Snappy Toddler Top & Free Downloadable Pattern

Snappy Toddler Top Free sewing Pattern
I often make things that don’t turn out as planned and never make it to the pages of Pretty Prudent, then gulp a glass of champagne, send Jacinda numerous whiny emails, and stew over the wasted time and my own lameness. But this was not one of those times! The Snappy Toddler Top Free Pattern is a success and a beginner sewing project that I highly recommend. Be sure to check out our collection of free sewing patterns and projects.

This shirt left me feeling energized and thrilled with the results, so I’m really excited to share the pattern with you! And drink more champagne!
Snappy Toddler Top Free Sewing Pattern
It’s a snap collar top, but you can make yours a dress. AND Jacinda styled up one of her beautiful, free downloadable patterns from my ridiculous drawing. I promise, it’s much easier then you would think. Get the Snappy Toddler Top free pattern & tutorial after the jump!

Snappy Toddler Top Free Pattern
A half yard or less will do it, depending on what size you’re making and whether you want a dress or a shirt.  This adorable fabric is Kokka Trefle Cotton Matryoshka Dolls in Black, also available in summery natural.  You’ll also need a couple snaps.  I used pearlized ones ($2 for a pack of 10 on amazon), so simple to attach with a hammer.  If you hate snaps, feel free to use buttons and buttonholes!

Editors note: (updated 3/17) We have created a FREE Printable pattern in sizes 6-12 months thru 5/6 years. The new pattern can be found by clicking here: FREE PRINTABLE SNAPPY TODDLER TOP PATTERN. Continue reading for the original pattern and instructions.

1. Start by downloading and printing out the Prudent Baby Snappy Toddler Top pattern. Print it at 100% for a 12-18 month size. I printed it tiled at 110%, cut it out, and taped the pieces together to make a size 2T.  You want to print on legal size paper (8.5″ X 14″) or standard 8.5″X11″ paper and tape the pieces together.  Make sure when printing this or any pattern that your print settings are not set to “shrink to fit”.  99% of the time when people say the item turned out too small, it’s because it was accidentally set to “shrink to fit”.

DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL PATTERN FOR FREE FROM GOOGLE DOCS: Click here for the Prudent Baby Snappy Toddler Top Pattern  (this link is to the original 6-12 month pattern, we have since had a pattern in sizes 6-12 months through 5/6 years created for you. To get the sized pattern click here).

2. Trace the dress body pattern onto the wrong side of your fabric to create the back piece of the dress:

Cut the top of the pattern off at the line labeled “front neckline” and trace another piece that size:

Then cut the neck pieces:

3.  Start with the two smaller collar pieces, these will be the front neckline of your shirt. On one of them, the one that will show on the completed shirt, attach a snap front to either side.  If you are doing buttons, sew a button on either side instead:

Now take the two pieces and pin them together right sides facing, so the snap is to the inside:

You’ll notice on the pattern that there are two little lines, one on each side.  Mark those on the wrong side of your fabric.  Sew the two pieces together from one line to the other with 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving the space between the lines un-sewn:

Turn that right side out and iron it flat, with the seam folded in.

4.  Take the two longer neck pieces (this is the back of the collar) and pin them together right sides facing. Like before, mark the lines from the pattern onto your piece.  Sew in place from one line to the other with 1/4″ seam allowance:

Turn that inside out and iron it flat, folding the un-sewn opening in.

Now attach the other side of the snap, with the pearlized or decorative side on the side of the piece you want showing on your final shirt, the X’s on the pattern mark the spot you want to attach at.  If you are doing buttons, sew a buttonhole at each mark. Your completed neck pieces will look like this:

Set those aside.

5.  Now take your dress front and back and pin them together right sides facing.  Sew up the sides from armhole to the bottom.

Finish the edges by serging, sewing with a zig zag stitch, or cutting with pinking shears and turn right-side out.

6.  To finish the armholes you can use single fold bias tape (like we did for the Most Flattering Shirt Dress), but I didn’t have any black bias tape, so I cut a 3/4″ strip of matching fabric on the bias (diagonal to the selvedges of the fabric) and serged one long edge.  You can do the same and finish one edge by hemming or sewing with a zig zag to simulate serging.  Open up the armhole and lay your strip right sides facing and pin:

Sew it in place with a 1/8″ or 1/4″ seam allowance:

Flip it over to the inside of the dress and iron it flat:

Repeat on the other armhole.

7.  Now on the wrong side of the front of your dress, mark the lines from the pattern.  Sew a basting stitch in between those lines (a straight stitch set to the longest stitch your machine will allow, usually a 5):

Pull the bobbin thread to gather:

Take your front collar piece and fit the front of the dress into the opening and pin in place.  So you just want to gather your basting stitches until it fits:

Sew in place all the way around the collar piece right at the edge like so. (make sure you don’t forget to set your machine back to a normal stitch length like 2.5):

Repeat the gathering on the back piece of your dress, and fit it into the back collar piece.  Make sure the decorative side of your snaps is facing up to the right side of the dress:

Sew that in place all the way around the collar piece right at the edge:

Snap your snaps together, you did it!

8.  Try your top on your model then hem by folding under 1/4″ and ironing, then another 1/4″ and ironing, and stitching in place with a straight stitch or a blind hem stitch:


Go play…

Back view…don’t you just want to chomp down on those yummy baby arms??


What do you think?? Are you going to try it?? I want picture of this one ASAP ladies!


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or make her a new dress from an old t-shirt with the t-shirt sundress.





Actually it’s an incomplete pattern.
The pieces are actually the “finished” size.
And, There is a piece missing.

AND the color of the fabric displayed does
NOT define the gathered front of the piece.
You can’t see it sufficiently.
It looks like someone just posted a shoddy
bit of “copy” as their own pattern.
I could be wrong…but…


Just tried making this pattern! Thumbs down! Wish I would have read your comment prior to starting! So many problems with this pattern/tutorial. I guess you get what you pay for! I appreciate the effort the poster put in to making this pattern, but it needs some MAJOR revisions! I guess I was able to save my work somewhat…as a doll dress. He he. Oh well.


I wish I had read the comments before trying to make this pattern. It looked so easy. I had extra fabric. Hope to make something out of it. Quilting material maybe. Oh well just a afternoon wasted.

Nel Walsh

I have no idea what I may be doing wrong. When I print the pattern the only pieces that print are the front & back yokes.No, my printer isnt set to “shrink to fit”.


I just made this as a little dress and LOVE it!! These instructions are so well written I think even a beginner sewer could make this! Thank you for posting this pattern!


It seem you never fixed the pattern issue. The pattern is all on one page and unable to be printed for taping together


Yep!! Why post a blog about ANYTHING if you dont come back and check it once in a while?? This is super irritating!

Netti Craythorne

I just printed it – at first only got one page, but then I fiddled with the printer’s options and chose “poster” and it printed everything. You can also set the overlap etc.


This is just gorgeous! It's such a finished looking piece and it seems so easy! I'm definitely going to try it! And that fabric!!


Fantastic. I have been seeing that style everywhere and my 18 month old NEEDS some summer stuff- she is tiny but fast outgrowing everything! Can't wait to try it.


amy! i would blow the pattern up to 105% percent (or sew…heh heh), print it out tiled and tape it together.


I can't wait to try this!!! I printed out 3 different sizes. My oldest wears a 4/5, my youngest is in 24m, and my brand new nieces are newborns. I guessed on how much to zoom so hopefully it works out.
Thank you for posting this, love your blog!


How do you. Print out the different sizes. They were all on one page. I don’t get it. Wanted 6-12 month size . Giving up tried a number tom times to get the right size. Frustrating,


This is so Darling!!! I wanna make one… but first things first CLEAN MY SEWING ROOM LOL!!


Just adorable and it looks easy. I am going to make one to match my baby shoes! Thank you for sharing.


Gorgeous! Must make one. After clicking over here so many times from One Pretty Thing, I'm finally subscribing (what took me so long?) Thanks for the great tutorial.


Can I ask a dumb question?? In the instructions, under 2. it says, "cut the pattern off at the neckline and trace another piece that size". Do you mean the line above where it says "front neckline". Because it looks like you already have the actual "neck" pieces…so I'm confused! Sorry for the dumb question! I enjoy your blog so much and would love to try this shirt!! HELP.



Sorry i wasn't clear! So on the dress part of the pattern you'll see at the top it says back neckline, then under it is another line that says front neckline. You want one piece that is the full size, then you want to cut the dress pattern off at the second line that says "front neckline" and you want one piece that size. The back of the shirt is higher then the front of the shirt, so your front and back pieces are two different sizes. Those neckLines then fit into the rounded collar pieces. Does that make more sense?


Thank you so much for the clarification!! I will definitely be making this and shooting you a pic!


Thanks for the cute pattern!

I am having an issue with the collars though. I feel like they are much too small. I've double checked that shrink to fit is set to "none" so I'm wondering if you could provide a length measurement so I can double check that its not getting shrinked.



Hi Carolyn-From "x" to "x" (in a straight line) on the back collar should be 6.75". Does that help? If it seems to small for your child, definitely enlarge it! This size fits an average 12-18 month old.


Hi Jacinda – that's very helpful. I'll have to check and see how mine is printing out. I guess its not that it just seems small but that it seems small compared to the bodice. Even with the part gathered all the way it is too small to attach to the bodice. I'll have to play with it some more.

And as far as fitting my kid – that's part of the problem. She's not quite here yet – due in August. I'm just making dresses now since I don't think I'll have a ton of time once she is here.


I was so excited when I saw this pattern! Thank you. I have been wanting to try this type of top but couldn't figure it out. I am not sure where to send a picture, but if you would like to see mine you could always check my blog.


Okay… so I keep printing this off, looking at it, playing with it, and I'm just not sure about the size issue. My daughter is 26 months, but small for her age. Measuring from armpit to armpit across the pattern, I'm thinking the top would be just right, but the neck hole seems awful small… If I up it to 110%, then the chest measurement seems like it's going to swallow her… What's your lovely model's actual chest measurement? I'm thinking that will give me a better idea of which size to go with for K.


I will measure her when she gets home later, but remember the top gets gathered so it won't be as swallowy once you gather between the two points!


I made this tonight. I used a contrasting fabric for the collar and used snaps for the first time. I love it! I'm a newbie and made some mistakes (putting the snaps too close to the seam on the front piece) but will learn from them and definitely try it again.


I made this in seersucker for my 4-month-old daughter, using white-on-white quilting cotton for the collar and a narrow ruffle at the hem. It is INSANELY cute, and made entirely from stash fabrics, which feels great. 🙂 A couple of things:

I reduced to 85% for a 3-6m size, but I think 90% would have been better (this is going to fit for about nine seconds).

