, Sara


So cute! I've been asking for a serger for a couple years now..but have yet to squeeze it in our budget..maybe this christmas lol Love the tea party napkins too 🙂

Misty Sedehi

Okay, be honest, how many "takes" did it take you to get the perfect video! Just kidding, LOVE that Project Runway Serger. . . .hey many you can giveaway one of those beauties!!!


It's my birthday today. Last week I couldn't give my sweet hubby any direction on what to get me. (he did end up taking van loads of stuff out of a storage area in our basement,clean it and put up shelves AND sent me on a shopping spree for fantastic little storage containers for all my craft/sewing supplies. It's my very own craft heaven 🙂 Thankfully Xmas is right around the corner. I'm asking for one of these! (We only use cloth napkins here this will make it so much faster and easier!) Thanks! (If you're still awake after reading my long winded post)


I just bought my first serger after 45 years of sewing. 🙂 My suggestion to you "young ladies" … don't wait that long! You will love, love, love what it can do!


oh jessica! so much. check out this video i made a while back for some more details on what a serger can do. most awesomely it finishes seams and makes sewing with jersey a breeze

Kathy in KS

I don't know why, but I've never used the rolled hem on my serger. Now I have no excuse when I see how easy it is. Time to drag out the owner's manual to see how to set my serger up. Love your new serger!


Really? Just when I thought I could live without a serger???? This is why I have a love/hate relationship with your blog. You share such awesome things and make me think I could actually pull them off… with the right tools (that I want to buy)!! GREAT! Now I need to talk to Santa again (and start being REALLY good). I can see myself now… sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth like I'm crazy, making millions of napkins instead of doing ANYTHING else.


This looks like such fun! I got a used Phaff serger for mother's day and I am so excited to start although a bit intimidated at the moment, but this project looks totally easy-peasy that I might just plug it in and give it a shot this week! Thanks!


I received a serger for Christmas but dealing with 4 threads and all those small holes and hooks just to thread it was a bit daunting and it’s stayed in its box all this time. Reading this article was just the kick in the butt I needed. Thanks!

Melissa Henry

Wow your video makes it look so easy! I wish I had known about this serger before buying my machine without this option. I love fabric napkins and might have to get one of these now so I can make napkins for every event in my life! Love the mini matching set also 🙂


That’s just the quick visual i needed! my husband bought me a new sewing machine last christmas and i put about a million hours on it!!! and this christmas he got me a serger, and i am little overwhelmed, but my sis wants some table decorations. I just needed a visual to get my big girl panties on and so off i go!!! Thank you!


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