Sleeping Babies, Dance Parties and Experiments: Friday I’m In Love

Hello, Prudent Mamas! I’m Jaime and Jacinda’s ever-faithful assistant, Colleen. While those two lovely ladies are prancing about Florence and Umbria I am holding down the fort. You may remember me from such posts as the Make Your Own Hair Clip Board, and you got a quick glimpse of me in Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Irish Dance Dresses. As much as I wish I could say the photo of me dancing was taken only last month that would be a lie. I am now a nanny turned blogger (I couldn’t resist J & J’s charm and charisma) as well as the hair accessory designer for that little button on the right, Thumpkin. I like long walks on the beach, summer sunsets and making bubble beards with the toddler I watch. Now that you know everything you’ve ever wanted to know about me, let’s get started…

Random blog we are crushing on:
With Father’s Day coming up I figured How to Be a Dad is the perfect blog to share with you. If you are looking for a good laugh you are guaranteed to get it from Andy and Charlie. Their Instructional Diagrams are my personal favorite, but their My Kid Just Said and My Wife Just Said categories are pretty good too.

Place we wish we were headed this weekend: To Italy with Jaime and Jacinda (hint, hint). Actually, I can’t complain. I took my own vacation across America (shown below) for the last 3 weeks and my last stop will be Portland in a couple of hours! Clearly, we all needed a vacation.

Favorite Comment of the Week: On the Homemade Cheez-It Apple Pie post Anshu said…This never fails to work. I am fasting today and every blog I look has some yummy recipe posted…even the crafty ones. Just not fair. I feel ya girl.

Favorite Song to Have a Car Dance Party To With the Kids: Carmencita. We like to sing the parts we know, la la la. La la la.

Quotes That Made Me Smile: I would love this for the living room and this for the bedroom.

Favorite Photo Caption: When Jaime and Jacinda asked you on facebook to give them a caption for this awesome photo Katelyn responded with, What happens in Italy…stays in Italy… lol. You are so right.

Project we wish we had posted: Hand stamped handkerchief for dad.

Well, that’s a wrap for this week’s Friday I’m in Love. I hope you enjoyed it! What were your favorite quotes you heard this week? What is something hilarious your kid said? We always love a good laugh.




That picture of sleeping baby was just too good..great find! We have taken to sleeping on floor on an extra long, extra wide mattress to just avoid the “I’m not speaking to you” position. But still my husband’s pillow often gets stolen. I just shared it with all our friends.


Oh…I don’t know how I missed that my comment made it to the “Favorite comment of the week”. Thank you.


Colleen. You. Are. Awesome. Thanks for holding down the fort. “The house was clean yesterday. Sorry you missed it.” So perfect.


I just had to comment – I absolutely LOVE Devendra Banhart and was super excited to read that you do too! Okay, that is all. 🙂


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