Some Thoughts on Summer Balance

Rumi Ahhh summer is here. Ours started on June 4th, the last day of school for all LAUSD kids. So when Chobani asked me for my thoughts on keeping a balanced life, my mind started to wander, as it does. My daughter is thrilled it’s summer vacation time, obviously. I am also very excited about having her around more, though also a little nervous, as I am every year, wondering how I am going to keep everything (work, play, exercise, learning, and on and on) balanced as our usual schedule gives way to long summer days.

Summer Reading | Pretty Prudent

I think we, as mothers, tend to worry about this more… at least more than we did back when we were young and summer was all about tank tops and fun. I don’t know that I have any answers. I hope that we find a balance this summer between my work, and my time with Scarlet. I hope we find a balance between her just playing and enjoying being seven in the sun, and also keeping up with her schoolwork skills (especially her writing… turns out this writer mama has a total math kid. Talk about balance.)
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As you know, I like to gather inspiration, as I’ve been doing for years for my Prudent Advice books. I culled through some thoughts and Jacinda made these beautiful share-able images to inspire us. Check out more of them and my thoughts on summer balance after the jump…

I’m trying to let go of worrying about the balance so much, and just sort of experiencing it. My hope is that this summer, my daughter and I spend some lazy time together…
You Have A Garden

Having picnics in the backyard.
Summer Picnic | Pretty Prud

And also reading lots of books.
Summer Reading | Pretty Prudent

I hope I get to work out as often as I need to, and eat some healthy snacks. Scarlet and I both love Chobani Simply 100 Yogurt. I love it because it is under 100 calories with 12 grams of protein in each serving, yet made with only natural ingredients. Scarlet loves it because it is delicious. This greek yogurt is nonfat but manages to be thick, creamy, and tasty. Scarlet loves Chobani Simply 100 blueberry flavor, while vanilla is my favorite.
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And also some ice cream sundaes.
Ice Cream Sundaes | Pretty Prudent

And when I have to buckle down to force upon us the things I don’t love doing (going to the gym) and Scarlet doesn’t love doing (studying), I will look at these quotes to remind myself that there is time for all of it; everything has its place.
victor hugo

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Simply 100, all opinions are my own.




Thanks for the bits of inspiration! Also, I’ve got to try that yogurt. I love Greek yogurt but hate that the flavored ones seem to be so high in calories.


I love all these quotes. And “we need a little rest from everything, even the beautiful” really struck a chord with me. So very true!


Our summer has started too and I just feel like I want to really make the most of my time with the littles. I decided to skip most camps in favor of exploring the city we live in with my kids! Also, I LOVE chobani, Love their new ad campaign featuring the ladies in bed and I had no idea they have a simply 100 greek yogurt. We’ve got some pre-diabetes going on in our family and knowing there is a great greek yogurt that fits our needs is amazing! I never would have known about this yogurt had I not read it here, I’m completely serious. Thank you and my sweet daughter with special dietary needs thanks you!


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