Snappy Toddler Top: FREE Printable Pattern!


One of our most popular sewing tutorials, the Snappy Toddler Top is now available as a FREE Downloadable Pattern featuring size 6-12 Month through 5/6 years. Print out the Snappy Toddler Top Pattern Here and then click here to find the original Snappy Toddler Top instructions.

To print the pattern, download the file and in the print dialog box, select “Poster.” This will automatically print the pattern as displayed below, ready for you to tile together.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 2.29.16 PM copy Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 3.08.13 PM

The Snappy Top that Clare is wearing in the photo above features my own fabric designs, Wildflower Field and Gold Herring which are available in my Spoonflower shop.





Any hints for printing from a Mac? My print dialogue box doesn’t have “Poster” as an option.


Hi, I have exactly this same problem. I am printing from windows but there is no “poster” option…


Hi, I use HP printer and when I found poster print, it just fit in 1 page. When I choose use original size It just too big. only 1 line in 1 page. Please help. Thanks

Evy Cuyt

Hi everybody,
I hope this can help.
First I downloaded the pattern. Then I opened it with Adobe Acrobat.
When you choose “File > Print”, you have the possibility to change ‘Page handling’. I put ‘page scaling’ on ‘Tile all pages’. On first view it seem to print everything on original size.


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