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A few weeks ago, I asked you to help me pick some fabric for the girls new shared room.
Here is where I ended up:

A little…
Alexander Henry
Anna Maria Horner
Jay McCarroll

note to self: if you ask a bunch of fabric-loving ladies to help you pick, the options might sell out before your eyes. Oops! Ha! No really, you have the best advice!

But what is that little black lovely peeking out from the bottom left corner? It’s the brand new Joel Dewberry of course. Want to see more?
I snagged all these lovelies, I couldn’t help myself. The gold wood-grain will look amazing in my family room, assuming I can bear to cut into it.

Then I had to take a peek at the patterns. To be honest, I haven’t sewn with a pattern in forever. I’m too busy working on Prudent Baby! But these two were too cute to pass up.
Something for the boy…

Something for the mama… (love the button down for nursing!)

Have you sewn with a pattern lately? I can’t wait to make this dress in a fun fabric… but which? If you’re in the mood to do a little fabric shopping, help a sister out. Your advice could win you the Art Caddy Tot from Gingercake.




Maybe it's because the picture with the Amy Butler pattern also features a plum-colored fabric, but I think that shirt would be cute in Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Sparrow in Lilac. I want that top. I'm nursing right now and all my tops are getting stretched out around the neckline because I wind up pulling down instead of lifting my shirt up. I did make myself a nursing cover using your tutorial (thanks!), but still, don't want the post-baby-No.-2 stomach to wind up on display!

Ausmerican Housewife

Last time I ever used a pattern was to make my dress for prom. It cost me $80 all up to get the fabric, some muslin (to practice on), all notions and zippers and it was custom made! I still have it. That said, I'm never sewing clothing EVAR again. Odds and ends yes, clothing for me no. :p Once was enough. And did I mention I got an A+ on that dress? click here.


I am totally in love with Joel Dewberry! There is something absolutely wonderful about a man who makes a collection around birds…
Anyway… I love your pics, and the patterns you chose! I bought a Sew Liberated pattern yesterday for a really awesome tunic dress and a couple of Amy butler bag patterns too… I cannot wait till they arrive đŸ™‚ Happy sewing mama!

Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs

Does sewing with a pattern you wrote count as sewing with a pattern? If not, then nope, I haven't sewn with a pattern in a very very long time…not entirely true, I whipped up to very simple quilt kits as baby shower gifts for friends, but other than that…

brittany susan

looove your Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 choice – i just bought the yellow & gray one with birds to make shams with your tutorial! i think i'll have to get more of the line for other pillows because they're so fab!

for your tunic, something from AMH Innocent Crush line would be wonderful!


Amy Butler, I love everything of hers, fabric patterns and accessories. Her patterns are easy and I wouldn't say I was more than a advanced beginner when it comes to sewing. This fabric below is so fresh and ready for spring!

Sku #:AB62-Joy
Soul Blossom Spearmint Buttercups
Coming Soon!
by Amy Butler

Stephanie Granite

I just purchased myself some Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Lodge Lattice in Vintage Yellow yesterday for a geometric quilt I'm planning and I was really awed by the collection. I had to remind myself that I was buying fabric for a specific project to keep myself from buying the Aviary 2 bundle.
For the top I think it would be beautiful in some of the prints from the Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit Modern Meadow collection in the lake color. My favorites are JD31 and JD34!


Oh I can't believe that's the two patterns you picked because those are the EXACT patterns I have been eying and trying to decide if I should get…I think you tipped me in the 'I better get those!' direction. Great minds think alike, eh?


I LOVE that orange print from AMH! I made some clutches for a wedding order I received with it, and then made another for my shop & me! It's so pretty!!

Aussie-merican Adventures

I am fairly new to the 'mom' game so I used patterns for my daughter's first year (there are some super cute ones from Oliver & S and Portabello Pixie) but now just use the patterns as guidelines to make my own stuff. They are like a mix and match game! (I'll take the top of this dress, with the bottom if that dress, with the sleeves of the other dress and poof! New design!)


I just love Joel Dewberry. The faux bois fabrics are always my favorite. I'd never faux wood grain a wall or a dresser, but I'll buy Joel Dewberry Faux Bois Fabric in every color it comes in!!


I just recently learned the joy of having a stash and was so happy to have a cheap thrill. Then I got my visa bill. Not so cheap, so now I have a guilty pleasure instead. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone!

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