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Eeeeek! My latest fabric order just came in from lovely, lusty favorite-resource-ever Fabricworm. I’m over the moon because it’s SUMMER and it’s WARM (at least it is here in LA, sorry ladies in the cold) and Fabricworm has a ton of stock of LINEN! So I went LINEN MAD! Beautiful Robert Kaufman Linen in so many colors! Breazy, beautiful, affordable (only $3.20 a half yard!) easygoing linen in coral, orange, black, white, hot pink, and lime.

So, umm, what should I make with it? Napkins? Tablecloth? A Hot Mess Mommy skirt? Oh I know a JUMPSUIT! You guys love jumpsuits! I kid. Kind of. I actually kind of want a linen jumpsuit. Maybe with those buttons that babies have so I don’t have to strip to use the bathroom. OK, maybe not.

Anyway, back to the stash. I also tried my hand at mixing up some patterns from different lines. I usually rely on the talented ladies at Fabricworm for this (their custom bundles are genius) but this time I just went for it. What do you think of this pairing of Kokka Trefle Matroyshkas in Pumpkin with Stitch Studios Daydream in Main Caramel? See the other pairing I’m wondering about after the jump and please let me know what you think in the comments. OH, and also FIND A DISCOUNT CODE FOR FABRICWORM after the jump too! You’re welcome.

Here’s the second combo I’m playing with.

Jenean Morrison Silent Cinema in Intermission Pink with Kokka Japan in Underwater Pink. Too busy? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to cut into either of these, they’re so pretty I might just stare at them forever instead.

Oh, were you wondering about that discount code? Here it is! PB5OFF. It’s good for $5 off orders of $50 or more, just enter it at checkout at Fabricworm! Thanks ladies of fabricy goodness!

LINEN! What to do with it? What do you want to see a tutorial on? Waiting for your comments with baited breath!




I just got my Fabricworm stash today, too! I love their custom bundles – I am like a little kid on Christmas morning with every Fabricworm package. Lord have mercy they are going to break my pocket book I am so addicted! LOL

Sweet Simplicity

I would really love to see a gauzy maxi dress for women. (children would be cute also) I've been searching blog world for an amazing maxi dress tutorial but all are frumpy and not flattering at all. I know you ladies can do it so please help me!!!


I love your second combo! I don't think they are too busy at all. They have enough similarities and differences to be just perfect together! Can't wait to see what you make out of them.


I really love the first pairing. I've never sewn linen. I know it wrinkles a lot, but that's about it. I do love the way it seems to breath though. Maybe a linen skirt of some kind? For big girls… not little ones. 🙂 Said like a true mom of boys, right?

Kimberly F

When you said "jumpsuit" it occurred to me I'd love to see a tutorial for baby/toddler overalls or shortalls. I've been looking for some for my 13-month-old, but most of the ones I've seen in stores are for boys.


I want to make some real cute capris for my daughter so she can play and her knees would be protected. I thought linen would be great since we live in TX and wearing anything that's heavier would be like committing suicide.


I love linen pants. Preferably ones that fit as comfortably as pajamas, with a jersey knit waste band. Not just for maternity clothes! I want to try my hand at some for the summer, but would love to have you guys to learn from first!


I think both combinations are gorgeous and fun! I'm always "scared" to combine fabrics that weren't done professionally….but hey….taking a "jump" keeps life interesting and beautiful! : )
Oh and one quick question….do you have any tips for starting a fabric stash? I'm a newbie to sewing and have to run to the store or make an online order just to start a new project…..I want to be able to just do it and have inspiration laying around!

princess granola

I love the first combo…orange is so summery to me.

The second combo does seem a bit busy to me..but I could see pairing those two with a solid that matches both or made into pillows and tossed on a grey sofa or comforter.

Can't wait to see what you creat with them.

I actually have never bought a pre-made set of fabrics because it took me a long time to realize I could be original in my art and now I can't stand the thought of not doing it myself… oh my gosh I am so nuts…


I am really wanting to know how to sew the little shorts rompers for kids. They are so cute & are everywhere, but I'd love to sew my own. Maybe a cute retro one with white trim & rounded shorts? PLEASE

The Queen

I love the pairings of fabric you picked out! Beautiful. My Mom and I just ordered our very first fabric off Fabricworm and we LOVE IT! The fabric is so beautiful and it came so quickly. Thanks for turning me on to such a great thing!!!

Jennifer B.

Custom bundles are the best!!! But you have done an awesome job pairing up your own fabric too! I'm sticking to the custom bundles since I don't quite have it down myself yet.


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