It would also work to stitch and turn the collar pieces, attach them to the dress/top (after sewing side seams and finishing armholes), and only THEN add the snaps. I had a tough time topstitching around the collar pieces with the snaps already in place.

Worth noting: If you scale the pattern up or down, you are also changing the seam allowances by that proportion (i.e. as printed I had 85% of a 1/4" seam). Cut and sew carefully! 🙂

@annielanglois Try 90% and 95%. Measure your child around the chest, directly under the arms, and compare that number with the width of the pattern piece at the bottom of the armhole. You want the measurement around the garment to be somewhat larger than your child – I'd guess maybe 1.5 to 2" of wearing ease, but don't quote me on that. Roomy looks good on this top. 🙂

Many, many thanks for posting this pattern! I love it and am hunting through my stash to see what else I can make it with. 🙂


ok, stupid question, but I can't figure out to print it tiled, at 110%, for a 2T. Anyone have step-by-step instructions for that?


I had success with enlarging the pattern to 125% to make a 3/4 (small 4). I use the free download PosteRazor for mac to tile and print. It turned out cute!


This pattern is no longer free in Scrib – it got moved to the archived section. I read somewhere you can take it out of the archived section so it is free again. Any way you can do this? I would love to try this on my little girl. Thanks!

Eva Scott

Hi. This is just the cutest! I am a total newbie at sewing and made this for a friend recently. I made lots of mistakes so decided to give it another shot. Practice makes perfect, right? I am REALLY having a hard time with the collar. I've sewn it together and am ironing it with the seam folded it but it's sooo hard to get the seam right. Is that normal for the pattern or normal for a newbie?!? Will it get easier for me as I get better? People have told me with rounded stuff, the key is to iron, iron, iron. But I have been and still have a hard time getting it to look nice around the edge of the unsewn side. Hopefully this makes sense. Any suggestions anyone? Thanks! I do love it! I did it in pink leopard print. Super cute!


Wouldn't you know it – I made this dress once, loved it, but didn't download the pattern!! Now I need to print it again and it's archived on scribd…..I guess I will fork over the $5 to subscribe for the next 24 hours!


Thank you for this GORGEOUS dress pattern. Summer time in Australia and these are going to make perfect christmas gifts. …..
nope – not a man doing some sewing….. just his wife. = )

Diana Smith

I love this!! I am going to make it when I have some free time for my 3 month old. So girly and adorable. You make me so jealous with your insanely adorable ideas.


Hi! I love this pattern and plan on using it to make my daughter's birthday dress. I just had a quick question, which is probably a silly one! : )

On Step 7, you say to mark the lines from the pattern on the wrong side of the front of the dress. What lines on the pattern are you referring to?

Thanks so much for your help!


Okay, I loved this pattern so much I made three of them! What a gorgeous style with lots of room for pretty variations!

The first one I made ended up juuuust fitting my 10 month old, so I made the second one slightly larger and it will fit her more like a 12-18M size.

I am really loving your tutorials and am SO grateful that you make such nice printable patterns available for free! Thanks so much!!

I will see about photographing the dresses tomorrow so I can share them with y'all!



How in the world did you print it? I can’t get anything but one page with an enlarged pattern. After reading the comments it seems everyone is having the same problem.


Alright, photos.

First one, just like the tutorial:

Second one I made a bit bigger:

Third one I shirred the top instead of gathering it. I also did bias tape ties instead of the collar (made some bloomers to match, too:

Love this tutorial and will probably make a few more! Thanks for making lovely things,


Thankyou so much, your blog has given me my sewing mojo back. I finally finished this top, which started out as a dress for my 8wk old baby. It took me two weeks to make it inbetween feeds, sleep, dealing with bad wind and teaching myself how to sew again. In that time I think she has grown a few centimetres and now it fits her as a top (I dont want to admit that I cut it too short, lol) Thanks for this great pattern! I really enjoyed making it. Amanda


In the past 4 days I've made 3 of these! 1 as a gift and 2 for my little girl. I love them. The first one was a little more challenging than I expected, but then again I am a beginner. After I got all the kinks figured out the next 2 went very smoothly. Thanks so much for the tutorial and pattern!!

Mama E

Would it be possible to enlarge the pattern enough to make a site 5T?? I love this so much but my darling girl isn't a toddler anymore. I want to make matching dresses for my 1 month old and my 4 year old, but so many patterns don't include that size range (3-6 mo and 5T). Anyone good with math out there who would be able to tell me what percentage to shrink/enlarge this to?


I'm really stuck as to how to enlarge this pattern. Can you give me some pointers? Love this pattern and have just bought some beautiful african printed cotton to make it with.


I made this and was very happy with how adorable and easy it was to make 🙂 However I found the sizing for 12-18mths to be very small for my petite 15mth old 🙁

Julie Anita

Here's a question for ya– I'd love to try my hand at making two of these, since I'm expecting twin girls, but I was hoping there was a chance that an infant-sized toddler DRESS might become a toddler-sized toddler TOP once they, presumably, leaned out and got a bit taller. Is that something that this pattern would accommodate? Since I have to make two of everything, I'd love to get a little more time out of the things I make!

Whittney Harmon

I love this dress!! It’s absolutely adorable! How to I get the size right for 0-3 or 3-6 months? What zoom should I use when printing?


I made this as a dress, putting a ruffle at the bottom and using different fabrics for the ‘collar’ and ruffle. I then used both of the fabrics to make a fabric flower where the ruffle meets the dress bodice. The bodice is white with large red dots and the collar and ruffle are black with white pin dots. SUPER CUTE and the pattern is SUPER easy. Thanks for sharing! How do I submit a pic?


So just to be sure before I cut my fabric… the pattern does include all seam allowances, or should I cut the fabric bigger to include seam allowance?

Inspired to Sew

[…] used Prudent Baby’s Snappy Toddler Top tutorial, they have a dress version too.  I have made it before and loved it.  If you follow […]


Just made one for my baby in dress form- adorable!! Thank you for the pattern! I scaled it down to fit (3-6M), but found that the neck pieces turned out way too small. So I printed that page again at 100% and itbworked perfectly, even on the smaller dress pieces. Thanks!!


Love this!! I just finshed three as dresses for my daughter and neices to put in their Easter baskets. They turned out super cute and are easy for beginners like me. I will try to post a pic. Thanks for sharing!!

Reada Joyce

I just used your pattern to make a dress for my almost 2 year old granddaughter. I tried to enlarge the neck pieces, but they turned out a little small. I added more fullness to the dress than required by the pattern, and attached the neck pieces by sewing the outside top pieces to the right side of each front and back- then turning and blind hemming the opening on the opposite side. I think the dress turned out cute. I wish I could attach a picture, but don’t know how on here. Thanks for sharing your pattern.


I’m making one out of a green fabric for an almost one year old! Just waiting to get my snaps in the mail to get started, never used them before. So excited and love all the tuts, although a light colored fabric would have helped to see some of the details, but I’m sure it’ll be easy to do anyway. 🙂


hey guys!
i looked at everyone’s versions and they’re so cute!! does anyone have an idea of how much fabric i’ll need to purchase to make this in the original dimensions?


Your directions are so easy to follow. I made the dress/top for my soon to be born first granddaughter. I didn’t hem it yet since I don’t know if they will want it as a top or a dress. I made a matching ruffled sun hat to match. Thanks!

crafty beth

OK, figured it out! I downloaded the google doc file to my computer, then when I opened it in Adobe reader it was totally obvious–a little button right at the top that said “100%” that you could adjust to whatever you want. And scaling up to 110%, it still all fit on the two pages (just barely), no tiling necessary 🙂


[…] The fact that the original dress was basically a big rectangle worked in my favor, and I found this cute little “snappy toddler top” pattern and tutorial, and there you have it! I am new […]


Hi there! Thanks for the pattern. I’ve not really done this kinda thing before (other than a pair of dungers for my lad) so I made loads of mistakes but it’s so cute! Have a peek – unfortunately I sewed the back collar onto the front by mistake but hey ho. I’m posting it to my friends little bean later today, I hope she loves it and hopefully get a photo of her wearing it. Denise x x


This is so cute! Love the rounded neck. I am new at sewing and wondering if someone could answer a few questions? I have cute some strips of fabric to finish the arm holes but they are kind of “V” shaped instead of rounded and the fabric strips don’t fit well. Did I do something wrong? How can I fix it? Also, and tips for sewing rounded? I got straight lines down but having trouble with keeping a nice looking rounded seam that doesn’t get wonky at some point and cause the finished product to look pointy.


I’d love any info you have on converting this to a larger size
my daughter is already 15 months and I wanted to make these for next summer


Just got my first sewing machine last week, so am still learning straight lines.
This is my first project, though it’s not as perfect as the one in the picture, I have managed to follow the instructions with no sewing knowledge at all. I put buttons in instead of snaps as I didn’t have any and wanted to try the buttonhole foot on my machine 😀


Made this for my little girl using buttons instead of snaps. It fits, looks great, (don’t look too close at the wonky seams) and I really enjoyed my first make!!! 😀


Hey everyone,

I have made a few of these dresses in sizes up to 2-3, just wondered if anyone had any recommendations on how much to increase the percentage for age 4-5 years? Also I’m struggling to print off the pattern at larger sizes without loosing some off the edge of the paper. how can i fix this?

Thanks a lot for an amazing pattern!


Sara Jane

Thanks so much for this tutorial and pattern, it was so easy to follow even for a complete novice like me! I made it as a dress and can’t wait to put it on my little girl, she’s going to look to cute!


I love this! I’m making one tomorrow. I need to make another in a 5t.. Does anyone know how to enlarge this pattern to a 5t? Please please please hear my plea!!!!

Jane Louis

Adorable, thank you for the download, I’ll be making this for my 2 granddaughters plus the new one on the way 🙂 x


Mine is almost done and it looks great! I am making this as a top and I was hoping someone with a kiddo could tell me how long they made theirs for a t-shirt (for the pattern at 100%). And how much you might add for a dress (I’d imagine 2-3 inches longer. Thanks in advance!

The Beached Librarian | My first top

[…] I recently jumped head first into making clothes by making a wee top for my wee niece. I used the Snappy Toddler Top tutorial from Prudent Baby. It wasn’t exactly hard, but I think that it was a bit beyond my current […]


I have tried to download this cute little dress but the page can no longer be displayed – are you able to reload it or point my where else it might be?
Thank you


Question-I consider myself an experienced seamstress,however, when I made this pattern for my 17 month old granddaughter-it was too small. Does the pattern include the 1/4 in. seam allowance or do you need to add the seam allowance when cutting? I printed it at 100%. I love the pattern-resized to 110% and try again.

