Snappy Hot-Mess-Mommy Dress

About half-way through sewing up this dress, I realized that I was designing myself a Snappy Toddler Top. HA! So the next time you sew up something for baby and say… “I wish I had that in my size,” go for it!

There’s no pattern for this one, just use the front of a tank-top that fits to trace the pattern for your front and back neckline and then follow the tutorial for the Snappy Toddler Top. Use some pretty flowing fabric like voile or cotton lawn from Anna Maria Horner. I sewed the top of the shoulders but wish I had done the snaps. They would be awesome for breastfeeding.




I'm going to have to try this. I've become more confident in my sewing and have made a few things for my daughter, but it's time to try to make something for me. đŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!


very cute snappy mama dress! I am always scared to try sewing things for myself (because of working around boobs and getting things to fit right)but love so many of the styles I sew for my girl.. thanks for the inspiration!


What an awesome solution for breastfeeding while still looking so stylish! I'm considering buying some material from fabricworm, but I don't know how many yards I would need to make this. Any hints?


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