STORKS-inspired Baby Shower with Baby Bundle Cake Pops


Today when the kids came home from school and saw all of the things I was making for our partner Warner Bros Pictures, first they said “give us cake pops please!” and then Quinn said “This stuff reminds me of the new movie STORKS!” My work here is done folks! Everyone is excited for this one! It looks so funny and sweet and cute and all the little pink and blue haired babies are giving me the baby fever. It doesn’t take much! Have a friend who is about to have a special delivery from Mr. Stork? Why not throw them a STORKS-inspired baby shower?


This new animated film comes from the studio that delivered The LEGO Movie, and features an all-star voice cast including Andy Samberg, Kelsey Grammer, Jennifer Anniston and so many more. Grab your flock to see it in theaters September 23.

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Below you will more ideas for a STORKS Baby Shower plus easy instructions for Baby Bundle Cake Pops. Full disclosure: I had never made cake pops before. They were really fun and easy to make.


I set out my new Letter Board with the STORKS tagline FIND YOUR FLOCK. Ugh, why is everything about this movie so perfectly adorable? I really am excited. And yes, I totally used this project as an excuse to buy my new Letter Board. I also picked up this sweet Letters To My Baby book as a gift for the Mama.


Not feeling super crafty? Maybe just a little crafty? Use an old-school stork rubber stamp to add some storky fun to cocktail napkins.


Feeling a bit more ambitious in your craftiness? Make some origami storks for seating cards.


Here’s how to make Baby Bundle Cake Pops:

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Start with a cooled 9×13″ cake. A recipe that doesn’t include oil is preferred.


Crumble the cake in the mixer for 3 minutes on low. You can also do this by hand but don’t mash with a fork. Set aside 1/2 cup of crumbs.


Add your binding agent. I love cream cheese but you can also use frosting… or cream cheese frosting. Add 2 tablespoons to start. Mix for 1 minute and check dough consistency, add binding agent or more crumbs as needed. When it feels like play dough you are ready to mix dough on 2 or 3 speed for 2 more minutes.


Use a cookie scoop for consistent sizing. To make the tear drop shape of the bundle I started with a rolled ball and then formed one side to a point.

img_4333 img_4335

Set your shapes on a wax paper covered cookie sheet and cool for at least 5 minutes in the fridge.


In the mean time melt candy wafers for coating, following the package directions. If you need to thin the coating add Paramount crystals.


Dip each stick into the candy coating about 1/4″


And then into the bottom of the cake pop. They will harden in about a minute.


Carefully dip the cake pop into the coating and set to dry. Add a fondant bow and sprinkles before the coating dries.

img_4346 img_4348   img_4344

The baby bundles are looking sweet and irresistable!img_4366

Don’t forget to save the date for a day at the movies with STORKS on September 23. We will save you a seat!

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