Mama is Inspired

Hi. This is a sweet top/dress. Thanks for the pattern! I couldn’t find anywhere in the instructions to let me know if I need to add a seam allowance when I cut out this fabric. As well, how much fabric does this require? Thanks!


Just made this dress and love it! I reduced it to 90% for a 6 month size and it was perfect. I did add a few inches for length though. I am going to do another dress at 100% and it should be good for when my LO gets a little bigger. Thanks for the free pattern!!!


So lovely! I made my very first dress last night following your tutorial and it’s so beautiful… not perfect, but still beautiful! Fits my 14 mo loosely enough to be -hopefully- put in use this summer with no troubles.

I’m Back! | Crafter in the Making

[…] a sewing machine! and I am in the middle of my first sewing attempt. A top for Lillybug found on Pretty Prudent, the snappy toddler top. We will see if she allows me to have a few moments to finish it tomorrow […]

emely boone

I will like a
free pattern for snappy slippers for all sizes thank you
why cant I get the pattern without all this hassel


Just finished making this and it was great! I’m new to sewing and totally understood all of the directions. My finished product is darling, and I didn’t notice any missing pieces as mentioned by one of the early posters. THANK YOU for sharing this pattern and tutorial!!


I have had a sewing machine for about 15 years but have only ever made quilts (squares and straight lines!) and even then only a handful. I had some great fabric with mini cooper cars on it and figured I’d give this top a go for the little girl of a Mini Cooper obsessed friend. While not perfect, I could easily follow all instructions and the final product actually looks pretty good! My only error was lining the front and back pieces up by the neckline rather than the hem (oops) so it might not fit properly around her neck…but if not I now feel 100% confident in making another one 🙂 Thanks for the pattern!


I tried getting your pattern but the link seems to go to another page now. Is the pattern still available? Would love to make this dress for my 1 year old – it’s so cute!


Thanks for the great pattern -comes out perfect ! for all the people who complained -maybe if you read the instructions correctly the pattern would’ve come out bigger.
And there is nothing wrong with the tutorial either -thanks again

Amy @ Fearless Homemaker

I used this pattern today to make simple holiday dress for my 18 month old. It turned out SUPER cute, thank you! Plus, it taught me the basting stitch, and how to do a buttonhole with my sewing machine foot, neither of which I had done before. (For the other readers, I used a 110% version of the pattern with an extra 4″ at the bottom to make a dress in roughly a tall 18-24 month size). I also added a little pocket on the front, just for cuteness. =) Will make some minor tweaks in future versions (pockets, maybe a ruffle down the front, slightly slimmer + longer to fit my tall/slim toddler, etc.) but overall, I LOVED this pattern. Thank you!!


I decided to give this pattern a go and turn it into an Easter dress for my daughter. The bodice pieces are almost perfect, but the collar is way too small. I printed it at 100% for my 12 month old daughter and when I finished the collar it was entirely too small. I had to revise the collar and add a seam allowance in order for it to be functional. I also squared off the edges, which made it lay better. The dress fits snug in the arm pit area even with my revisions to the collar. I think the arm hole needs to have a deeper groove on the bodice piece. I made revisions to my existing pattern so I can make this again, but with more room for my daughter. I think you should add a seam allowance to your pattern pieces so they can be more functional or mention that we need to add a seam allowance in your tutorial. Overall, it turned out lovely after the revisions I made.


First of all, thank you for the lovely pattern. With some adjustments I’ve been able to make a dress I’m happy with. However I entirely agree with Samara. I had to make the collar much longer, or it would have been uncomfortably snug round my 15 month old grand-daughter’s armholes (albeit she has only just gone up into 9-12 month clothes). I did it as a party dress in blue animal print satin. However I don’t know how to post a picture of it.
I’m glad I printed the pattern out last year though, because now the link just seems to go to SCRIBD and I don’t want to have to subscribe to that at $8.99 a month. Is there no other way to get it? I’d like to pass it on to a friend.


I want to make this for my daughter this week, but I have no idea how to enlarge the pattern! help please!!!

ann holt

i love this. i made this in a dress for my 31/2 year old granddaughter and my 51/2 year old granddaughterm ( her older sister), wants one. i am in the process of making …i did add pockets…


Ann, how did you adjust when printing the pattern. Would love to make a 4t size.


I want to make this in 4t. Any idea on how to make that print? Thanks.


I made a version of this today (dress) and loved it. The only issue I had was sizing. The arm holes were too small for the top to close properly. I improvised and used FOE to make a joining “strap”. It’s adorable and my daughter loves it too 🙂


This is an insult to sewing. The pattern is too small. Neck doesn’t align. It looks tacky. For someone who has been sewing clothing all my life, I will never make this again. This is the second pattern of yours I’ve tried and both have been too small. I haven’t had any trouble with other blogs or tutorials. You should take some sewing classes if you want to be an instructor. What a waste of time.


I’m sorry it didn’t work for you! But i did want to say that the printing issue is usually what has caused it to be too small for people on the past. Printers are usually set to size to the printer page and you have to turn that off or tile the pattern depending on your printer. Normally i wouldn’t question your comment at all but this particular pattern has been made over 1,000 times and the few times there was a sizing issue that we were alerted of it came down to printer settings. I wish it was easier to share home made patterns online because I can only imagine how frustrating it is too do all of this work and then find your final product to be too small!!! I’m so sorry this happened to you.


“You should take some sewing classes if you want to be an instructor. What a waste of time.”

How rude!!!! Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into helping others enjoy the art of sewing. I made this pattern and it turned out excellent.

I will try to post photos tonight.


Message to Heather – You are unbelievably rude!! If you have been sewing all your life why on earth would you need a pattern to make this darling top and even if you did were you not able to see that it would turn out too small for the recipient from the paper pattern before cutting into your fabric. The fault is entirely yours, I agree that it must be your printer settings. I so hate rudeness and your lack of appreciation for this FREE pattern is appalling. How glad I am that I don’t know you!


Heather, WOW~ This pattern is free and you didn’t even bother to ask for help before judging so harshly AND WRONGLY! Who do you think YOU are? What do you think YOU know? How to embarrass anyone connected to you with your complete lack of appreciation or just common decency?


WOW! Sounds like miss Heather needs a nap or a glass of wine to calm those nerves…actually that probably wouldn’t help at all. Maybe a psychologist? So rude and ungrateful. People like you are the reason our world is so jacked up. You’re probably a a trump supporter, aren’t you?

Manon Charbonneau

Good day, Like Vesna Gaddy, Is there a way to home print the other sizes, thank you

Nadine Frehafer

Just made this dress for my 16 month old and it was so easy and fit her perfectly! She’s small for a 16 month old, so I made it in the 12-18 month size and it should fit her for quite some time!


Lovely top! Thanks for the tutorial. I am new to sewing and wondered how to make this top for 6 to 9 month size? Would I just print it out at 95%? Also, does the pattern include the seam allowance? Thank you in advance 😀


Also, is it worth using interfacing where the snaps are to reinforce the fabric?


Thanks for the pattern! I’m a little hesitant though because the printout seem so wide for a 1yo.


I made this top today and it turned out wonderful! Thank you so much for the pattern and instructions, I found them easy to follow and simple to sew.
My girls are 21 months old so I increased the pattern of the collar to 120% and the pattern of the body to 110% and it fits them perfectly!


Thank you so much for sharing this adorable dress / top. You are very kind to put it in the Internet for all of us especially since you are busy with children of your own. Again, thank you!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I am about three quarters of the way through with finishing this top, but took a little break to review your instructions before proceeding to add the collar to make sure I do it correctly — (which by the way I think your instructions are incredibly awesome… & this is coming from someone who is a novice sewer & prefers video tutorials as I’m more of a visual learner w/ being new to this)– but whether this project turns out to fit or not (as I’m fully aware of the printing issue)… most importantly I just wanted to thank you for sharing and taking the time to teacht beginners like myself how to sew. VERY giving of you & I’m VERY appreciative!!

Vesna Gaddy

Jaime, I would like to download your updated pattern with all sizes, but it seems like it is all on one huge sheet of paper….not suitable for home printing…Please let me know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!

Sarah Gilbert

I was trying to download the pattern with all the sizes and I get one page only just like the pic online. How do I get it to print out all the sizes?


I’m guessing your using a Mac, or else you may not have seen where she says to print using the option ‘poster’ for size? I had the same issue. By switching to a regular PC with a Windows operating system, I was able to print it perfectly using the poster size option.

Pat Hodges

Thank you so much Chris, I looked at the pattern a few days ago and didn’t see how I could print it, came back today and there you were with the answer. I am in fact on a Mac, so I went to my husbands Windows machine and it worked beautifully.

Dana Bowman

Glad to know I’m not the only one. I also only get one page when downloading the multiple size document. At 100% it will only print one corner and not allow me to select any more of the document.

Kat Wennerberg

For those having problems with the multi size single sheet pattern you can print it in a tiled format. This option would be on the same screen as the print scale/full size option. It would look much like the tape it together patterns we are used to online.
You can have it printed at your local copy shop/kinko’s as 1 sheet and the trace the size you need or just cut it out of the large sheet. I personally traced mine as I found it much faster than all the taping assembly.

Leeann D

I have made this for my granddaughter. It’s my daughters favorite top. I was so excited to see the bigger size pattern. I would happily pay for a version that is printable on a standard printer. I tried suggestion posted above but I don’t have a poster option on my printer. It’s summer in Florida this is perfect.


Where do you attach the snap on the front piece? There are no markings on the pattern.


FYI, the original pattern has no snap markings on the front piece. It is on the multi-size patterns though. Don’t see a 1″ square guide anywhere to make sure the pattern prints to scale either. That would be helpful. Also does anyone suggest something other than DocHub to print? I am using a Mac. Not sure I want to download DocHub.

Nicole Nolasco

Hi. Love the top but how do I print the new version? It doesn’t fit on regular printer paper. Thanks! ❤️


I am very new to sewing so I have lots of mistakes (for one, bias tape not the best I could use…) but still I had fun making it (hope it fits the kid…)
I printed the pattern at 100% on a professional printer on large paper (a bit costly, 2,5 euros, but will keep it for ever as template and trace on pattern paper when I want to sew another one)


I’m very excited to start this project, but a little worried. I measured my 12 month old’s onesie and its measuring a lot bigger then the 12-18 month pattern is. She is very small for her age btw too. I don’t want to waste fabric by cutting it out too small. Am I doing something wrong with my printer here? Do I need to add seam allowances and such? The first comments on here are making me nervous – are they talking about the other pattern not fitting right or this one? Thanks!


