Splash-Proof Zipper Bag

In honor of the new Silhouette Cameo & Rhinestone Starter Kit offer, I whipped up one of our Boxy Toiletry Bags to hold my mama gear and protect it from danger in these splashy Summer months. I’ve found my camera, phone, wallet, etc. at the bottom of a damp towel bag too many times, so I quickly stitched our easy toiletry bag and lined with interfacing and waterproof Babyville Boutique PUL. I finished it with the perfect zipper from Zip-It Zippers and leather accents. The sparkly rhinestone & leather camera patch? I made that on my handy Silhouette Cameo, of course. Read on for a hot new deal on the Silhouette and the Rhinestone Starter kit.

Don’t all my goodies look so dry and happy in there?



Robin @ tansydolls.blogspot.com

Okay, I was perfectly fine not owning a silhouette but knowing it cuts awesome patches… now I’m going to covet it. But first I have to figure out a way to own this Bernina I have on loan then I can worry about the silhouette.


I used this idea to make a splash proof bag for myself, although i used the other make up bag case form, the taller one. It came out OK, but I had some “fun” (not) with the PLU fabric, I’m guessing thats why you used the interfacing, which i completely forgot about! It turned out ok, just shorter than it started out 🙂 So I recommend to anyone trying to make this, read up on how to sew with PLU fabric, there are some good tips out there. Can’t wait to bring my case near water!!


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