Ohhh never mind! I’m a dumb dumb! “cut on fold” LOL. and I’ve been sewing for over 5 years now. #pregnancybrain

Lisa Sebelle

I see that other people have asked about the seam allowance and it has not been answered yet. Does the pattern on google docs for the 12 month size have seam allowance included? I am going to try to make a few of these tomorrow while it snows. fabric is washing and sewing machine is set up! Thanks!


Tips: 1. I found the seam allowance is NOT included. Add 1/4″ especially around the yoke pieces. 2. Don’t add the snaps until you’re finished. Your presser foot might not be able to get around them, making top stitching impossible. 3. Topstitch the armholes also. Doing this I found the 2017 version was the right size


FYI, the pattern that shows up under “Snappy Top Pattern” is the 6-12 month size, not the 12-18 months that it states in the description. Sure that’s the issue with so many people having trouble with the size. I downloaded and printed the 2017 version and will use that. It would have been nice for the pages to have been numbered to make it a little easier to put the pattern together.


Thanks for the heads up, I edited the post to make it more clear how to get the sized patterns.

Catherine Currah

After having two children, I wanted to rekindle my sewing so I chose this dress for my 15 month old girl to see if I still had it…so pleased with the results, shes got a gorgeous little dress made by mammy and this is just the start…! Wish I could post a photo of the result as I’m pleased with it – so thank you for sharing this pattern for free, its given me the confidence to start making more clothes, and I’m loving it!


Hi, thanks for sharing this tutorial, its adorable!
I printed the pattern at a tile scale 100%, poster and 0.0 overlap but when I cut the size 5-6 its just too big.
Everyone else talked about enlarging the scale, but i think I might have to shrink it ??
has anyone else shrink instead of enlarging?


Thanks for finally writing about >Snappy Toddler Top & Free Downloadable Pattern | Pretty Prudent <Loved it!

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{Obrigado | Muito obrigado | Obrigado | Sa㭍 Apreci�o | Kudos}!
{Ol�� Ol� Ol໡ Isto {post | artigo | blog post} {couldn ‘ t | n⭠podia}
ser escrito {melhor | muito melhor}! {Leitura atrav豠de | Olhando | Passando por | Olhando atrav豠de} isto {post |
artigo} me lembra do meu companheiro de quarto anterior!
Ele {sempre | constantemente | continuamente} manteve {falando | pregando sobre} isto.

{Eu vou | Eu vou | Eu vou | Certamente farei} {frente
| enviar} {este artigo | esta informa袯 | este post} com ele.
{Quase certeza | Razoavelmente certo} {ele
ir� ele vai | ia} {t髠uma boa | tem um muito bom | tem um grande} ler.

{Obrigado por | Obrigado por | Muito obrigado por | Agrade歭lhe por} partilha!

{Wow | Opa | Incr쵥l | Amazing!} Este blog parece {exatamente | somo meu velho!

Ǡum {completamente | totalmente | totalmente} diferentes {to | assunto} mas tem praticamente o mesmo {layout | layout de p঩na} e design. {Excelente | Maravilhosa
| Grande | Pendentes | Escolha soberba} das cores!
{H� H໠{definitivamente | certamente} {muito para
| muito a} {saber sobre | conhe柠| descobrir sobre} isto
{assunto | to | quest⮽. {Eu gosto | Eu amo | Eu realmente gosto} {todos o | todos o}
pontos {voc蟦ez | fez | voc蟦ez}. |
{Voc蟦ez | Voc蟦ez | Voc蟦ez} alguns {decente | boa | boa} aponta
l�Eu {olhou | verificado} {na internet | na web | na net} {para mais
informa袯 | para obter mais informa败s | para descobrir mais | para saber mais | para
obter informa败s adicionais} sobre a quest⭠e encontrado
{a maioria dos indiv죵os | a maioria das pessoas} vai junto com seus pontos de vista {este site | este site | neste web site}.

{Ol� Ol� Oi l� Wassup}, eu {acesse | verificar | ler} seu {coisas novas | blogs | blog} {regularmente |
cada semana | di౩o | regularmente}. Seu {hists | escrita | humor체ico} estilo 矻incr쵥l | espirituoso}, manter {o que est�azendo | o bom trabalho |-se}!

Eu {simplesmente | sn⭠poderia |
n poderia} {deixar | partem | ir embora} seu {local | web site | site} {antes de | antes} sugerindo que
eu {realmente | extremamente | na verdade} {apreciado |
amei} {o padr⭠| o habitual} {informa败s | informa袯} {uma pessoa | um indiv죵o} {fornecer | fornecer} {para seu | na sua | em seu | para seu} {visitantes | convidados}?
Ǡ{vai | vai} ser {volta | novamente} {frequentemente | regularmente | incessantemente | constantemente |
incessantemente | frequentemente | continuamente} {para
| a} {checar | Confira | inspecionar | investigar
o cruzamento} novas postagens |
{Queria | Eu precisava | Eu quero | Eu preciso} te agradecer por isto {grande |
excelente | fant಴ico | maravilhoso | boa | muito bom} ler!!!!
Eu {definitivamente | certamente | absolutamente} {desfrutado
| amei} cada {um pouco de | um pouco de} isso. {Eu tenho | Tenho | Eu tenho} voc蟻marcados | livro marcado | livro marcado | salvou como favorito} {para
verificar | olhar} novo {coisas que voc蟼 coisas voc黠postar…
{Ol� Ol� Oi l� Wassup}, seria {mencionar | dizer | dizer}, eu
{desfrutado | gostei | amei} isto {artigo | post | blog post}.
Foi {inspirando | engra栤o | pr೩co | 䭢. Continue postando l�|
{Ol�� Ol໬ gosto de ler {todos | atrav豠de} o {artigo | post | artigo post}.
Eu {como | queria} para escrever um pequeno coment౩o para apoiar voc鱮 |
Eu {sempre | constantemente | cada vez} passou minha meia hora para ler isto {blog
| weblog | webpage | site | web site} do {artigos | posts |
artigos ou clientes | conte㭻{todos os dias | di౩o
| todos os dias | o tempo todo} junto com um {Copa | caneca} caf笠|
Eu {sempre | para sempre | o tempo todo | constantemente | cada
vez} mandou esse e-mail {blog | weblog | webpage | site | web site} post p঩na a todos minha {amigos | associates | contatos}, {porque | desde | como
| pela raz⭠que} se gosta de ler isso {ent⭠| depois disso
| pra | depois} meu {amigos | liga败s | contatos} tamb諮
Meu {codificador | programador | desenvolvedor}
est�entando {persuadir | convencer} me mover para .net de PHP.

Eu sempre ter n⭠gostava da ideia por causa
da {despesas | custos}. Mas ele 矴ryiong nenhum a menos.
Estou usando o {tipos ms | WordPress} em {um n䑓 de | uma variedade de
| numerosos | v౩os | v౩os} websites para cerca de um ano e am {nervoso | ansioso | preocupado | em causa} em mudar para outra plataforma.
Ouvi {fant಴ico | muito bom | excelente | grande | bom} coisas sobre o
Existe uma maneira que eu posso {transfer魣ia | importar} todo meu wordpress {conte㭵 posts} nele?
{Qualquer tipo de | Qualquer} ajuda seria {realmente | grandemente} apreciada!
{Ol� Oi | Ol� Oi l� Ol� Bom dia!} Podia jurar que {foi
para | visitou} {este blog | neste web site | este
site | este site | blog} antes, mas depois {navegando atrav豠de | passando | olhando} {alguns do | alguns da |
muitos do} {posts | artigos} percebi que 矮ovo para
mim. {qualquer forma | De qualquer forma | N⭠obstante | Independentemente,} eu sou {definitivamente | certamente} {feliz
| satisfeito | encantado} {encontrei | Descobri | Me deparei com | Eu tropecei em cima} e eu vou ser {bookmarking |
livro marca袯} e checando {frequentemente | regularmente |
frequentemente}! |
{Ҵima | Grande | Maravilhosa} {artigo | trabalho}!
{Isto 矼 Ƚ {o tipo de | o tipo de} {informa袯 | informa袯} {que s⭠significadas | que 石uposto |
que deve} ser compartilhado {em torno a | atrav豠o} {web | internet | l찵ido}.

{Desgra柠| Que vergonha} {o {procurar | pesquisa} motores |
Google} para {agora n⭠| n⭠| j�⮽ este
posicionamento {post | submeter | publicar | colocar} {superior |
maior}! Venha c� {falar com | discutir com | procurar aconselhamento de
| visite | consultar com} meu {local | web site | site}.

{Obrigado | Obrigado} =) |
Heya {sou | sou} pela primeira vez aqui.
Eu {deparei | encontrado} esta placa e eu encontr�o
{verdadeiramente | realmente} 䭢e isso me ajudou {muito |
muito}. Espero poder dar algo de volta e {ajudar | ajuda} outros
como voc蟻ajudou | auxiliado} me. |
{Ol� Ol� Oi l� Ol� Ol� Sauda败s,} {acho | Eu acredito | Eu acredito | Eu acho que
| N⭠h�䵢 que} {seu site | seu site | seu site |
blog} {pode ser | pode ser | poderia ser | poderia ser} tendo {navegador | navegador internet
| navegador web} compatibilidade {quest| problemas}.
{Quando eu | Sempre que eu} {Olha seu | d蟵ma olhada seu} {site |
web site | site | blog} no Safari, parece bem {mas quando | no entanto quando |
no entanto, se | no entanto, quando} abrindo em {Internet Explorer |
IE | Ou seja,}, {tem | tem} alguns problemas sobrepostos.
{SEu simplesmente | Eu meramente} queria {dar-lhe
um | fornec謬o com um} r௩da de cabe柠para cima! {Fora
isso | Para al諠disso | Al諠disso | Afora isso,} {fant಴ico | maravilhoso | grande | excelente}
{blog | site | local}! |
{Uma pessoa | Algu諠| Algu謽 {necessariamente | essencialmente} {emprestar uma m⭠| ajuda | auxiliar}
tornar {seriamente | criticamente | significativamente
| severamente} {artigos | posts} {gostaria | Talvez | Eu iria} estado.
{Isto 矼 Ƚ o {primeiro | primeiro} tempo eu frequentava
sua {p঩na web | p঩na site} e {a este ponto | at矡gora | at矼 at矡gora}?
Eu {espantado | surpreso} com o {pesquisa | an૩se} voc蟦ez para {criar |
fazer} {neste real | este particular} {post | submeter | publicar | colocar} {incr쵥l | incr쵥l | extraordin౩a}.
{Grande | Maravilhosa | Fant಴ico | Magn쥩co | Excelente} {tarefa
| processo | actividade | trabalho}! |
Heya {sou | sou} para {prim౩o | o primeiro} tempo aqui.
Eu {deparei | encontrado} esta placa e eu {em encontrar | encontrar | encontrar}-{verdadeiramente | realmente} {䭒 | 䭢 Eles ir⭠{tomar |
buscar | obter} {beneficiar | vantagem} de estou certo.
{Eu tenho | Tenho} {ler | aprender} {alguns | diversos | alguns} {certa | boa | excelente}
coisas aqui. {Definitivamente | Certamente} {vale | valor | pre殽 bookmarking para revisitar.

Eu {maravilha | surpresa} como {tanto | muito | muito} {tentativa | esfor殽 {voc蟣oloca | voc蟤efinir
| voc蟣olocar} para {criar | fazer} {este tipo de | este tipo
de | este tipo de | tal um | um desses | tal | o tipo de} {grande | maravilhoso | fant಴ico | magn쥩co | excelente}
informativo {local | web site | site}. |
{Isto 矵m | Ǡum} {muito bom | grande | boa | boa} ponta {especialmente | particularmente} para aqueles {novo para
| fresco para} blogosfera. {Breve | Curta | Simples} mas muito {precisos | precisos} {informa袯 | informa袯}…

{Obrigado por | Obrigado por | Muito obrigado
por | Aprecio sua} partilha este. Uma leitura obrigat {artigo | post}!
{Eu tenho | Tenho} foi explorar para {um pouco | um pouco |
um pouco} para qualquer {alta qualidade | alta qualidade} artigos ou {blog | weblog} posts {neste | nisto} {meio | esp袩e de} {espa歠| ౥a | casa}.
Explorar no Yahoo eu {finalmente | eventualmente | finalmente
| finalmente} tropecei em cima deste {local
| web site | site}. {Leitura | Estudando} isto {informa袯 | informa袯}
ent⭠{sou | sou} {satisfeito | feliz | feliz} para {expresso | mostrar | exibem | transmitir} que {tenho | Tenho} {um muito
| um incrivelmente} {apenas para a direita | boa | excelente} sentindo estranho eu
{descobriu | apoderou | descoberto} {exatamente | s que
eu precisava. Eu {tanto | tanto | mais} {sem d䵢 | sem d䵢 |, sem
d䵢, | certamente | certamente | com certeza
| definitivamente | inquestionavelmente | indiscutivelmente | indubitavelmente} far�certos | certeza} para {don?
t | n⮽ {tire da cabe柠| esquecer | falhar lembrar | negligenciar | desconsiderar
| omitir} isto {local | web site | site} {e dar | e fornece}-{um olhar
| num ௩ce} {na {uma constante | um continuando | um implac൥l} base | regularmente}.
Depois de ler isto {eu pensei que era | Eu acreditava que era} {muito
| realmente | extremamente | prefiro} {informativo | esclarecedor}.
Agrade歠{tomar o tempo | encontrar tempo |
passar algum tempo} {e esfor歠| e energia} para colocar {este artigo | este artigo curto
| este artigo informativo | esta informa袯 | este conte㭻juntos.
Mais uma vez encontrar {me | me pessoalmente}
gastos {demais | uma quantidade significativa de |
muitos} tempo ambos leitura e {comentando | deixando coment౩os
| postando coment౩os}. Mas ent⭠o que, era ainda {vale a pena | a pena}!
Qualidade {artigos | posts | artigos ou opini| conte㭻矯 {chave | segredo | importante | principal | crucial} para
{atrair | ser um foco para | convidar | interesse} o
{usu౩os | pessoas | espectadores | visitantes} para {visite | v�er | uma visita | pagar uma visita r௩da} o {site
| web site | local | p঩na web}, 矤isso que {site | web site | local | p঩na web} est�ornecendo.
Troca de link nada mais 矻mas | exceto | no entanto} 矻ssimplesmente | soloca袯 de outra pessoa {blog | weblog | webpage |
site | web site} link em sua p঩na no {adequada | apropriado | apropriado} lugar e outra pessoa tamb諠ir⭠fazer {mesmo | semelhante}
{para | em favor da | em apoio do} voc謠|
Tenho lido tantos {artigos | postos | artigos ou clientes | conte㭻{a respeito | relativa | sobre | sobre o tema da} os amantes do blogger {mas | exceto | no entanto} isto {artigo | post | peda歠de escrita | n.} 矻realmente | realmente | na verdade | verdadeiramente | genuinamente} um
{bom | agrad൥l | boa | fastidioso} {artigo | postar
| peda歠de escrita | n.}, mant謬o. |
{Mesmo | Na verdade | Na verdade | Verdadeiramente | Genuinamente} {n⭠importa se | quando} algu諠n⭠{entender | saber | estar ciente
de} {ent⭠| depois disso | depois} seu at矯utro {usu౩os |
pessoas | espectadores | visitantes} que eles ir⭠{ajudar | auxiliar}, ent⭠aqui 矻acontece | ocorre | tem lugar}.
Voc蟻pode | poderia} {definitivamente | certamente}
ver seu {entusiasmo | especializa袯 | habilidades} {na | dentro o} {artigo | trabalho} voc蟥screver.

{A arena | O mundo | Espera que o sector} para {mais | ainda
mais} escritores apaixonados {como voc蟼 como voc黠quem {aren ‘
t | n⭠s⮽ medo {mencionar | dizer} como eles acreditam.

{Sempre | O tempo todo | Em todos os momentos} {v�epois | siga} seu cora袯.
{Grande | Excelente | Bom | Muito bom} {post | artigo}.
{Eu sou | Eu sou | Eu serei} {enfrentando | lidando com |
passando | experimentando} {alguns destes | alguns destes | muitos
destes} quest bem como… |
{Grande | Excelente | Bom} {blog | web site | local} {tem | tem | voc蟴em}
aqui… Tem {dif좩l encontrar | dif좩l encontrar} {qualidade | alta qualidade |
boa qualidade | qualidade | excelente} escrevendo como o seu {estes dias | hoje em dia}.
{Eu realmente | Eu verdadeiramente | Eu seriamente | Eu honestamente} agrade歠{pessoas como
voc蟼 indiv죵os como voc黡 Cuide! |
Eu era {recomendado | sugerido} isto {blog | site
| web site} pelo meu primo. {Eu sou | Eu sou} n⭠tenho certeza se este post 知scrito por ele como {ningu諠|
ningu謽 mais sabem tanto detalhada sobre minha {problema | dificuldade
| problemas}. {Voc蟥st� Voc衩} {incr쵥l | maravilhoso | incr쵥l}!

Obrigado! |
{Grande | Excelente | Maravilhosa | Bom | Muito bom} {artigo | post}!
{Neremos | Somos} ligando {para isto |
para isto particularmente} grande {artigo | post | conte㭻em {nosso site | nosso site}.

Manter-se {o bom | o grande} escrevendo. |
Ah meu Deus! {Incr쵥l | Incr쵥l | Incr쵥l |
Meu artigo impressionante}! {Obrigado | Obrigado | Muito obrigado |
Muito obrigado}, no entanto estou {experimentando | encontrando | passando | tendo} {emite com
| dificuldades com | problemas com | problemas com} seu RSS.
N⭠{sei | entender} {por que | a raz⭠por que}
{eu sou incapaz de | Eu n⭠posso | Eu n⭠posso} {subscrever | jun袯} isso.
H�ningu諠| mais algu諠| ningu謽 {ficando | tendo} {id魴icos |
o mesmo | semelhante} RSS {problemas | quest?
{Algu諠quem | Algu諠quem | Qualquer um que} sabe {a solu袯
| a resposta} {Sim | voc蟰ode} gentilmente responder?

{Thanx | Obrigado}! |
{Muito bom | Ǡincr쵥l | Incr쵥l | Soberba | Maravilhosa
| Fant಴ico | Excelente | Blog grande}! Tem algum {recomenda败s | dicas | dicas e sugest| dicas
䭒 | sugest| dicas} para aspirantes
a escritores? Eu sou {planejamento | esperando} para iniciar meu pro {site | site
| blog} em breve mas estou um pouco perdido em tudo.
Voc蟻propor | aconselhar | sugerir | recomendar} come栮do com uma plataforma livre como o
Wordpress ou ir para uma op袯 paga? H�antos {escolhas | op败s}
l�ora que eu sou {totalmente | completamente} {confuso | oprimido}…
Qualquer {recomenda败s | sugest| ideias | dicas}?
{Muito obrigado | Aben殥 voc蟼 Parab譳 | Apreci�o | Sa㭍 Obrigado
| Muito obrigado | Obrigado}! |
Tem {dif좩l encontrar | dif좩l encontrar | quase imposs쵥l de encontrar | dif좥is de encontrar} {conhecedor | educado
| bem informado | experientes} pessoas {nisto | sobre isso | por isso
| neste particular} {to | assunto}, {mas voc蟼 no entanto,
voc黠{parece | parece} sabe que voc蟥st�alando!
Obrigado |
Eu {don ‘ t | n⮽ at矻sabe o caminho | entender como | sabe como} {parei | Acabei
| Eu terminei} at矻aqui | aqui}, {no entanto | mas} {pensei | Eu assumi | Acreditei} isto {post
| submeter | publicar | colocar} {costumava ser | era | era uma vez} {bom | grande}.
Eu {don ‘ t | n⮽ {perceber | reconhecer | entender
| reconhecer | sabe} quem {voc蟥st� 豠| voc蟰ode ser}
{no entanto | mas} {definitivamente | certamente} {豠| 貽 vai
um {famoso | conhecidos} blogger {se voc蟼 voc蟤eve | quando voc蟼 no evento voc蟼 em caso
voc蟼 para aqueles quem | se acontecer de voc黠{n⭠s⭠| aren ‘ t} j�Um brinde!
{Bom | Bom | Fastidious} {respostas | responder | respostas | responder |
resposta} em troca disto {pergunta | consulta | dificuldade | quest⭠| importa} com {so | firme | real | genu쭯} argumentos e {descrevendo | explicando | dizendo} {tudo |
todas | a coisa toda} {sobre | relativa | sobre | sobre o tema da} que.

Eu {don ‘ t | n⮽ nem sei como vim parar aqui, mas eu pensei
que este post foi {bom | grande}. Eu {don ‘ t |
n⮽ sei quem voc衩 mas {definitivamente | certamente} {豠| 軠vai um blogueiro famoso
se voc蟻n⭠s⭠| aren ‘ t} j�) Um brinde! |
{Somos | Estamos} {um grupo | um bando | um bando} de
volunt౩os e {come栮do | abertura} {um novo | um novo} esquema em
nossa comunidade. Seu {local | web site | site} {fornecido | ofereceu} nos com {䭢| 䭢| valioso} {informa袯 | informa袯} para trabalhar em.
{Voc蟴em | Tens} {realizada | feito} {um impressionante | um formid൥l} {tarefa | processo |
atividade | trabalho} e nosso {toda | inteiro} {comunidade | grupo | bairro} {ser� devem ser | pode ser | provavelmente ser� pode ser | provavelmente ser໠{grato | grato} para voc謠|
{Bom | Bem | Excelente} forma de {descrevendo | explicando | dizendo},
e {bom | agrad൥l | boa | fastidioso} {artigo | post | peda歠de escrita | n.} para {tomar | obter | obter} {dados
| informa败s | fatos} {sobre | relativa | sobre | sobre o tema
da} minha apresenta袯 {to | assunto | assunto | foco}, que vou {entregar
| transmitir | presente} em {universidade | institui袯 de ensino superior | faculdade | Academia | escola}.

{Bom | Excelente | Grande} {blog | weblog} {aqui | aqui}!
{Tamb諠| Al諠disso} seu {site | local | web
site} {muito | lotes | tanto | muito | muito | carrega} at矻r௩do | muito r௩do}!
O que {host | host da web} voc蟻o uso de | usando | o
uso de}? Pode {estou ficando | Fico} seu {associar
| afiliado} {link | hiperlink} {para seu | na sua | em seu | para seu} anfitri⭿ Eu
{desejo | quero | desejo} meu {site | local | web site} carregado como
{r௩do | rapidamente} como o seu lol |
Eu {amo | como realmente} blog… cores muito agrad൥is e tema.
Voc蟻criar | design | fazer} este site voc蟭esmo ou contratou algu諠para fazer isso por voc轠por
favor {resposta | responder | responder} como eu
estou olhando para {criar | design | construir} meu pro blog e
gostaria de {sei | descobrir} onde u tem isto de.
{Obrigado | muito obrigado | kudos | agrade歠| sa㭍 Obrigado | muito
obrigado} |
{Somos | Estamos} um grupo de volunt౩os e {come栮do |
abertura} um novo regime de nossa comunidade.
Seu {local | web site | site} {fornecido | ofereceu} nos com
valioso {informa袯 | informa袯} para trabalhar em. {Voc蟴em |
Tens} feito {uma impressionante | um formid൥l} trabalho e nosso {inteiro | toda} comunidade ser�grato | grato} para
Agrade歠{a recomenda袯 | este post}. {Vai | Deixe-me} experiment�o.

Perguntando perguntas s⭠{realmente | realmente | na verdade | verdadeiramente | genuinamente} {bom |
agrad൥l | boa | fastidioso} coisa se voc蟮⭠est�ntendendo {nada
| algo} {totalmente | completamente | inteiramente | totalmente},
{mas | exceto | no entanto} isto {artigo | post | peda歠de
escrita | n.} {fornece | oferece | d� apresenta} {bom |
agrad൥l | boa | fastidioso} compreens⭠{mesmo
| ainda}. |
J�lguma vez {considerado | pensamento} sobre {incluindo | adicionando} um pouco mais do que apenas seus artigos?
Quer dizer, o que voc蟤iz 矻valioso | fundamental | importante} e {todos | tudo}.
{N⭠obstante | No entanto | Mas} {pense | imagine |
pense | imagine} se voc蟡dicionou algum grande
{visuais | gr३cos | fotos | fotos | imagens} ou {videoclip | v죥os} para dar suas
mensagens mais, “pop”! Seu conte㭶 excelente mas
com {imagens | fotos} e {clipes | videoclipes | v죥os}, este {local | site | blog} poderia {inegavelmente | certamente |
definitivamente} ser um do {mais ben襩ca | muito melhores
| maior | melhores} em seu {nicho | campo}. {Incr쵥l | Ǡincr쵥l | Muito bom | Fant಴ico | Soberba | Bom | Maravilhosa | Fant಴ico | Excelente |
grande} blog! |
Seu estilo {矴⭠| 矼 短uito | 軠exclusivo {comparado com | em compara袯
com} {outras pessoas | outras pessoas} {tenho | Tenho} ler
coisas de. {Obrigado por | Obrigado por | Muito
obrigado por | Agrade歠por} postando {quando tiveres | quando tens}
a oportunidade, acho que {eu vou | Eu vou} sndicador | marca livro} {esta p঩na | este site | neste web site | este blog}.
{Muito | Muito} {grande | bom} postar. Eu {simplesmente | srope段 em
seu {blog | weblog} e {queria | desejou} {mencionar |
dizer} que {tenho | Tenho} {realmente | verdadeiramente} {desfrutado | amei} {navega袯 | navegandoing ao redor} seu {blog | weblog} postos.
{Em todo o caso | Afinal de contas} {eu vou | Vou} estar assinando
{para seu | na sua | em seu | para seu} {alimentar | feed rss} e {espero | Espero |
Eu estou esperando} voc蟥screver {novamente | mais uma vez} {em breve | muito em breve}!

Eu sou {impressionado | espantado}, {devo dizer | Tenho que admitir}.
{Raramente | Raramente} eu fazer {encontro | deparar} um blog 矻ambos | igualmente | tanto igualmente} educativa e
{divertido | envolvente | interessante | divertido}, e {deixe-me dizer | sem d䵢}, {tem | tem} bateu o prego na cabe柮 {O problema 矼 O problema 軠{algo que | algo que | algo | uma quest⭠que} {n⭠suficiente
| muito poucos} {s⭠pessoas | pessoal 矼 homens e mulheres s⮽ falando inteligentemente sobre.

{Eu sou | Eu sou | Agora eu sou} muito feliz {que eu | I} {deparei com | encontrado | deparei} isto {em meu |
durante meu} {procurar | ca栲} algo {relativas a este | respeito
deste | sobre isso}. |
Hmm-{parece | aparece | parece} como seu
{local | site | blog} comeu o meu primeiro coment౩o (foi {extremamente | super} longo) ent⭠eu acho que eu vou resumir
o que eu {enviada | tinha escrito | escreveu} e dizer, eu estou completamente apreciando seu blog.

Eu {tamb諠| tamb謽 sou um aspirante blog {blogger |
escritor} mas eu ainda sou novo para {tudo | tudo}. Tem algum {dicas 䭒
| recomenda败s | dicas e sugest| pontos | sugest| dicas}
para {inexperiente | pela primeira vez | novato | iniciante | iniciante | newbie} blog
escritores? Eu gostaria {certamente | definitivamente
| genuinamente | realmente} agrade歮 |
{Muito | Muito} bom post. Eu tropecei em cima seu {blog | weblog} e {queria |
desejou} falar isso {tenho | Tenho} {realmente | verdadeiramente} desfrutado {navega袯 | navegandoing ao redor} suas postagens
no blog. {Em todo o caso | Afinal de contas} {eu vou
| Vou} estar assinando seu {alimentar | feed
rss} e eu espero que voc蟥screva novamente {em breve | muito em breve}!
Eu gosto do {valioso | 䭢 {informa袯 | informa袯} voc蟦ornecer em seus artigos.
{Eu vou | I’ll} indicador seu {weblog | blog} e verifique novamente
aqui {frequentemente | regularmente}. {Eu sou | Eu sou} bastante
{certos | certeza} {eu vou | Eu vou} aprender {muitas | muitos |
muito | muita | muitos} coisas novas aqui! {Boa sorte | Boa
sorte} para o pro! |
Se voc蟥stiver indo {melhores | mais excelente | melhores}
como conte㭵me | Fa歠| me}, {ssimplesmente | svisite | ir para ver | uma visita | pagar uma visita r௩da} isto
{site | web site | local | p঩na web} {todos os dias
| di౩o | todos os dias | o tempo todo} {porque | desde
| como | pela raz⭠que}-{fornece | oferece | d� apresenta} {qualidade | recurso} Sum౩o, obrigado |
Escreva mais, 矴udo o que tenho a dizer. Literalmente, parece
que voc蟳e baseou no v죥o para seu ponto de vista.
Voc蟻claramente | definitivamente | obviamente} que sabem que
voc蟥st�alando, por que {res죵os | Jogue fora} sua intelig魣ia
em apenas postar v죥os para seu {blog | local | weblog} quando voc蟰oderia estar nos dando algo {esclarecedor | informativo}
para ler? |
{Altamente | Muito} {energ賩co | descritivo} {blog |
artigo | post}, eu {desfrutado | gostei | amei} que {muito | bit}.
Haver�ma parte 2? |
{Bom | Excelente | Post grande}. {Eu costumava ser | Eu era} verifica袯 {continuamente | constantemente} isto
{blog | weblog} e {eu sou | Eu sou} {inspirou | impressionado}!

{Muito | Extremamente} {䭒 | 䭢 {informa袯 | informa袯} {especialmente | particularmente
| especificamente} o {final | 䎎a | final
| restantes | fechar} {fase | parte | se袯} 🙂
Eu {cuidar | cuidar | lidar com | manter | identificador} tais {informa袯 |
informa袯} {muito | muito}. {Eu costumava ser | Era} {buscando | procurando} isto
{particular | certas} {informa袯 | informa败s} para um {tempo | muito {longo | longas} tempo}.
{Obrigado | Obrigado} e {boa sorte | boa sorte}. |
{Bom | Excelente | Post grande}. Eu estava verificando
{continuamente | constantemente} este blog e {eu sou |
Eu sou} impressionado! {Muito | Extremamente} {䭒 |
䭢 {informa袯 | informa袯} {especialmente | particularmente |
especificamente} a 䎎a parte 🙂 Eu me importo com tal {informa袯 | informa袯}
{muito | muito}. Eu estava {buscando | procurando} isto {particular | certas}
{informa袯 | informa败s} para um {tempo | muito tempo}.

Obrigado e {boa sorte | boa sorte}. |
{Grande | Awesome} {post | artigo}. |
Apcheck-out | olhando | investigando | olhando por cima | explorando | repassando} {alguns da | um n䑓 da | um
punhado do} {posts do blog | blog artigos | artigos} na seu {site |
web site | local | p঩na web | blog}, {eu verdadeiramente | Eu mesmo | Eu honestamente | Eu seriamente} {como
seu | apreciar seu} {forma de | t袮ica de} {blogging | escrevendo
um blog}. Eu {marcados | salvou | livro marcado | livro marcado | adicionado | salvou
como favorito} para meu marcador {site | local | Web
page} lista e ser�erificar volta {logo | num futuro pro}.
{Confira | D蟵ma olhada | Por favor visite} meu {web site | site}
{tamb諠| tamb謽 e {me avise | diga} {que | como voc蟳e sente | sua opini⮽.
{Um interessante | Uma fascinante | Um intrigante | Um motivando} discuss⭠{vale | 矤efinitivamente vale a pena} coment౩o.
{Eu acho | Eu acredito | Eu acredito | Eu acho que
| N⭠h�䵢 que} {que voc蟤eve | que devia | que voc蟰recisa} {escrever | publicar} {mais sobre | mais sobre} isto {to | assunto |
quest⭠| assunto}, {pode n⭠| pode n⮽ ser um tabu {assunto | importa}
mas {geralmente | geralmente | normalmente} {as pessoas n⭠fazem | pessoas don ‘ t | pessoal n⮽ {falar sobre | discutir | falar} {tais | estas} {tos | temas | quest.
Para a pra! {Sa㭍 Muito obrigado | Tudo de melhor | Considera败s am൥is
| Melhores desejos}! |
{Claro | obviamente | naturalmente | certamente} como seu {web site | site | web site} {no entanto | mas} voc蟻precisa |
precisa} {teste | verificar | d蟵ma olhada} a ortografia em {muitos | v౩os} de seus
posts. {Um n䑓 | Diversos | Muitos} de eles est⭠repleto
de ortografia {problemas | quest e eu {em encontrar | encontrar | encontrar} muito {incos | problem೩co}
{dizer | informar} {a verdade | a realidade} {por outro lado |
no entanto | novamente |, no entanto,} {eu vou | I’ll} {certamente | certamente | definitivamente} vem {volta |
novo} novamente. |
Fa歠{aceitar como verdade com | concordo com | acreditar | considerar | confian栽 {todos o | todos o} {ideias | conceitos
| ideias} {voc蟴em | tem} {apresentado | introduziu | ofereceu} {para seu | na
sua | em seu | para seu} postar. {S⭠| Eles s⮽ {muito
| realmente} convincente {e ser� e pode} {definitivamente
| certamente} funcionar. {Ainda | N⭠obstante}, os posts s⭠{tamb諠| muito} {breve | r௩da | curta} para
{iniciantes | iniciantes | novi殳 | arrancadores}. {Pode apenas | Pode |
} Voc蟰oderia {estender | prolongar | alongar}-los {um pouco | um pouco} de {pra | subsequentes} tempo?
{Obrigado | Obrigado} para o post. |
{Meu esposo e eu | N Meu parceiro e eu} trope段 aqui {| vindo de um | de um
| por um} diferentes {p঩na web | site | p঩na | endere歠web}
e pensei que eu {pode | pode tamb諠| pode tamb諠| deve} checar as coisas.
Gosto do que vejo ent⭠{agora estou | agora estou | s seguir-te.
Ansiosos para {repassando | explorando | descobrir sobre | olhando |
check-out | olhando | investigando} sua p঩na web {novamente |
novamente | pela segunda vez | repetidamente}. |
{Muito bom | Excelente | Bom | Muito bom} {post | artigo | write-up | blog post}.
Eu {certamente | definitivamente | absolutamente}
{amo | apreciar} {este website | este site}. {Continue assim | Continue o bom trabalho | Ficar com
ela | Continue a escrever | Obrigado}! |
Alguma vez {pensado | considerado} {publica袯 | criando | escrevendo} um
{livro | ebook} ou convidado de autoria de outro {sites |
sites | blogs}? Eu tenho um blog {baseado | centrado
| baseado} na mesma {informa败s | ideias | temas | tos} voc蟤iscutir e teria {como realmente | amo} t謬o a compartilhar
algumas hists/informa败s. Eu sei meu {assinantes | audi魣ia | telespectadores | visitantes | leitores} seria {desfrutar | valor |
apreciar} seu trabalho. Se {豠| 軠nem remotamente interessado, sinta-se livre para {enviar |
atirar} me um {email | email | e-mail}. |
{Meu esposo e eu | N Meu parceiro e eu} trope段 aqui
{| vindo de um | de um | por um} diferentes {p঩na web | site | p঩na
| endere歠web} e pensei que eu {pode | pode tamb諠| pode tamb諠| deve} checar as coisas.
Gosto do que vejo ent⭠{agora estou | agora estou | s seguir-te.
Ansiosos para {repassando | explorando | descobrir
sobre | olhando | check-out | olhando | investigando}
sua p঩na web {novamente | novamente | pela segunda vez | repetidamente}.

{Bom | Excelente | Blog grande} aqui! Tamb諠seu {site | local | web site} carrega
{r௩do | muito r௩do}! O que {host | host da web}
voc蟥st�sando? D�e seu link de afiliado
para seu host? Quem me dera meu {site | local | web
site} carregado como {r௩do | rapidamente} como o seu lol |
{Ol� Sauda败s | Ei l� Ei | Bom dia | Ol� Oi l� Ol� Oi}!
Eu sei que isto 矻meio | um pouco | meio} off-topic
mas eu queria saber qual plataforma de blog que
voc蟥st�sando para isso {local | site}? Estou ficando {cansado | farto
| farto} do WordPress porque tive {quest| problemas} com os hackers
e eu estou olhando para {op败s | alternativas} para outra plataforma.
Eu seria {grande | impressionante | fant಴ico} se voc蟰oderia me aponte na dire袯 de uma boa plataforma.
{Ol� Sauda败s | Ei l� Ei | Bom dia | Ol� Oi l� Ol� Oi}!
Eu sei que isto 矻meio | meio | um pouco} off-topic mas eu queria saber se voc蟳abe onde eu poderia {encontrar
| buscar | localizar} um plugin de captcha para meu formul౩o de coment౩o?
Eu estou usando a mesma plataforma de blog como o seu e eu estou tendo {problemas | dificuldade | problemas} encontrar um?

Muito obrigado! |
{Ol� Sauda败s | Ei l� Ei | Bom dia | Ol� Oi l� Ol� Oi}!
Esta 短inha primeira visita ao seu blog! Nomos um
{grupo | cole袯 | equipe} de volunt౩os e come栮do um
novo {iniciativa | projeto} em uma comunidade no mesmo nicho.
Seu blog nos forneceu {valioso | 䭢| ben襩co} informa败s para
trabalhar em. Voc蟦ez um {maravilhosa | pendentes | extraordin౩a | maravilhoso} emprego!
{Quando eu | Ap} {originalmente | inicialmente} {comentou | deixou um coment౩o} eu {parecem ter | parecem ter} {clicado | cliquei no} o – notificar-me quando novos
coment౩os forem adicionados-checkbox {e agora | e de agora em diante} {cada vez um |
toda vez que um | sempre que um} coment౩o 矡dicionado {fico | Receber | Recebo} {quatro | 4}
e-mails {com o mesmo | com o exato mesmo} coment౩o.
{Existe | Talvez haja | Tem que haver} {forma | meios | um
m賯do fࢩl} {voc蟰ode | voc衩 capaz de} me remover esse servi歿
{Obrigado | Muito obrigado | Obrigado | Sa㭍 Muito obrigado | Apreci�o | Kudos}!

{Primeiro fora | Primeiro de tudo} {eu quero | Eu gostaria de} dizer {grande | impressionante | fant಴ico | soberba | maravilhoso
| fant಴ico | excelente} blog! Eu tinha uma pergunta r௩da {isso | em que | que} eu gostaria
de pedir {se voc蟤on ‘ t | se voc蟮⭠fizer isso} mente.
Eu era {curioso | interessados} {saber | descobrir} como voc蟣oncentre-se e
limpar {sua mente | seus pensamentos | cabe栽 {antes | antes de} escrevendo.
{Eu tenho | Tenho} tinha {tempos dif좥is | tempos dif좥is | tempos dif좥is | problemas
| dificuldade} limpando meu {mente | pensamentos} na obten袯 de meu {pensamentos | ideias} {fora | l�ora}.
{Eu fa歠| Realmente fa殽 {desfrutar | ter prazer em} escrevendo {mas |
no entanto} parece ser os primeiros 10 a 15 minutos {s⭠| s⭠geralmente | s⭠geralmente |
tendem a ser} {desperdi栤o | perdido} {ssimplesmente} tentando descobrir como come栲.
Qualquer {sugest| ideias | Recomenda败s} ou {dicas | dicas}?
{Obrigado | Parab譳 | Apreci�o | Sa㭍 Obrigado | Muito obrigado}!
{Este blog | Este site | Este site} foi… {como fazer | como} diz謬o?
Relevantes!!!! Finalmente {achei | Eu encontrei} {algo que | algo que} me ajudou.
{Obrigado | Muito obrigado | Obrigado | Sa㭍 Muito obrigado | Apreci�o | Kudos}!
Tudo 短uito aberto com um {muito claro | limpar |
precisos | claro} {explica袯 | Descri袯 | esclarecimento}
da {quest| desafios}. Foi {verdadeiramente | realmente | definitivamente} informativo.
{Ǡseu site | Seu site 軠{muito 䭢| muito 䭢| extremamente 䭢| 䭢.
{Obrigado por | Obrigado por | Muito obrigado por} partilha!
Este projeto 矻쬰ios | espetacular | steller | incr쵥l}!
Voc蟻certamente | obviamente | certamente | definitivamente} sabe como manter um leitor {entretido | divertia}.

Entre sua sagacidade e seus v죥os, eu estava quase mudou-se para come栲 o meu pro blog
(bem, quase… HaHa!) {Grande | Maravilhosa | Fant಴ico | Trabalho excelente}.
Eu realmente {desfrutado | amei} que voc蟴inha a dizer,
e mais do que isso, como voc蟡presentou. Legal demais!
Vai ser {final | terminar | terminando} do dia de minas,
{mas | exceto | no entanto} antes {final | terminar
| terminando} estou lendo isso {grande | enorme | impressionante | maravilhoso | fant಴ico} {artigo | post
| parte de escrita | n} para {aumentar | melhorar} meu {experi魣ia | conhecimento | sabe-como}.
Eu {visite | v�er | uma visita | pagar uma visita r௩da} {todos os dias | di౩a | cada
dia | dia-a-dia | todos os dias} {alguns | alguns} {sites | sites | web sites | p঩nas web | Blogues} e {Blogues | sites | sites de informa袯 | sites} para ler {artigos | postos | artigos ou clientes | conte㭻 {mas | exceto | no entanto} isto {blog | weblog
| webpage | site | web site} {fornece | oferece
| d� apresenta} {qualidade | recurso} baseado {artigos | postos
| conte㭵 escrevendo}. |
{Ol� Oi l� Heya | Ei l� Oi | Ol� Eu seria perguntar se voc蟪�iver algum {problemas
| problemas | quest com hackers? Meu 䎎o blog (wordpress)
foi hackeado e acabei por perder {meses | muitos meses |
alguns meses | v౩as semanas} de trabalho devido a n {backup | backup de dados | back-up}.
Tem algum {solu败s | m賯dos} para {prevenir | proteger contra | parar}
hackers? |
Eu acho que o admin deste {site | web site | local | p঩na web} 矻realmente | na verdade | na verdade | verdadeiramente | genuinamente}
trabalhando duro {para | em favor da | em apoio do} dele {site | web site | local | p঩na web}, {porque
| desde | como | pela raz⭠que} aqui todas as {coisas | informa败s | dados | material} 矱ualidade com base {coisas | informa败s | dados | material}.
{Agora | Neste momento | Neste momento | Imediatamente} eu sou {indo | indo embora |
pronto} fazer meu caf矤a manh᪠{depois | posterior | uma vez | quando | depois} tendo minha vinda
de pequeno-almo歠{novamente | novamente | de novo} para ler {mais |
adicionais | mais | outros} not좩as. |
Eu {como o | como o} {valioso | 䭢 {informa袯 | informa袯} voc蟻fornecer |
fornecer} {para seu | na sua | em seu | para seu} artigos.
{Eu vou | I’ll} indicador seu {weblog | blog} e {teste | verificar | d蟵ma olhada} {novamente | mais
uma vez} {aqui | aqui} {frequentemente | regularmente}.
{Eu sou | Eu sou} {prefiro | muito | um pouco
| ligeiramente | bastante | relativamente | moderadamente |
razoavelmente} {certos | certeza} {eu vou | Eu vou} {ser informado | seja dita | aprender} {muitas | muitos | muitos | muita |
muitos} coisas novas {certo | adequada} {aqui | aqui}!
{Boa sorte | Boa sorte} para {o seguinte | o pro}!
Acho que 矻dentre o | entre o} mais {importante | significativo | vital} {informa袯 | informa袯} para mim.
E {sou | sou} que bom ler seu artigo. Mas {quer | quero | deve} observa袯 na {alguns | alguns} coisas em geral, o {site | local | web site} estilo 矻perfeito | ideal | grande | maravilhoso}, os artigos 矲ealmente {excelente | legal | grande}: D.
bom trabalho, felicidades |
Ǡum {vergonha | pena} voc蟮⭠tem um bot⭠de doa袯!

Eu gostaria {certamente | sem d䵢 | certamente | definitivamente}
doar a este {soberba | brilhante | fant಴ico |
excelente | pendentes} blog! Eu {suponha | palpite} pois agora eu vou contentar {livro
marca袯 | bookmarking} e adicionar o seu RSS feed para minha conta do Google.
Estou ansioso para {fresco | novo | novo} atualiza败s e vontade {falar | compartilhar} isto {blog | local | site}
com meu grupo no Facebook. {Bate-papo | Falar} em breve! |
Eu n⭠sou muito de um {on-line | internet} leitor deve ser honesto mas seu {Blogues | sites} muito bom, continue assim!
Eu vou em frente e marque seu {local | site} voltar {mais tarde | na estrada
| no futuro | mais tarde}. {Sa㭍 Tudo de melhor | Muito obrigado}
Isto {artigo | post | peda歠de escrita | n} 矻realmente | realmente
| na verdade | verdadeiramente | genuinamente} um {agrad൥l | agrad൥l | boa | fastidioso} que {ajuda | auxilia} novo {internet | web | l찵ido | web} {usu౩os | pessoas | espectadores | visitantes}, que est⭠desejando {para
| em favor da} blogging. |
{Tem | Ƚ {na verdade | na verdade | realmente | na
realidade | verdadeiramente} um {bom | grande} e {䭢| 䭢 peda歠de {informa袯 |
informa袯}. {Eu sou | Eu sou} {satisfeito | feliz | feliz} {que voc蟼 que voc蟳implesmente | que voc蟡penas} compartilhado isto {䭢| 䭢 {informa袯 | informa袯} conosco.
Por favor {permanecer | manter} nos {informado | actualizado} como este.
{Obrigado | Obrigado} para partilha. |
Isto {artigo | post | parte de escrita | n} {fornece | oferece |
d� apresenta} clara ideia {para | projetado para | em favor da | em apoio do} o novo {usu౩os | pessoas | espectadores
| visitantes} de blogging, que {realmente | na verdade | na verdade |
verdadeiramente | genuinamente} como fazer {blogging | blogging e constru袯 de sites
| executando um blog}. |
{Ol� Sauda败s | Ol� Ei | Ei l� Ol� Ol� Oi l� Ol� Que pergunta r௩da do {completamente | totalmente | totalmente} off-topic.
Voc蟳abe como tornar seu site m amig൥l?
Meu {blog | local | web site | site | weblog} parece estranho quando {visualiza袯 | navega袯} do meu {iphone
| iphone4 | iphone 4 | apple iphone}. Estou a
tentar encontrar um {tema | modelo} ou plugin que pode ser
capaz de {corrigir | correto | resolver} isto {problema | edi袯}.
Se voc蟴iver qualquer {sugest| recomenda败s}, por favor, compartilhe.
{Obrigado | Com agradecimentos | Apreci�o | Sa㭍 Obrigado | Muito obrigado}!
{Tem | Ǡ| Sua} n⭠短inha primeira vez para {visite | ir para ver | uma visita | pagar uma visita
r௩da} isto {site | web site | local | p঩na web}, sou {visitando | navegando} isto {site
| web site | local | p঩na web} dailly e {tomar | obter |
obter} {bom | agrad൥l | boa | fastidioso} {dados | informa败s | fatos}
daqui {todos os dias | di౩o | todos os dias | o tempo todo}.

{Fascinante | Bom | Ǡincr쵥l | Interessante | Puro | Grande | Incr쵥l
| Blog legal}! Ǡseu tema personalizado feito ou voc蟢aix�o de algum lugar?
A {projeto | tema} como o seu com alguns simples {adjustements | tweeks} faria mesmo meu blog {brilhar | saltar | destacam}.
Por favor, deixe-me saber onde voc蟣onseguiu seu {projeto | tema}.
{Muito obrigado | Aben殥 voc蟼 Parab譳 | Com
agradecimentos | Apreci�o | Sa㭍 Obrigado | Muito obrigado
| Obrigado} |
Isto {artigo | post | peda歠de escrita | n} ser�ajudar | auxiliar} internet {usu౩os | pessoas
| espectadores | visitantes} para {Criando | acumulando | Configurando}
novo {blog | weblog | webpage | site | web site} ou mesmo um {blog
| weblog} do in좩o ao fim. |
Eu sei isso se off-topic, mas eu estou olhando para come栲 minha pra {blog | weblog} e foi {imaginando
| curioso} que tudo 矻necess౩o | precisava} para obter {configurar | configura袯}?

Acho que ter um blog como seu custaria uma fortuna. Eu n⭠sou muito {internet | web}
{esclarecido | inteligente} por isso n⭠estou 100% {certeza |
positivo | certas}. Qualquer {dicas | recomenda败s | sugest ou Conselho seria muito apreciado.
{Obrigado | Parab譳 | Apreci�o | Sa㭍 Obrigado | Muito obrigado} |
Meu {parentes | membros da fam쫩a | fam쫩a} {sempre | o tempo todo
| cada vez} dizem que eu sou {desperdi栮do | matando}
meu tempo aqui no {l찵ido | web}, {mas | exceto | no entanto}
eu sei que estou recebendo {experi魣ia | conhecimento | familiaridade |
sabe-como} {todos os dias | di౩o | todos os dias
| o tempo todo} lendo {tais | thes} {bom | agrad൥l | boa |
fastidioso} {artigos | postos | artigos ou clientes | conte㭻 |
No local com este write-up, {eu verdadeiramente | Eu mesmo | Eu seriamente | Eu honestamente | Eu absolutamente
| Eu na verdade} {acho que | acreditar | sentir
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Christine Annan

Hi, I cannot seem to print out the pattern. Only 1 and a bit size 5-6 yoke fronts print. I am experienced with printing PDF patterns and there does not appear to be anyway to tile the full sized sheet of all the pattern pieces. Would be happy with just the original and will adjust the sizing up to 2-3 myself . Please let me know where I am going wrong Cheers Chris

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Thanks for this lovely pattern. Just a question: Is the seam-allowance included in the pattern pieces?

Tracy Johnson

Thank you so much for sharing your talent!! I am sure I missed the information, but to have the correct size for 6-12 month, what percentage do you print the pattern on?


Hi, Thank you for such an adorable pattern! but, I do have a question, I wanted to make the 6-12 month size, but, when I went to print it out it prints out on all one page (not like the 12-18 months size) & I don’t see an option to print it out tiled.
I would be grateful for any help you could provide.
Thank you, Cindy


of course like your web-site but you need to check the spelling on several of your posts.
A number of them are rife with spelling problems
and I to find it very troublesome to tell the reality nevertheless I will
certainly come back again.

Elena Notarfrancesco

I have tried several ways to download the Snappy Toddler Top Dress to no avail. Is there a way that you could email it to me?


The two patterns are different, and I don’t know which one to use! I made this dress in the 18-24m size, and it’s too big for my 17 month old. So I thought I’d try the 12-18m size. After comparing them, the neck of the 12-18m is wider than the 18-24m, but the width of the middle (fold line) to the bottom of the armhole is much narrower (6″ vs 7.5″)–narrower even than the 6-12m size (7″)! But now I’m flummoxed. Is the armhole of the 12-18m pattern going to be too narrow? It looks so slight in the pattern, like if you put two pattern pieces together at the side, the armhole would be a V-shape more than the wide U-shape of the 18-24m size. Anyone have experience comparing these patterns? I’m so bummed…


Oh, regarding printing: try a different program! I couldn’t print the tiles in Adobe Acrobat, but was able to with Preview. (Then it took me a while to puzzle out what connected where, and to make sure that the different pages were lined up correctly.)

maggie duhon

I downloaded your updated pattern with the larger sizes. I cannot understand how to print it. I am needing the size 2. When I click on print all the pattern size show up on one page. I am confused. Need help!

Dawn Pombo

I am having the same problem as many others. The pattern shows up as all pieces on the same page so they won’t print the right size. It’s not the printer settings. I’d love to make this but no idea how to print each pice!


My husband showed me how to print this actually. Go to printer setting and choose “poster” you can even have it put “cut marks”


Most ‘good’ printable patterns have a gauge block…a 1″ or 2″ square marked as such so you can make sure your printer hasn’t pulled any scaling tricks on you. Too bad about this one.


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